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Happy Thanksgiving!!

We don't have a family tradition of going around the table and saying what we're thankful for at Thanksgiving, but I like to do one myself every year...this year I thought a little post about the things I'm thankful for would be appropriate as well...

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for this hair:


And these eyes:


And this mouth:


And this jaw:


And these silly, wonky, hands:


And these feet (in shoes, Naughty, don't worry...):


Cause when I put them all together, they give me this pretty to look at:


But most of all, I'm thankful because following HIM has lead me to friends like you! 

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and fun filled day with family and friends, eats too much, drinks enough, and passes out on the couch with a Rob movie playing in the background.  Yep, that's my plan anyway... <3 you all!! 

(kiTT, run......................)  **Group Hug**

I really could listen to him all day...

...Thanks to Robsessed for posting this...13 minutes of his lovely voice...the questions pop up on the screen since it's a radio interview...

Meg...listen to the first part especially...

Gravitating Hand

I love how Kstew's hand reaches out for Rob (more specifically his thigh) in this vid....around, it's a fun part of the interview to watch.

That's what I'm talking bout

Cronenberg compliments Rob...sincerely. *puts him back on my good list*

Sound Bite Soiree!

i wanna take you backstage!

sofar song

i just wanna try one thing.

thanks for your help, Q!

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I get a little weepy...

...whenever this comes out of Edward's mouth...

Oh, Kassieee!

you can get the knock-off of Bella's dress for just $799!

no pressure though. ;)

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(last three are Melbie enhancements)

Guten Tag, Berlin Rob

He was debonair in Berlin. Check out the crisp white shirt, Tesoro.


First 2 minutes is Rob.

(from Robsessed)

Breaking Dawn Music Placement

hey dolls, if you're wondering where each song played in BD1, like I was this morning, check this out...

i'm loving on Requiem On Water right now which was playing when Bella looked in the mirror after discovering she was pregnant.

happy listening! xo

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little first round Breaking Dawn review...

Email chat this morning landed some interesting discussions, loves, wishes, etc.

I must make it known as I'm writing this up right now i'm listening to Turning Page on loop and tearing up...I freaking love this song...

...ok, here goes, summary of email conversation forewarned...there are lots-o-spoilers here if you somehow haven't watched it yet:

Things that we LOVED:
- First off, as mentioned in my last post...Bill did soooo good by the fans! He got so much right and it's wonderful to see the ways that everything was interpreted. Fast paced, interesting, and nowhere near the insane cheesy nature that could have come out!
- The whole Edward losing Bella scene when he thinks that the venom isn't working and she isn't waking up - his face, the tears in his eyes even though they can't cry, the emotion he he keeps saying "please, please" over and over...we all fell in love with Edward Cullen all over again at this...the whole scene was so well done
- Edward's/Angryward's "you've given me no choice" speech to Bella. I just loved the hurt expressed he's going to lose her and they're supposed to be partners and make decisions together. We did have a bit of a discussion on him leaving/walking out and whether we liked that or not...I think we're still undecided...some did, some didn't :)
- The wedding scene was absolutely beautiful and the kiss killed Meg (and Lauren)
- I personally loved the use of Turning Page as the processional and then again later...I flove this seldom we get to see things from E's POV
- I really enjoyed (and forgot to mention this earlier) the 'Midnight Sun' type flashback of E living as a 'normal' vampire - very cool how they did that!
- Robward in a white shirt at the end (which we'll see more of in P2 I assume) for our Tesoro
- Imprinting was done fantastically...for the one part of the movie that I think could have totally overdone the cheese factor it was amazing - Taylor really played it well (the knee drop, gah!) and the flash-forwards were perfect!
- Bella's transformation flashback - great scenes to highlight and a great place to have all the memories as she's "dying"
- Edward's giggle/laugh and the lingere scene in general
- The wedding toasts were so cute and funny - loved Emmett and Charlie (for me anyway)
- When Bella's on top ;-)
- The back of the wedding dress was beautiful with the lace
- Jacob's scene when he walks outside and sits and sobs was heartbreaking - well done scene for sure
- Mike Newton's jump dancing was cute and hilarious at the same time
- The return to Flightless Bird, American Mouth during the vows was a lovely nod to original Twilight - especially with the circling camera a la the gazebo
- Edward in PJ pants and a grey wife beater...*dead
- Vamp speed was well done in this one
- Edward's face when he realizes that Jake has imprinted and it's on Renesmee - first, total relief that his family is safe because it's the werewolve's most "absolute law" to not harm whoever another has imprinted on, and then the realization that the person he's imprinted on is Renesme and the "oh hell no" look he gets at Jake being with his daughter...and becoming his son-in-law ;-)
- Rob speaking Portugese *dies*
- True to book: Bella "get him out now!"
- Bella's difficulty with her wedding heels
- Everything Bella and Charlie - especially before the wedding and when E/B leave for the honeymoon
- Edward telling Bella that she's beautiful
- The Cullens noticing Bella's heart stopping - especially Edward when he realizes that she's coming back to him
- Edward biting Bella to get more venom into her
-Edward's makeup

