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Happy Birthday, kiTT!!!

Trust us kiTT, you birth is definitely something to celebrate!  (See what I did there???)  And as such, we hope you have a wonderful day, on this, the day that our very own 17ForeverLisa has declared as "kiTT's birthday"!  

Please enjoy the music as you scroll through some birthday wishes from your crazy friends at 12 Months of Rob :) 

First of all...

Happy Birthday...
I know how much you like Wayne's World, so I ordered this for you. 
You should expect to receive it in 10 to 14 business days. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!






kiTT - you know how I love to send you these little I figured I'd gather a recent collection...he certainly was good to you over this promo...

~Love ya, Laureate04


kiTT, on this, the day we celebrate your birth, please know that we love you and thank you for so many things...thanks for being our "Professor Twilight" because sometimes we just can't keep track of what happens when in the books, and for being our all knowing movie quote master, I bow down to your greatness.  Thanks for listening to us bitch and moan and always checking in to see how we are when ewe're not being "ourselves."  You're a great friend and I'm so happy that we've spent the last 2 years "together" on this blog and en our emails.  We love you...and because its your birthday you can't escape this time:  ((hugs!))

Love, your girls at 12Months of Rob:  UAB, Naughty, SassyKassie, Q, Fran, 17ForeverLisa, Dani, Meg, and Jen :) 

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Breaking Dawn - Release Week

So the countdown begins....t-minus 3 days until Breaking Dawn hits theaters (Thursday night late if you're doing the marathon...Friday otherwise...).  What are you most excited to see on the big screen?  

Me?  I think I'm most excited for this:

or maybe awkward Christmas at Charlie's:

but, really, I'm super excited to stare at this face for 2 hours:

What are you most excited to see brought to life?  

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And Now Something Completely Different

Hi, Naughty HisBella here!

I wanted to say Thanks to all of you who have stopped by our little blog. I'm sure I can speak for all the girls when I say we appreciate it and hope you stop by again and again...

And Now something completely different,

We're all fan fic readers right?  Well, I hope you'll all be interested in a new fic known as "A Little Motivation."

This WIP is written by Laureate04 and myself under the pen name "NaughtyLaureate".  We just posted the prologue on ff.  You should be able to search for it tomorrow.

Laureate has previously written "Somewhere in Brooklyn" ( and is one half of the amazing duo "PervyTwins" with SassyKassie. They brought us "Drunk on You", which started out as a one shot for the "Fic this Gif Anon" contest and expanded to a full length after the contest. You can read it here if you haven't already!

Laureate and SassyKassie are betas on something that I am writing. One day, Laureate and I got to talking  and came up with "ALM" based on some photos of Rob Pattinson at the Apple Store in London for his Cosmopolis promos.  We've been planning this one for months and are really excited.

Here's the summary: "He's a Motivational Speaker without motivation. She's a lonely woman who thinks he's hung the moon.  A chance meeting in a hotel lobby may change both their lives forever...with A Little Motivation."

We hope you'll give it a chance. We are going to try our hardest to make it funny, a little naughty and keep you interested in our Edward and Bella.

Please leave a review and let us know what you think!

Happy Reading!

Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 8

And...this is it.  The last post of our read along.  Next week, we can talk general giddiness about the movie and what we're excited to see, but for now, let's discuss chapters 38 and 39:

Chapter 38:

  • Chelsea and Jane try to break Bella's shield, but it doesn't work. Bella's shield even withstands Alec's powers.
  • Seeing the anger and confusion in the Volturi's faces, Bella realizes that they might have a chance to win against the Volturi if she can incapacitate their offensive forces.

    I would be the number one priority, the first one to die, but as long as I held, we were on more than equal footing with the Volturi. (38.38)
  • As the Cullens and their witnesses divide up their respective enemies among themselves, Aro makes a last offer to the gifted vampires on the Cullen side to join the ranks of the Volturi. Thanks, but no thanks.
  • The brothers vote. Marcus and Caius are divided, so the decision to fight is left to Aro. He restates his concern that he gladly would leave in peace if he could be absolutely sure that Renesmee will not pose a danger for the future.
  • As if on cue, Alice unexpectedly returns with Jasper, and with three other vampires in tow. Alice introduces one of the strangers, a young man, as Nahuel. It turns out he's a half-human, half-vampire hybrid, just like Renesmee. Unfortunately, his human mother died while giving birth.
  • Nahuel reveals that he has three sisters, and that his vampire father is planning on producing more hybrids to create a super race. Although Nahuel is venomous, his sisters, like Renesmee, are not. He also explains that he reached maturity seven years after his birth, and that he hasn't changed since.
  • Nahuel's evidence prompts the Volturi to drop their charges and to instead go after Nahuel's father to stop him. They leave.
  • The Cullens and their friends erupt in cheers. Bella is overcome with joy at the turn of events:

    Happiness expanded it like an explosion inside me – so extreme, so violent that I wasn't sure I'd survive it. (38.172)
Chapter 39:
  • Celebrating the victory, Edward explains that it was a combination of things that led to their success, but really it all boiled down to Bella's powerful shield. She saved the day.
  • But he mentions that although the Volturi's confidence is shattered, they might come back one day. Their friends promised that they will all stand together against them if that time comes.
  • Edward and Jacob have now officially become close friends, and Bella and Edward have made peace with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee.
  • When the Cullen friends leave to return to their covens, Nahuel, the vampire hybrid, and his companion stay. Nahuel keeps staring at Bella, which makes her feel uncomfortable. When she tells Edward, he explains to her that it's because she is alive:

    He's always thought of himself as an evil creation, a murderer by nature. His sisters all killed their mothers as well, but they thought nothing of it. Joham raised them to think of the humans as animals, while they were gods. It shaped his whole perspective. And, in some ways, he truly hated himself. (39.91)
  • When he saw Bella, Nahuel realized that being half immortal doesn't mean he's inherently evil.
  • Bella's excited to see Charlie again. She's happy that he found a great match in Sue Clearwater – the werewolf's mom with the vampire's dad.
  • Most importantly, Bella is happy that she'll be with Edward, forever.
  • After they put Renesmee to sleep in the cottage, she reveals to Edward that she's been practicing her ability to push her shield outside of her mind. For the first time, Edward is able to read her thoughts and experience how much she really loves him. "No one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you," she tells him. "And then we continued blissfully into the small but perfect piece of our forever."
Ok, first off...ALICE AND JASPER ARE BACK!! Yay, tricksy little pixie!  (Hey, that rhymed!).  Nahuel arrives with them and they save the day by basically sending the Volturi after someone who is actually doing something they're not supposed to.  

