Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have You Heard? Rob's Future Films

Bel Ami came and went, for me with a bang... lots and lots of banging, for others a two week fizzle on demand. Nothing can compare to the big screen. UAB and I were lucky enough to find a theater playing it, we were able to get the full effect of Georges DuRoy in a quiet theater in downtown Chicago. Now it's all about waiting for DVD sales!

Next we are patiently awaiting Cosmopolis to premiere. It is being shown in NY and LA starting 8/17, then opening at theaters across the US on 8/24. However, there is no word on exactly which theaters will be playing the film, we will of course try to keep updated on this. Fandango is going to be getting a lot of hits from people searching for Cosmopolis showings real soon. Update: Thank God for the interwebs Landmark Theaters will be showing Cosmopolis in the listed cities. When there are more, we will let you know.

We also cannot forget the wrap up to the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn 2. In this premiere, we will see a new side to Edward Cullen when he becomes father to half breed vampire Renesmee.

Up next there are rumblings about The Rover and Mission: Blacklist.

The Rover has recently been greenlit. Screen Australia has announced they will provide production financing, which means now they have money to get the ball seriously rolling!! Porchlight Films will produce, Film Nation will do international sales with Roadshow Films being the Australian distributor.  Rob will be working along side Guy Pearce on this project.

Then there is Mission: Blacklist, which Rob has spoken very excitedly about in recent interviews.
He is set to leave for filming in about a month. Not much time to prepare to head into Iraq, but this one needs to be gritty and realistic... which will not happen on a sound stage in LA. In this video Rob speaks a little on the film and meeting Eric Maddox.

Which of Rob's next projects are you most looking forward to?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday 17ForeverLisa!!!


Your birth, is definitely something to celebrate!


Happy Birthday, Lisa!!! I've told you this before and I'll say it again...You are fabulous! You are intelligent and beautiful! You never fail to make me think! You've introduced me to a whole new world of fanfiction. You've never failed on your recommendations! You are our fearless leader in all things FiftyShadestheMovie and we're lucky for all you do! I wish you a wonderful day filled with Baseball, your family and laughs!! Again, H.B. from NaughtyHB!



Happy Birthday Dear Lisa! Your friendship means more to me than I could possibly put into words, so I'll just say thank you for being you :) I look forward to our next adventure! Love you, Sue XO


I remember first meeting you in NYC and this is how it went:
Lisa - Hey, are you on Twitter?
Lauren - Yep...Laureate04
Lisa - Ok, let's see who you're following...(the first one you saw was some random celebrity, but I don't remember who)?, awesome...the President?, awesome...the Yankees? Well never mind then, we can't be friends.

Then we both laughed pretty hard, friended each other, and the rest, as they say, is history. I cannot believe how fortunate I was to have had that weekend bring me a great group of friends, one of the first of whom was you. I knew we'd be fast friends when we could chat baseball at 4am, and talk about all manner of things from education to work to Twilight...and from there we've moved on to fanfic, Fifty, and slash...you're also the reason "het" is now saved in my phone's dictionary since we always have to put warnings on fic recs ;-) I heard this song on the radio the other day and thought of you...so since you always like to share music with us, I figured I'd share with you as well...enjoy and have a wonderful birthday! You deserve the world's best!!

Love, Lauren

PS - The blue shading on the picture was an effect called "Robert". I was going to pick a different one, but really....enjoy!




Love is love no matter where you find it.
This saying, like the video I put together for you aren't my words,
or work. But they do express some of my feelings for you. The video showcases just a few pieces of your art, the ones I could easily gather. Why I thought,  try to come up with someone else's pictures when yours tell the story so well. So my friend, Happy Milestone Birthday, and may 17 go on and on Forever...
All my love,




For your birthday, 
I wanted to just say a few deep and meaningful things...
Hello, Darlin'.
Happy Birthday!
I love you. (More.)
 I'm thankful every day that you're in my life.
Love is Love.
Where would I be without you?
Go Cardinals!
Growing up really IS overrated.
Love you, Dollface.
Laters, Baby.
Have fun.
Be safe.
Party like a rock star!

Lisa, we all know life is not black and white...

...it's Fifty Shades of Grey, baby.

Have a wonderful year feeling 17 in your heart and soul....that's where it matters most.

Thank you for being you.  Happy Birthday!! ~Megan




Happy birthday! Thank you for being one of the most wonderful women I know in this whole entire fandom. I don't think there is one person that doesn't know who you are. They all know you have made an impact in one way or another. Your banners, pictures, blog work, tireless pimpage of fanfic... everything you do has an impact on this fandom, and we truly appreciate everything you do.

I love that I have gotten to do so many different things with you. My top 3 would be; getting our wristbands for WFE, and subsequently seeing Rob, in NYC. Going to your first White Sox game. And meeting Icy with you. All of which would, literally, not have happened if it weren't for you. Happy birthday and a big thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Laters, baby


Wishing you a very happy birthday Lisa/ You are an amazing, gorgeous, giving person with a heart of gold. I am proud to know you as a trusted friend. I hope you have an amazing day and that all you wish for comes true.
Love, Amy/Twi_Kiwi xxx