Things to look for when you go for viewing #2, 3, 4....
- Rosalie and Emmett makin' out as E and B are leaving for the honeymoon
- What is it that Aro is talking about in the scene during the credits? Does he want Edward and Alice or does he want Bella? Does he know about Renesmee? What's he talking about when he's being the grammar police?
- Bella has changed to sneakers to dance - when she's dancing with Jake - check 'em out
- Bella's pre-wedding dream and "alternate" cake

Things that were 'missing' or that we would have loved to see:
- Rosalie/Jake "Fido Bowl" scene
- "Why am I covered in feathers?" "I may have bitten a pillow or two."
- Bella telling Edward "we belong together" in the water
- Edward's "I prefer brunettes" line and Bella's insecurity over Tanya
- Bachelor party sex talk with the boys
- Rob throwing Taylor against the wall from the BTS coverage (maybe in BD2?)
- First dance at the wedding between E and B and a Father/Daughter wedding dance
- Charlie, Renee, and Phil standing together when E/B leave for the honeymoon
- More Seth and Leah

DVD Extras Wish List:
- Wedding flash mob
- Extended honeymoon sequences
- LOTS of outtakes - I feel like there could be some really good stuff as far as outtakes go :-D
- Of course I want Rob commentary again too - I love listening to him talk about making this one, thrusting, covering a baby in cream cheese and strawberry jam, etc...

Things we could have lived without:
- CGI baby
- Charlies insult of Renee
- Jake and Bella dancing at the wedding, as we would have preferred to see that as the first dance for Edward and Bella to tie to Twilight, etc.
- Renee's singing and subsequent crazy hair
- Jessica's speech? Too much?

This all comes from Tesoro, Lauren, Meg, Lisa, kiTT, and Rena this morning...what do you guys think??
*Updated with Naughty's comments as well now

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It's Imperative That You See This

my work here is done. ;)

It's Time! It's time, it's time, it's time!!

November 18 is finally upon us and for most of us we have 'been there...done that' with having seen the movie already.  I won't put any spoilers or anything on here in case anyone hasn't made it yet...I'm looking at you Tesoro...but I just had to say:

Bill Condon, thank you for doing right by this movie.  There are so many things that could have gone wrong or been really corny if done incorrectly.  You did brought the book to life in all the ways I would have liked.  As our very own 17ForeverLisa pointed out, there was one line that I missed...but if that's my only 'complaint' I think I'm good :)


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Rob Gives the Best... Quotes

Of all the recent Rob quotes out there I wish there was a sound bit of this...

"Women like when you confirm ownership." Taken out of context... I die.

Taken in context "Women like when you confirm ownership. Believe me, no one would dance with my girlfriend if he were her ex. Not happening on my watch." I still die.

This is an exceptionally good interview with the Chicago Sun Times and you can read the whole thing here.