Who do you think really saved the day?  Bella with her shiled?  Alice and Jasper for bringing Nahuel back?  Aro for making the "final" decision?   Were you all as disappointed as I was when reading that all this lead up led to a non-battle?  

Jacob and Edward as friends...and soon to be in-laws.  How adorable.  I do love the growing J/E connection that started with the at least partial understanding in the Eclipse tent.  

Charlie and Sue!  I'm happy for them as well...and who would have expected the 'supernatural parents' to get together.  Just keeping it all in the world of understanding, I guess.  

How do we all think they're going to end it?  Will it be another vision like Bella had during the transformation, except of E/B moments?  Do you think it'll be something else?   Just a vision of her conviction somehow?  Who's ready to see Edward's reaction to FINALLY getting to 'hear' Bella?  More vampire sex?  Haha....leave your thoughts...

Welp...that's the end of the re-read.  I've got a post coming early next week for us to get pumped up for Thursday/Friday!  Hope you all had fun and enjoyed re-immersing yourself in the world of Breaking Dawn...this is it ladies...but of course (since it all comes back to Rob...) many more years of following our man's career to all kinds of new heights! 

Thanks again to shmoop for the great summaries and saving me the time of writing them myself.  

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Rob! No words needed...

                                                              *h00r down!  h00r down!*

~ Naughty

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Election Day

I know it's not Rob related but today is election day. I wanted to give you a friendly reminder to get out and vote! And just because here's a pic of Rob at Jimmy Kimmel last night.

*picture from RobertPattinsonLife

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 7

It's getting to be like camping in here....intense (in tents...).  Haha, get it?   (Sorry, that's one of my hubby's favorite puns...and it's slipped into my everyday vernacular..).  Anyway...on with the show.

Chapter 36: 

  • The Volturi arrive in rigid, perfectly synchronous formation, "a dark, unbroken shape that seemed to hover a few inches above the white snow, so smooth was the advance" (36.2). They show no surprise at the collection of vampires and werewolves before them.
  • Bella counts thirty-two Volturi against nineteen fighters on the Cullen side. Behind the Volturi, more vampires appear. It turns out, the Volturi brought their own witnesses. Bella now believes that all is lost:

    Even if we could somehow neutralize the Volturi's advantages, they could still bury us in bodies. (36.15)
  • On the other side, Irina is horrified to face her sisters. Edward's now convinced that the Volturi have come to destroy and acquire:

    They have many layers of strategy already in place. If Irina's accusation had somehow proven to be false, they were committed to find another reason to take offense. (36.21)
  • When the werewolves appear (sixteen total), the Volturi come to a stop. Bella realizes that Sam brought his entire pack, because he knows that the Volturi would hunt down the rest. It pains her to image that the young werewolves will die in a fight they're surely going to lose. The injustice of it all suddenly makes her murderously enraged:

    All I wanted in that moment was the chance to sink my teeth into them, to rip their limbs from their bodies and pile them for burning. (36.29)
  • She's now ready to fight, focusing on Alec and Jane.
  • Carlisle meets Aro, the Volturi leader, halfway. His bodyguard, Renata, accompanies Aro. Carlisle explains to him that no law has been broken. "[Renesmee] is not an immortal. She is not a vampire" (36.62). He explains that their friends are just witnesses to the truth of Renesmee's nature, and are not here to fight.
  • Aro calls Irina to the front. Seeing Renesmee, she admits that the child she remembers was smaller. Aro asks for Edward to step forward, so he can read his thoughts. Catching Jane's smug smile as Edward nears the Volturi, Bella's fury peaks and she throws out her shield:

    …my shield exploded a good fifty yards out from me effortlessly, taking only a fraction of my concentration. I could feel it flex like just another muscle, obedient to my will. (36.96)
  • After reading Edward's thoughts, Aro realizes that Carlisle has spoken the truth. He asks to meet Renesmee. They bring her forward, guarded on both sides. Aro compliments Bella on her new looks. "Immortality suits you" (36.149). He praises Renesmee's beauty and explains to his brother Caius that Renesmee is Bella and Edward's biological child. But Caius believes they've been tricked. Aro communicates with Renesmee.
  • His eyes suddenly move to Jacob, and the werewolves. Edward gathers that Aro thinks that the werewolves would make great guard dogs for the Volturi. Edward tells him that they don't follow vampire commands and are committed to protecting human life.
  • Aro informs Edward that he'll have to confer with his brothers on this change of events.
Chapter 37:
  • Bella hears the Volturi brothers arguing. Caius still believes that they've been deceived while Aro assures him that the Cullens are telling the truth.
  • Meanwhile, the Volturi witnesses watch with confusion. Bella manages to wrap her shield around their entire group. She realizes that, when it comes to the werewolves, she only has to protect Sam, because of the pack's mental connection. "If the Alpha was inside my shield, the rest of their minds were every bit as protected as his" (37.16).
  • When Caius refers to the werewolves as "Children of the Moon," and claims that they've been the Volturi's enemies since the dawn of time, Edward clarifies that Sam's pack doesn't consist of real werewolves, but shape shifters. They have merely inherited the skill to transform their bodies from their fathers. Yet, they could have taken on any form, and can't infect others the way real werewolves do.
  • Aro keeps taking the Cullens' side against Caius. Bella surmises that it's because he knows that false charges won't help them convince their witnesses to side with them.
  • Caius calls forth Irina. He prompts her to make an accusation against the Cullens and their relationship with the werewolves, but she admits her mistake and says that there's no reason for the Volturi to fight the Cullens.
  • Caius executes her on the spot. Bella realizes that it was a strategy to ignite the fight:

    He had wanted Irina's defiance… his excuse to destroy her, to ignite the violence that filled the air like a thick, combustible mist.(37.66)
  • As expected, Kate and Tanya charge to avenge their sister. Edward stops Tanya while Garret manages to restrain Kate, despite the volley of electric shocks she unleashes on him.
  • Aro asks to speak with the Cullen witnesses – another strategy, it seems. He asks Amun what he has observed about the child. Amun confirms Renesmee's growth and that she is Bella and Edward's biological child. Aro asks Amun if he thinks that Renesmee should be allowed to live and that she poses no danger, and he says yes.
  • Although all the witnesses affirm that Renesmee poses no threat, Aro maintains that because Renesmee is unique, there's no way of knowing how she might turn out and if she will endanger the vampire world. He adds that, with the advances in human technology, humans have the power now to destroy the vampire world if they discover its existence.
  • Garret steps before the Volturi witnesses. He tells them that it has become clear that the Volturi haven't come for justice, but for power. They perceive the Cullens as competition. He praises the Cullens as a real family, bound by love not power, like traditional vampire covens.
  • Aro asks the witnesses who they'll choose – the Volturi or the Cullens. They tell him they haven't come to fight, but to witness the truth, which is that the Cullens are innocent.
  • Aro admits that the Volturi are outnumbered. The rest of the Volturi guard is ready to fight, though. The brothers counsel again.
  • Bella is convinced that they'll decide to fight, so she tells Renesmee to leave with Jacob once the fight starts.
  • Edward finally learns the secret she kept from him and realizes why. He says good-bye to his daughter and to Jacob, calling him his brother and son. Everyone murmurs "good-bye" and "I love you."
  • All hope seems lost. Bella feels a fluttering pressure against the outside of her shield. "It's starting" (37.237).
So, Aro is "siding" with the Cullens quite a bit, huh?  Such a weird turn of events...what are your thoughts on that?  I thought it was strange the first time I read it and still kind of do.  I can see the point of needing to keep things in certain perspective to keep with their witnesses, but it seemed strange to drag them all to Washington to then side with the Cullens so easily.

We'll have the "fight" next week - and we can discuss how they're going to play that out on screen.  For now, how do you think they'll show Alec's power on film?  Or Benjamin's? 

For next week, we'll be finishing up:  Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapter 38-39...and that's the end *sniffle.*

Once again, thanks to shmoop for the summaries.

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 6

Welcome back!  

Chapter 34

  • On her return, Bella tells Edward she went Christmas shopping for Renesmee. She even shows him a gift that she got for Renesmee: a golden locket containing an inscription in French: "More than my own life." She senses that Edward knows she's keeping something from him, but that he doesn't know specifics.
  • To give Renesmee and Jacob the best chance of making a getaway, Bella decides to put up a good fight. She wonders even if there will be any kind of afterlife for her and Edward on the other side.
  • Edward, Bella, and Jacob spend Christmas with Charlie, and include the entire werewolf pack. They all seem to be excited for the fight.
  • Jacob gives Renesmee a promise ring. In contrast to Edward, Bella no longer feels bothered by Jacob's commitment to her daughter, since she knows she'll soon be giving her to him for safekeeping.
  • Bella also realizes that this might be the last time she'll see Charlie. She hasn't seen Renée since the wedding, but believes that her mother is too fragile to know about her new world. She plans to include a letter for her and Charlie along with the identification documents, and a letter for Renesmee herself.
  • When they return to the house they learn that one of their friends, Alistair, has left. Amun also wants to leave, but not without Benjamin. He accuses Carlisle of stealing him away. Benjamin argues that he chooses to be with the Cullens.
  • Eleazar's idea that the Volturi might manipulate their sacrosanct laws to gain more power causes heated discussions.
  • The Romanian vampires don't care either way, but they express their concern that if Volturi win the fight, they'll leave with more power than they came with – there are many skilled vampires they'll be able to acquire from the Cullen team. The Romanians hold that they all must stand against the Volturi before that clan becomes too powerful, and they announce that they'll stand with the Cullens if it comes to a fight. Their pronouncement propels other friends to declare their allegiance in war as well.
  • With the Volturi's arrival pushing closer, Bella worries about her ability to control her shield. "This thing I do, it's faulty, it's erratic! There is no rhyme or reason to it" (32.136).
  • When she realizes that Renesmee can get into her head, she panics that her shield might have holes. Edward, on the other hand, believes that either Renesmee's mind runs on the same wavelength as Bella's, or that their daughter's gift is that no mind can keep her out.
Chapter 35:
  • After picking up the documents from J. Jenks, Bella grabs a backpack out of Alice's room along with a large sum of money. She writes a note for Alice with the words "Rio," hoping that Alice will understand that Jacob and Renesmee will be heading to Rio (as they still need to find out about Renesmee's future) and that Alice might be able to reconnect with them.
  • Edward and Carlisle patrol the clearing where Alice has foreseen the Volturi's arrival. Edward, Bella, and Jacob set up a tent in the forest and camp out with Renesmee. The situation reminds Bella of the one months ago, when she camped out with Edward and Jacob to keep her hidden from the army of newborns, led by Victoria (check out our analysis of Eclipse for more info). Bella remembers that, at that time, her relationship with Edward and Jacob was very painful. "Three different kinds of heartbreak that could not be avoided. Now everything was in perfect balance" (35.83).
  • The night before New Year's Eve, snow falls and remains on the ground. The Cullens, their witnesses, and the werewolves await the Volturi in the clearing. Bella tells Renesmee that she loves her and is prepared that there will come a time when Jacob will take her away. Edward hears the Volturi approach.
These chapters are sweet...who's ready to see some Christmas with grandpa Charlie?...and mostly set-up.  

Oh, loyal to the Cullens already!  Good for you!  :) 


For next week, we're looking at Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 36 and 37.  

Once again, summaries came from this site.

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What one photo can conjure up!

Naughty here...Thanks for stopping by!

Recently, we were treated to a few delicious morsels from a new Rob photo shoot.  A few very talented women ‘untagged’ them because... well, You just don’t mess with the Precious.