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 9

Well, ladies, this is it - it's been tons of fun debating, chatting, and imaging this part of the book with you.  The countdown continues...T-minus 4 days until we get to see this all on the BIG SCREEN in all it's glory.  The trailers and teasers will have nothing on the real deal, I'm sure.  At any rate - let's get on with the prep for the week (and thanks one last time to for the summaries!!  They saved so much time!)

Chapter 17:

  • In the Cullen garage, Jacob's surprised to find that the keys are for the fancy Aston Martin Vanquish. This changes his plans of utterly destroying the car in his rage. So, instead, he drives out and then catches a glimpse of Leah. As Jacob races along the highway, he believes he sees his friend Quil running parallel to the road and then disappear again.
  • Jacob decides to follow Leah's advice and try to imprint to get away from Bella. He heads to Seattle in the faint hope of finding his soul mate there.
  • In Seattle, Jacob meets a cute girl named Lizzie. She seems genuinely concerned about him but, in talking to her, Jacob realizes there's no magic solution. He accepts his painful situation with Bella. Nevertheless, he dreads returning to the Cullens' place, until he realizes that Leah and Seth are there waiting for him.
  • Back at the house, Jacob learns that, after Leah saw him leave all upset, she gave Bella a piece of her mind about how badly Bella's been treating Jacob.
  • Edward asks Jacob to control Leah. He won't allow anyone to cause Bella any more pain than she's in already. Jacob reassures him that Leah already got her feelings off her chest, but that he'll make sure that Bella knows he has no hard feelings towards her.
  • Edward reveals to Jacob that he's been reading the child's thoughts and that it's not trying not to harm Bella. Due to the baby's accelerated growth, though, he wants to have it delivered as soon as Carlisle returns.
  • Lastly, Edward asks Jacob, as the rightful heir of Ephraim Black (the last chief of the Quileute, who signed the treaty with the Cullens) to approve of Bella's emergency vampirization in case she won't be able to survive the birth of the child as a human. He also wants to be sure that it won't result in the breaking of the treaty. Edward explains to Jacob that the Cullens never intended to break the treaty – but that, to ensure Bella's survival, they would.
  • Jacob visits Bella and she apologizes for hurting him. Looking at her, Jacob realizes that she's everything that he'd been looking for in his trip to Seattle.
  • He struggles with Edward's request: "Tomorrow, she'd be my enemy or she'd be my ally. And, apparently, that distinction was up to me" (17.177). Jacob decides to give Bella's change his blessing.
  • Bella gets on her feet and accidentally drops her cup of blood. She bends to catch it when a muffled rip is heard. She gasps, goes limp, and lets out a blood-curdling scream. Rosalie catches her.
Chapter 18:

  • Rosalie carries Bella upstairs, her body violently twitching. Edward gives her some morphine while Alice calls Carlisle. Bella screams for them to get the baby out. It appears that her placenta has detached and that the baby's now suffocating.
  • Before the morphine can spread, Rosalie cuts into Bella's skin. Transfixed by the blood, Rosalie's killer instincts take over. Jacob tackles her and Alice drags her outside.
  • Jacob and Edward hear another loud crack coming from Bella's body. Her spine has broken, thereby paralyzing her legs. While Jacob performs CPR, he reminds Bella of her promise to stay alive.
  • He watches Edward biting through the vampire skin that's surrounding the baby. He then hears Edward whisper "Renesmee." Bella holds the girl for a few seconds before she gasps in pain and Edward takes the child away – the baby bit its mother in her chest.
  • Bella's heart stops. Jacob performs CPR – in vain. Jacob yells at Edward to change Bella into a vampire.
  • Edward asks him to take the baby, but Jacob tells him to "throw it out the window." He doesn't want anything to do with it, much less see it. Rosalie returns and takes the baby instead. Jacob notices the baby's mysterious fluttering heart beat as Rosalie carries it away.
  • Edward stabs Bella with a syringe full of his venom while Jacob keeps performing CPR. Edward covers Bella's body with bite marks, then licks them to seal her injuries with venom, which can then help them heal.
  • When Bella's heart fails to start beating again, Jacob believes that she's dead: "…there was nothing there, just me, just him" (18.83). He no longer feels the pull to be near Bella, but instead feels a strange urge to get away from her.
  • Edward maintains she's still alive and keeps pushing her heart faster than Jacob.
  • On his way out, Jacob sees Rosalie feeding blood to the baby. Rage and hate fills him. "Sam had been right. The thing was an aberration… Something that had to be destroyed" (18.106).
  • Jacob realizes that the pull brought him here to this creature. He believes that he needs to kill it to avenge Bella's death. Not only that, but he resolves to take down as many Cullen family members as he can along with it.
  • Jacob is about to strike, when the baby turns to look at him. "Warm brown eyes, the color of milk chocolate – the exact shape that Bella's had been" (18.135). His shaking anger suddenly morphs into an internal glowing heat. As Jacob stares at the baby's face, all ties in his life come undone and wrap around one thing in his universe: Renesmee, the newborn baby.
  • That instant, he hears the frantic pounding of Bella's "changing heart" upstairs.
What do you think?