Some of you will be surprised to know that I am writing a little fan fiction and one of these photos was MY Edward personified.  It literally made me gasp.  While thinking how appropriate said pic was, I came up with an idea....

We, fan fiction readers, have our own idea of what Edward looks like in our minds. Most, I presume, imagine Mr. Pattinson in various stages of undress, dress, tattoo, etc.  I have taken these photos and attached a link to the fan fiction I think it best suits.

[Disclaimer: These are not mine. All photos from Trunk Archive,Via  RobertPattinsonLife, Via RObsessed or tumblr.]

Let’s get down to bidness...

Well, this one really needs no description does it?
Fifty Shades...Master of the Universe by Icy. Unfortunately, this story is no longer available. (You know where you can get the updated version...Barnes & Noble, Amazon, anywhere books are sold.)

This also conjures up:
Sins of My Past by Content1
Edward & Bella, H.S. sweethearts until something happened...15 years later, Edward meets someone that changes his entire life.  This is the story of what a man will do to get back the love of his life even when he has to face the “Sins of My Past.”  (Complete)

No Ordinary Proposal by Twilover76
Bella is awarded a scholarship which represents the chance to get out of Forks and change her life. An error turns her life upside down, but will it bring her more than she ever hoped for?  (Complete)

Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik  (BellaTesoro’s rec!!! She loves a good Mobward!)
This is one of those monumental stories that I hope everyone read. Unfortunately, Khar has taken off her blog.  The story has been released as a book, Sempre, with some changes. The original tells the modern day tale of Isabella, a child slave who is ‘purchased’ by Carlisle “The Leech” Cullen, Consigliere of the Chicago mafia and her life taking care of him and his three sons.The Cullens are dealing with the aftermath of a tragic loss.  Can she help Carlisle’s youngest, Mafia Prince Edward deal with his pain? Can love prevail in a world of slavery, drugs, money and violence? Will the wrongs of the past ever be righted?  Human trafficking and slavery is still a very real problem in our world. Kudos to Khar for writing about it!!!

The Real Life of E.A. Masen by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl.
Edward Cullen is a writer of...well, let’s be honest...Porn.  This is the story of his life with his beautiful wife, Bella and their three children.  My description of this story doesn’t do it justice. It’s hilarious and sweet. It will make you remember the crap you pulled as a kid and make you wish you parented like these two. I spent most of the time in tears from all the laughter. This is one of my very favorite stories and Edwards. VCG is a fabulous writer and one hell of a lady.  If you haven’t read it, do so and tell her “myedward3” sent you. (Completed)

Dodge and Burn by abstract way
A musician trying to cope with his past and failed marriage meets a free-spirited photographer...Will the decision she made long ago threaten what they could have?
This story is so good!  While it is still a WIP, please take the time to read it. AW has a way of telling you a tale that will make you smile, laugh and cry...

No One Special  by Matthison
Bella deals with the aftermath of a former classmates cruel treatment in High School. She meets her best friend/boss’ gorgeous, successful brother with issues of his own...can he help her forget and make her believe she truly is someone special? (Completed)

Drunk on You by pervytwins
Ok, so...this one...I’m a bit biased. It holds a special place in my heart. I cut my beta teeth on this one. Senior year, two friends, a few rounds of shots...four years later, another round of shots brings them together to face the consequences of their prior actions. Can they find love? (Completed)

Southern Comfort by JiffyKate
Bella’s work as a photojournalist sends her to the south where she meets the smooth, Cajun Edward.  Will they find love? Will she discover a few truths of her own? This story is filled with humor, a little revenge and a lot of hoTT Cajunward.  Make sure to read the author notes at the bottom of each chapter...these lovely ladies will make you laugh! (completed)

Harvard Can Wait by TongueTwied
Follow the journey as Edward and Bella grow up...This is a fabulous story that will have you wondering just what the hell is going on.  Another story close to my heart, TT is a dear friend who brought me out of my shell and into the blogging world. Read this!!!!!

The Piece de Resistance...


Besides being MY “E”, this brings to mind:

Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce76
Mysterious Artist Edward Cullen is dealing with his own demons.  Bella Swan, nurse and devoted daughter to Charlie, makes everyone happy but herself including boyfriend Jacob. Will she finally do something for herself? Will Edward have anything to do with it? 5 out of 5 shamwows on this one. Hotter than my opinion. (Completed)

The Man in Black by PrettyKittyArtist
Recent NYU graduate Bella Swan is down on her luck and has to return home to Forks. She’s given up on love.  When her truck breaks down, she’s faced with her ex AND the hot owner of the town’s repair shop.  Can Cash restore her faith in love or will his secrets and family drive them apart?  Another hotter than hell Edward... (Completed)

The Red Line by Winndsinger
If you haven’t read this one...well, you’re just crazy. This is one of the first fics I read. Edward is a tortured soul making a living by exotic dancing. Bella is a psychology student who needs a subject for her thesis.  They get more than they bargained for, including love.  Fantastic story and the first time I ever pictured Edward as anything other than a doctor, lawyer, vampire...the list goes on. (Completed)

The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven (Laureateo4 rec!!)
Bella and Edward are stage actors with a past. Can they perform together after their not so HEA?  Will they finally figure it all out and find love again?   Thanks to BellaTesoro for turning us onto this one!!!

Do any of these photos bring to mind any stories for you? Recommend them in the comments!  We love recs!!!!   With the hundreds of thousands of stories out there, I’m sure we haven’t read them all.

Tell us if you’ve read the stories I mentioned and what you thought of them.