No more chapters to post - just a movie to see Thursday night!!  We'll for sure have to put up some comments after seeing it!! Check back and thanks for this Read-Along ride!!

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On an unrelated note...

...this looks badass.

Press tours are fun, but... shows are fun-er!! November 10 (with a little 11/8 in there too) was a very, very good day...

First off...David Letterman (11/8/2011)

Then, Kimmel (2 parts):

The Today Show....ahhh, the Plaza...I'll always have a soft spot for the Today Show even if this interview was kind of awkward...

Regis and Kelly:  (HD here)

And, last but not least, Jimmy Fallon:

And the game they played:

Man I love a good press tour...

So, continuing the whirlwind press tour that goes along with the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn we have some adorable, hilarious, and awkward interview moments to enjoy :-D



Hollywood Dailies:

Hot Hits:

ET Canada:

ET Canada Robert Pattinson Twilight Breaking Dawn - Watch more Entertainment Videos at Vodpod.

And a funny/weird little tidbit from T4:

My Little Pony

Our boy sure does sparkle!

Anyone else predict a baby boom about 10 months from next Thursday?

You may even find yourself preggo by the end of this post.

(robelied and robmyviolethour on tumblr)

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Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 8

We're almost there - almost done with the read along, and perhaps more importantly, almost to the big day!!  Check out the summaries, comment, and have some fun with us!  Let the countdown begin:  9 days!! 

(Thanks for the summaries, )

Chapter 15:

  • Jacob meets up with Leah. She, of course, rejects Esme's food and clothes. Jacob eats his share, though, "not because it smelled irresistible away from the vampire burn, but to set a good example of self-sacrificing tolerance for Leah" (15.12).
  • Seth meets up with them after sweeping the perimeter. Everything is clear.
  • When Jacob decides to tell the Cullens to leave Forks in order to get Bella out of danger, Seth informs him that Bella broke another rib and that she depends on the medical access and blood supply at the Cullen house. She's also taken up contact with Charlie, assuring him that she's on the mend. Jacob is outraged by her lies, because he thinks she's giving Charlie false hopes.
  • When Jacob visits Bella at the house, she looks fragile and weak but is happy to see him. Rosalie and Jacob start bickering with each other again. When Edward asks her to bring Jacob some food, she serves it to him in a dog dish.
  • Jacob asks Bella if she has a due date for the little monster. She tells them that, according to Carlisle's calculations, she has about four days left. Jacob realizes that he's glad she's not leaving, and that her pull on him has become stronger. "Almost like it was related to her expanding belly" (15.124).
  • Bella tells Jacob that only with him being there, her family feels complete. "You're supposed to be part of my life – I can feel that, and so can you" (15.154). Jacob tells her he'd prefer that she didn't care about him at all, because he suffers being around her.
  • After Bella falls asleep, Jacob confronts Edward about the lies that Bella has been telling Charlie. Edward explains that she couldn't bear his anxiety about her condition. She hopes that there's a way for her to have a relationship with Charlie after her transformation and banks on Charlie drawing his own, false conclusions about her changed appearance. Jacob thinks they're all insane.
  • Edward then reveals to Jacob that the baby might not be the first of its kind, and that he sent Emmett and Jasper to research legends in South America that might help with the situation Bella is in.
  • Rosalie, however, points out that, according to the stories, no human females ever survived giving birth, because they lacked the knowledge and the medical and familial support the Cullens have been offering. She believes that they'll be able to deliver the baby safely.
  • Rosalie's continued emphasis on the baby's needs infuriates Jacob and he throws his dog dish at her head. The rest of the Cullens appear to be on his side in the matter.
  • When Bella wakes up, she's in pain because the baby's stretching. She compares its growth spurt with Jacob's once his werewolf gene was triggered. This causes Edward and Carlisle to discuss the similar genetics between the baby and Jacob, plus the fact that Alice can't see either of them. Jacob tries hard to deny any similarities between the baby and himself.
Chapter 16:
  • Jacob, Seth, and Leah patrol the woods. Leah quips about the "bloodsuckers" while Jacob and Seth ignore her. She remarks that Jacob has pulled a "one-eighty" in his feelings toward the Cullens. Jacob replies that she has as well.
  • Alone, Leah suddenly thanks Jacob for letting her stay in his pack. He admits that she hasn't been as much of a pain as he first thought. When Leah reveals that she plans on staying with him, though, Jacob is speechless. From afar, Seth communicates telepathically that he wants to stay as well.
  • Jacob explains to them that, after this whole affair, he'll go wolf full-time and that he wants them to have a real life.
  • Leah agrees with Jacob that Seth needs to go to school in La Push. But her situation is different – she has always planned to leave, and so begs Jacob to let her stay with him. Jacob puts off an answer, saying he has to think about it.
  • On their way back, Jacob hears Seth grudgingly accept his responsibility to stay in La Push and take care of his mom. But the idea of being alone with Leah scares him. "I couldn't imagine the… the intimacy of that situation" (16.72). When they come upon a herd of deer, Jacob helps Leah let her natural killing instincts take over.
  • Jacob warns Leah that he won't be much fun to be around once Bella is gone. But Leah tells him that his pain will be easier for her to deal with than her own. She says that Bella is his Sam. "She's everything you want and everything you can't have" (16.89). She understands his pain and wants to help him through it, not make it worse.
  • Jacob admits to himself that her more objective mind helps him gain perspective on his situation. He loses his temper, though, when she claims to understand Rosalie's outlook as well. "I'm talking about being a genetic dead-end, Jacob" (16.109).
  • Jacob calms down, remembering how the male wolves all avoided Leah's "female troubles" after her transformation. She realized that her body didn't follow normal patterns anymore and that she would never be able to get pregnant. Leah fears that it means she's a freak.
  • It doesn't help that none of the werewolves has imprinted on her yet. Jacob argues that imprinting is just another way of getting your choices taken away from you. But Leah counters saying that, if he imprinted, he wouldn't feel hurt about Bella anymore. Touché!
  • At the Cullen home, Jacob learns that Bella's pelvis may be broken too. Yet, she pulls herself together in Jacob's presence.
  • Jacob tells Carlisle that they're now safe to hunt. Carlisle divides up the family, but Rosalie insists that she won't leave Bella alone with Edward. She says she'll hunt when he does. The rest of the family takes off hunting.
  • Jacob keeps insulting Rosalie. Bella orders him to quit it.
  • When Rosalie leaves to get Bella another cup of blood, Edward suddenly perks up. He asks what she's thinking, and then asks her to speak. He gets up and places his hand over Bella's pregnant belly. He realizes he can hear the baby's thoughts, and he tells Bella that the baby "absolutely adores you."
  • Jacob notices that the pain in Edward's eyes is gone. Bella tells Edward that if the baby is a girl, she wants to name her "Renesmee" – a mix of Renée and Esme.
  • Witnessing the change of atmosphere and the happy family before him, Jacob realizes he's all alone now. Before connecting with the baby, Edward was his comrade-in-arms, hating the "monster." Now he's a proud father. Jacob feels betrayed.
  • Edward sees Jacob's pain and knows he needs to be alone. So he throws him a set of keys and tells him to go.
Thoughts, feelings, ideas?  Leave them in the comments!