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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 5

And on we go:

Chapter 31:

  • Eleazar discovers that Bella's private mind might actually be developed into a larger shield that could protect other people beyond herself. He mentions that Aro's bodyguard acts as a shield for him too.
  • Yet, her gift, much like the vast majority of special vampire gifts, operates inside the mind. Bella realizes that if she really could include other people into her "strange, quirky silent head," she could protect Renesmee and Edward from harm.
  • Kate, who has the offensive skill of projecting an electric current on her skin, tells Bella that at first she only felt it in her palms, but that after a lot of practice she can now radiate the current all over her body.
  • Edward and Eleazar continue to discuss the Volturi's motivations. Eleazar realizes that the Volturi have often waged wars in the name of justice only to collect vampires with special skills into their fold. In short, Eleazar suggests that the Volturi decided to mobilize their entire army because their goal is not punishment but acquisition.
  • Bella's mind flashes to an image of Edward and Alice in black cloaks with blood red eyes. She now wonders if Alice left to keep her skills out of Aro's power.
Chapter 32:
  • The Cullen house starts to crowd with arriving friends. The traditional vampires promise not to hunt in Forks and in La Push, but go to hunt out-of-state, yet it still makes Bella uncomfortable. Jacob is very upset, too, because he sees his mission as a werewolf is protecting humans.
  • After meeting Renesmee, the Cullen friends agree to witness that she's not an immortal child, with just a few exceptions.
  • Amun, the leader of the Egyptian coven, remains skeptical. He seems very protective of Benjamin, a young vampire in his coven, who can influence the elements – earth, wind, water, and fire.
  • Garret, one of the Cullens' nomad friends, sees facing the Volturi as a welcome dare. He immediately takes to the Denali sisters and wants to try vegetarianism.
  • Another couple, Mary and Randall, also agrees to witness.
  • Lastly, there are the Amazon contacts, Zafrina and Senna. They take to Renesmee immediately. Zafrina can make people see whatever she wants them to see. She conjures up pretty pictures for Renesmee and they befriend each other.
  • Since Edward refuses to teach Bella how to fight, because he can't handle looking at her as a target, she practices with Emmett and other friends. She spends the rest of the time with Kate, trying to push her internal shield outside of her own brain to protect someone else. Bella only has sporadic success. "It was just so hard. There was nothing to get a hold of, nothing solid to work with" (32.68).
  • Edward agrees to play guinea pig (getting shocked by Kate and Bella has to try to block that), but Kate decides to give Bella an even better incentive: Renesmee. The rage at imagining her daughter getting hurt causes Bella's shield to expand to cover Renesmee:

  • The rage brought every aspect of my being into sharper focus. I could even feel the elasticity of my shield… I had a better sense of it, a tighter hold on it. (32.98)

  • Bella finally manages to draw the shield around Edward and a couple more friends before it recoils like a rubber band.
  • Two more unexpected visitors arrive – the Romanians. Traditional, ancient vampires like the Volturi, the Romanians hate the other clan for overthrowing their empire. They've come for a chance at revenge. Carlisle assures them that there's not going to be a fight with the Volturi.
  • In the end, the Cullens count seventeen witnesses – probably the largest friendly gathering of mature vampires in mortal history.
  • Again, Bella feels hopeful that if Renesmee has won over so many in such a brief time, maybe the Volturi will listen.
Chapter 33:
  • It's been a week since Charlie saw Renesmee, so Bella decides to bring her over to see him. Her ulterior motive is to drive to Seattle to search for the address Alice has given her. Jacob, who's accompanying Renesmee to see Charlie, senses that Bella's keeping a secret. She asks him control his thoughts around Edward.
  • In a sketchy part of town, Bella finds an abandoned building at the address given. She asks a stranger about J. Jenks, and she learns that the stranger's working for him. He calls Jenks and describes Bella's appearance and her relationship with Alice. The voice on the other end tells the man to send Bella to his other office.
  • Before Bella takes off, the stranger tells Bella that J. Jenks's papers are expensive.
  • The new address turns out to be the law office of a Jason Jenks. He welcomes Bella immediately into his office. Bella learns that he has dealt with Jasper before and has a very healthy respect for him.
  • When Jenks asks Bella what kind of papers she needs, she realizes that Alice must have sent her to get forged documents for Renesmee, so that she could run in case they lose the fight against the Volturi. She also realizes that Alice wanted her to keep this a secret from Edward, because Aro would be able to read his mind and find Renesmee.
  • Bella decides to order two birth certificates, two passports, and one driver's license, under the name of Jacob Wolf and Vanessa Wolf. She knows that Jacob will be able to take care of Renesmee. She makes another appointment with Jenks to pick up the documents.
Yay for some more Charlie! 

We're getting overloaded on new vampires here!!  I'm excited to see them all in context, but all the vampire stuff could easily get a little overwhelming.  How do you think they're going to handle the addition of a whole bunch of new cast into a "tight" space (ie: the Cullen's house and grounds)?  Who are you most looking forward to really seeing?

So...I was looking at IMDb and there is no Jenks listed in the cast for part 2.  Are we not getting J?  How do you think they're going to do that whole part if he's not in the movie? 

For next week:  Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 34 and 35.  

As always, summaries can be found here

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 4

Ok...let's amp up the angst, huh?

Chapter 28:
  • Carlisle and Edward follow Irina's trail, but with no success. Alice tries to read her immediate future, but the picture is hazy.
  • Bella's attention is soon turned to her trip to Italy, followed by their trip to South America. The Cullens decide that Jacob should come with them, because people who fear vampires might be more likely to share their stories with him instead.
  • In the midst of travel preparations, Alice has a horrible vision: the Volturi are already coming for them. The entire army.
  • Bella recalls her nightmare of the Volturi advancing on her and her need to protect the precious child behind her. Alice foresees that the Volturi will arrive with the first snow.
  • After some debate, they realize the reason for their attack: Renesmee. Irina mistakenly believed her to be an immortal child. Having lost a mother to the Volturi for creating an immortal child, the Denali sisters have become purists when it comes to the law. Alice sees Irina tell the Volturi about the Cullens' alleged breach.
  • Bella is devastated. She wonders if she's being punished for too much happiness:

    Was there some natural law that demanded equal shares of happiness and misery in the world? Was my joy over throwing the balance? Was four months all I can have? (28.78)
  • Jasper believes that they can't win, even with the help of the werewolves. And Bella doesn't want to endanger the werewolves. Carlisle also refuses to ask family friends to die for them, but the family agrees to call on them as witnesses to force the Volturi to stop and listen.
  • Alice leaves with Jasper, claiming she needs to concentrate and can't see with Renesmee and Jacob around. When Jacob arrives, Bella tells him, "It's over. We've all been sentenced to die" (28.124).
Chapter 29:  
  • When Alice and Jasper don't return, the family starts to worry. Searching for her trail in the woods, they come upon Sam's pack. He confirms that Alice passed by them, and that she gave him a note for the family.
  • The note is ripped out of a page from one of Bella's books, The Merchant of Venice. In it, Alice explains that she and Jasper will send any friends they can find, but that they won't return and that the Cullens should not look for them. "It's the only way for us. We love you" (29.35).
  • Edward refuses to believe that Alice deserted them. He believes she just knows more than they do. Bella has trouble processing the events emotionally in her new body:

    I didn't know how to cry in this body; I couldn't do anything but stare. There was no feeling yet. Everything seemed unreal.(29.52)
  • She believes that Alice's departure means that there's no hope at all.
  • Yet, Bella wonders why Alice ripped the note from a page of her book. Maybe Alice tried to send her a message? She picks up another trail of Alice, which sends her straight to the cottage. Sure enough, under the torn page in The Merchant of Venice, Bella finds a name and address in Seattle, followed by Alice's order to destroy the note. Bella keeps her discovery secret from Edward.
  • Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett leave to mobilize family friends. Bella waits for a chance to be alone to check the address that Alice gave her.
  • Jacob decides to be honest with Renesmee and tells her about their situation. Bella criticizes his approach. She believes that shielding her daughter is more important than answering her questions. But Renesmee doesn't look frightened.
  • Edward advises Jacob to stay away from the house once their family friends arrive, because he believes that his presence will make it harder for their friends to accept Renesmee. Jacob agrees to stay away from the main house, but to keep in close reach.
  • Bella finds a lawyer with the name (Jason Jenks) that Alice gave her in Seattle, but the address doesn't seem to fit.
  • Renesmee interrupts Bella by reaching for her. Holding Renesmee, Bella realizes that her daughter is the only thing she simply must save. Renesmee feels Bella's pain and tries to comfort her:

    I'd never thought to see the mother-daughter bond reversed between us, the way it had always been for Renée and me. But I hadn't had a very clear view of the future. (29.171)
Chapter 30:
  • Bella's mind buzzes with questions: What is the nature of Alice's note? What if their friends don't like Renesmee? How is she going to learn how to fight in just a month? "I was all tension; it felt like my nerves were being stretched on the rack, thinner and thinner" (30.14).
  • Edward seems to know how she feels. He pulls her into a passionate embrace and they consummate their love for each other, knowing it might be the last time.
  • When Bella asks Edward to teach her how to fight, he just claims that, if the meeting turns into a fight, there won't be much any of them can do anyway.
  • He explains to Bella that Alec and Jane are the Volturi's greatest offense. Jane can inflict pain with her thoughts. Alec, on the other hand, has the power to cut off your senses.
  • Bella suggests that, due to their strong mental gifts, Jane and Alec might not be trained as fighters. She knows that her private mind makes her immune to Jane and Alec's powers and she believes that, if she can distract them, the others might be able to take them out and have a chance against the Volturi.
  • Bella and Edward's discussion about other vampires' gifts brings Edward to tell her about Eleazar, one of the friends they called on. Eleazar has a natural instinct for the gifts of others, which is why he was once recruited by the Volturi to help them take out the most powerful opponents in battle. Eleazar since converted to a vegetarian lifestyle and formed his own coven.
  • Prompted by Bella's outrage over Eleazar's previous affiliation with the Volturi, Edward reminds her that the Volturi are still considered the "foundation of peace" in the vampire world.
  • The Cullens decide that the best way for their friends to meet Renesmee for the first time is for Bella to hold her, protected by Jacob. Renesmee communicates her feeling that the whole situation is her fault. Of course, everyone assures her that it's not.
  • The Denali clan arrives first. Before revealing Renesmee, Edward begs them to listen for her heartbeat in the other room. They also pick up on her strange human smell. Upon seeing her, though, their first reaction is shock and outrage.
  • Edward begs them to stay and explains how Renesmee came to be and that she's a human/vampire hybrid. Their friends see the resemblance. Eleazar's wife Carmen allows Renesmee to communicate her thoughts to her and becomes convinced she's telling the truth.
  • One by one, Renesmee wins over the Denali clan. Irina's sisters, Kate and Tanya, apologize for Irina's rash behavior.
  • Discussing the Volturi's approach, the Denali clan also wonders why the Volturi would bring their entire guard. They promise to witness Renesmee's nature and growth. Kate and Tanya even vow to stand with the Cullens in a fight. Anything to protect Renesmee.
  • Bella marvels at their immediate affection for Renesmee:

    Renesmee was irresistible. What was it about her that drew everyone to her, that made them willing even to pledge their lives in her defense? (30.240-241)
Tricksy Alice!!  We're setting the stage for some major things to happen here.  What are you all looking forward to seeing out of this stuff?  I'm looking forward to everyone's reactions to Renesmee for sure and how everyone just seems to fall for her and her adorable-ness.  From what I've seen interviews and such, I think that Mackenzie will do a great job, especially with that part, due to her personality and stuff. 

I'm also really excited to see Eleazar more in this and see some of his interactions with the Cullens.  

For next week, please check out Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 31-33.  This week will be our last 3-chapter week :) 

Summaries and more can be found here.

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 3

Hi again!  Some fun chapters this week:

Chapter 25:

  • Edward's talk about priorities reminds her of Renesmee. She suddenly longs to see her. The thought of her daughter also stirs Bella's concerns about her baby's rapid growth and aging.
  • At the Cullen house, Bella finds that Renesmee has grown even more, but her growth rate has definitely slowed.
  • Rosalie tells Bella that her daughter has been "asking for her," but that they didn't want to intrude on Bella and Edward's first chance at privacy. Emmett starts to tease them by asking if the cottage is still standing. Bella compose her anger at his insinuations.
  • She learns that Jacob left the house without explanation.
  • The Cullens plan to move to Dartmouth soon, as Edward and Bella are registered at college there.
  • Suddenly, Alice has a vision. She reveals that Jacob talked to Charlie about Bella and that he's on his way back to the house. Bella is enraged. When Jacob enters, Bella accuses him of putting Charlie in danger. "Do you realize it's death or vampire life for him now, too?" (25.77).
  • Jacob explains that he didn't tell Charlie about her condition. Instead, he turned into a wolf in front of Charlie and then told him that Bella had changed too, in a different way. Charlie still asked to see her, and just requested to be told as little as possible.
  • When Bella asks Jacob about what he told Charlie about Renesmee, he replies that Charlie believes the baby is an orphan that Bella and Edward adopted. Charlie seemed to light up at the idea of being a grandpa.
  • Although Bella is grateful for what Jacob has done, she still doesn't trust herself to face Charlie as a newborn:

    Undiluted fear ripped through my stomach as the enormity of what I was about to do hit me. I was going to gamble on my iffy self-control with my pure human father as the guinea pig.(25.124)
  • As Charlie's arrival draws near, the Cullens advise Bella on how to act human. Alice hands her colored contacts to disguise her red eyes. Bella clasps Renesmee to keep her calm. Edward tells his daughter to be careful with Charlie and to keep her communication skills to herself.
  • When Charlie enters and sees the new Bella for the first time, a mix of emotions plays across his face. "Shock. Disbelief. Pain. Loss. Fear. Anger. Suspicion. More pain" (25.208).
  • Bella, on the other hand, experiences his delicious scent as "a fistful of flames, punching straight down my throat." She manages to compose herself, though.
  • Edward tells Charlie that Renesmee is actually their niece. But Charlie is struck by the child's eyes – the eyes of her mother, Bella. He's done with the lies.
  • Edwards pleads with him to stick around, though, explaining that the lies protect Bella, Renesmee, and the rest of the Cullens. Eventually, Charlie sits down with Emmett to watch football.
Chapter 26:
  • After spending an awkward afternoon at the Cullen house, Charlie prepared to leave. He suggests to Bella that it's better to not tell Renée about the situation. He asks Bella to stay close and she promises she will. "Now that you know just enough, I think this can work. I'll keep as close as you want" (26.19).
  • Charlie says that Renesmee is the prettiest baby he's ever seen. He's just as helpless against Renesmee's magic as the rest of the family. Charlie leaves with the promise to come back again the next day.
  • Like the rest of the family, Bella is proud how well she composed herself around Charlie:

    I must have a superpower! It seemed too good to be true. Could I really have both my new family and some of my old as well? And I thought that yesterday had been perfect. (26.50-51)
  • Annoyed by Emmett's continuing sexual innuendos, Edward asks Bella to challenge Emmett to a wrestling match. Bella easily wins the match. Emmett stalks off, furious. Fascinated by her massive strength, Bella karate chops a big rock into shards and powder. She gives a piece of rock to Renesmee, who manages to dent it.
  • The ease with which Bella has adopted her new vampire life causes her to believe that she never quite fit into the human world. "It was like I'd been born to be a vampire" (26.131).
Chapter 27:
  • As the days go by, Bella feels very happy with her new life:

    The tapestry of family and friends that moved together around me was a beautiful, glowing thing, full of their bright, complimentary colors. (27.3)
  • She's also close with the werewolves in Jacob's pack (Quil and Embry have joined his side). Sue Clearwater has taken it upon herself to smoothen Charlie's transition into the world of make-believe. Only Leah remains uncomfortable with the Cullens, despite her camaraderie with Jacob. She has become second in command of his pack.
  • Bella spends her days with Renesmee and her nights with Edward. Bella still worries about Renesmee's continuing growth. She recalls how Renesmee learned how to speak using perfect grammar, and soon after began to walk. Edward and Carlisle have turned to research for answers, with little success. The only sure option to halt Renesmee's aging would be to turn her into a vampire, but Bella can't bear to hurt Jacob this way.
  • Bella knows that she still needs to show the Volturi that Edward kept his promise and made her a vampire. She doesn't want them to come to Forks, and doesn't want Aro to find out about Renesmee through Edward's thoughts, so she decides that it's safest for her to go on a solo trip to meet up with them instead.
  • Edward refuses to let her go alone, so Carlisle volunteers, which allows Edward to stay at home with Renesmee. The Cullens also plan a trip to Rio to research some old legends about children similar to Renesmee. Jacob wants to come as well, but Edward and Carlisle believe he should stay with his pack and with Renesmee.
  • Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee go hunting in the woods. Although Renesmee can digest human food as well as animal blood, her favorite is human blood.
  • Bella notices how perfectly attuned Jacob and Renesmee are to one another:

    She bounded back to Jacob; he held his arms out at exactly the moment she leapt into them. They had to move perfectly synchronized. (27.64)
  • During the hunt, Bella suddenly spots Irina, one of the sisters from the Denali vampire clan. Irina never forgave the Cullens for siding with the werewolves on killing her friend Laurent (who intended to kill Bella).
  • Upon seeing Jacob and Renesmee, Irina growls and disappears into the forest. Bella fears that the close friendship between Renesmee and Jacob might fuel Irina's desire for revenge.
All I have to say is....Charlie!!!  I cannot wait to see his reactions to all of this on the big screen.  What do you guys think?

Arm wrestling scene.  I'm so frickin' excited for this too and so glad they kept it in! 

Dun dun dun....Irina!  That...let's all say it together...bitch!!  I'm curious to see how all this plays out with the Volturi.  

What do you guys think of this part of things?  Progress, no? 

For next week, we'll be looking at Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 28-30.  Read on! 

Again, summaries are all from this site.

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 2

Welcome back!!

Chapter 22:
  • On their way back from the woods, Bella asks Edward to tell her about their daughter. Edward describes their baby as unique and says that she possesses attributes from them both. Bella can't help feeling jealous that Edward knows the baby so well.
  • Edward also tells Bella that Renesmee is warm-blooded, just a bit above human temperature and that her heartbeat is a little faster. He hints at her special ways of communicating, but doesn't elaborate.
  • Bella also senses that there's some secret as to Jacob's relationship with the baby that Edward's keeping from her.
  • Jacob volunteers to be the first human to face Bella to test if she's ready to see Renesmee. Jacob seems to accept the new Bella, launching right into their usual playful banter. "I gotta say it, Bells. You're a freak show" (22.58). Turning serious, he adds that she's still the Bella he knows, even though she looks a little different.
  • Now that Bella has passed the test, she's allowed into the house. The whole family stands guard, as Bella approaches Rosalie, who's holding her baby.
  • Bella is startled by her daughter's beauty, but she also realizes that the baby is twice the size of what she remembered. Upon seeing her mother, Renesmee reaches out to Bella. When the family still hesitates, Edward tells them about Bella's composure in the woods when they crossed a human scent. Everyone is stunned, especially Jasper.
  • When Renesmee starts to cry for Bella, reaching for her, something clicks in Bella and she reacts as any mother would. She takes her daughter into her arms. Although Jacob allows Bella to hold her, he doesn't let go of the baby.
  • When the baby touches Bella's face, Bella sees images of herself after giving birth to Renesmee. When the baby drops her hand from Bella's face, the images disappear. Edward explains that Renesmee can show her thoughts to others by touching their face. He believes that Renesmee was trying to show Bella that she knows Bella is her mother.
  • Bella tells Renesmee that she remembers her too and kisses her gently on the forehead.
  • Jacob cuts the reunion short by saying they have pushed Bella enough. Annoyed, Bella demands to know what his deal is with Renesmee. As she looks at him – an image of serenity as he's with the baby – it all falls into place. She realizes that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter.
  • Bella snaps. Edward restrains her and orders Rosalie to take Renesmee from the room. Seth and Leah appear as wolves to protect Jacob. Jacob claims that there was nothing he could do and mentions, in his defense, that it was Bella who said that her family wasn't complete without him.
  • Bella doesn't care. She tells him to leave immediately and to leave Renesmee alone. Jacob responds: "C'mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too" (22.261).
  • The fact that Jacob nicknamed her beloved daughter after the Loch Ness Monster puts Bella over the top. She lunges for Jacob's throat.
Chapter 23:
  • Seth is hurt. We learn that he jumped in front of Bella as she attacked Jacob, ending up with a broken collarbone and shoulder in the process. Edward apologizes for Bella, but won't let her apologize for acting like a newborn. Carlisle patches up Seth, assuring Bella and Edward that he'll be fine in no time.
  • Edward and Carlisle fill Bella in on what she missed during her transformation The feud with the werewolf pack has been resolved, as the number one rule in the pack states that no wolf can harm another wolf's imprint. That means that Renesmee is untouchable and will be protected by the wolves.
  • Also, since Jacob, as the "rightful Alpha," allowed Bella's transformation, the treaty remains intact. It also turned out that the alphas of each pack (Sam and Jacob) can communicate with each other in wolf form, yet they can decide which thoughts they wish to share.
  • As much as Bella is grateful to Jacob, she still has trouble accepting his relationship with Renesmee.
  • With the werewolf issue resolved, Bella ponders the next one: Charlie. Charlie has been anxiously contacting the Cullens to find out about Bella's uncertain condition. The Cullens feel that the best thing to do is to move away for a while.
  • Bella misses Charlie, though, and hopes that once she's in full control of her killer instincts, she'll be able to reunite with Charlie. She really doesn't want to leave Forks. She wonders how long could Jacob go without being near Renesmee.
  • Watching Carlisle monitor Renesmee's rapid growth, Bella fears that if her daughter's growth continues like this, her life span will be very short. Jacob maintains that her growth is beginning to slow.
  • Again, Renesmee reaches for Bella and Rosalie hands her over. Renesmee "shows" Bella her attack on Jacob. Bella realizes how possessive Renesmee feels toward Jacob.
  • When Renesmee remembers drinking blood from a cup, Edward snatches Renesmee away from Bella and Jasper holds her back. It turns out, Edward feared the image of blood would trigger Bella's killer instinct. Surprise, surprise – it didn't. Jasper starts to question his own beliefs and experiences with newborns and his own thirst and self-control.
  • Carlisle suggests that Bella's self-control might be a manifestation of her special gift. This instills hope in Bella that she might be able to see Charlie again, and soon.
  • When Alice, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper return from hunting, they surprise Bella with a birthday party to celebrate her human birthday.
Chapter 24:
  • Bella doesn't want to celebrate her birthday because she maintains that she transformed when she was still eighteen.
  • Alice hands her a key and insists that she go to see the corresponding present. Edward gives her a key of his own, which Bella knows is for her "after car." Her irritation over presents makes Bella realize that, despite her transformation, she still feels like her old human self:

    It was a relief and revelation to discover how much of my essential core traits had come with me into this new body. (24.30)
  • Alice leads Bella and Edward to a tiny stone cottage in the woods, surrounded a small rose garden. It's an image out of a fairytale:

    It was a place where anyone could believe magic existed. A place where you just expected Snow White to walk right in with her apple in hand, or a unicorn to stop and nibble at the rosebushes.(24.91)
  • Alice explains that Esme renovated the place for them to have their own family home and privacy.
  • Alice leaves Edward and Bella to enjoy their alone time. They both get to indulge in their togetherness without restrictions. When Bella asks Edward if he misses her humanness, he replies that she still feels the same way to him, only he doesn't have to deal with the torture of her human scent.
  • As night turns to day, Bella still hasn't had enough of Edward. He tells her that none of her desires (for sex as well as the thirst for blood) ever fade; it's a matter of learning how to prioritize them.
So?  What are we thinking?  Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting is one of my favorite things - mostly because we always kind of figured it'd be Edward who freaked the hell out, but it seems to be that he's dealt with it a bit better...or come to terms faster...or something. 

Poor Seth getting hurt.  I almost always feel bad for Seth, but he's adorable and that's probably why.

Poor Jasper, still questioning things.  I really do feel badly for him to.  Do you guys?

Is the after car going to make an appearance?  Since the before car didn't?

Soooo....who's ready to see the cabin??  First off I want to see it cause I always picture this adorable little cabin in the woods.  Second....vampire sex?!?!?!  Yes. Please. Let's hope they do it justice.

For next week we're reading: Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 25-27.  

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