Chapters 17-18 (and the end for this part of the re-read) will be up on Sunday this week (I figured I'd give us a little more discussion time before Thursday night's madness!!  Enjoy! 

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This week's events!!

Don't forget to set your DVR's/TiVo's/What-Have-You's for the following (sure to be fantastic) interviews:

Tonight! - Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel

Tomorrow! - Rob on David Letterman (and Peter on Regis and Kelly)

Wednesday! - Rob on Jimmy Kimmel

Thursday! - Rob on Today, Regis and Kelly, and Jimmy Fallon (holy Thursday - and no school Friday so I can stay up and watch Fallon!)

Check your listings for the late night shows since some start at midnight or whatever - Rob is showing up on my listings now so he should be a little easier to track down :-D 

Also, don't forget that the SOUNDTRACK will be available in stores (and on iTunes) TOMORROW!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Was Already A Man

Lovely ladies, this is a great video. Please watch 4:25 and 28:36 if nothing else.

I also liked the part where Bill explained how after the movie wrapped, Kristen, in the wedding dress, ran after Taylor saying, "Jacob, wait! I made a mistake!" lol

Also, have to say that I'm really disappointed with the rudeness of some of the fans. You can sense Kristen's discomfort in the beginning as well as Taylor's frustration with constantly being asked to take his shirt off (it does get old, Rob, and it's lame). It makes me happy that the Twifecta seem to focus on the good ones because I believe their words of appreciation are sincere.

Lastly, Kristen is gorgeous and Rob is adorable (as always). So glad these 3 are the ones that brought Twilight to life for us.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twi-Con LA

Well, our very own 17ForeverLisa was in the 5th row for the panel (totally jealous, btw) today!  Awesome! has all the videos up from the panel with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Bill.  Click on the link and go check them out - some funny stuff right there...Rob doing a super fake Scottish accent is kind of amazing!!


More fantastic interviews...

I'm collecting videos...I really could just listen to him all day...

and freaking JakesTakes is hilarious:

Popsugar usually has some pretty funny interviews too:

And...Clevver tv:

I just don't understand... these 2 images represent the same person...

...mature, sexy, beautiful, suave, hollywood superstar...

Source silly, goofy, adorkable, word-vomit producing, cornball...


Friday, November 4, 2011

One stop shopping for November 3 news...the most EPIC day so far...

What a whirlwind yesterday was!  I don't know about you but I couldn't keep up with all the news and, for my own sanity, and possibly because of my own is November 3 - in a nutshell:

...Rob (and Kristen and Taylor) get their handprints and footprints in cement at Graumann's Chinese Theater in LA

...Rob (and Kristen and Taylor - lol) reveal a special clip from BD1 and do an interview with our favorite MTV news anchor and fellow Rob-hOOr, Josh Horowitz  Videos Here :)

...Rob was apparently also on Access HollywoodInsider, E, ET, and Extra (or at least did interviews with them)...and there was some press conferencing (with more adorkable Rob - of course)...I could listen to interviews all day just to hear that accent...

...Bel Ami gets a North American distributor...and it's Sony!!  Here's keeping my fingers crossed for February!  And a new clip too!! (Even if it is in Russian...) showed us some b-reel footage from BD1 and seemingly BD2 (holy awesomeness!)

...MrsKassieCullen won some freaking-awesome VIP tickets to the BD Concert in Chicago this week

Robvember is in full swing ladies...whatever will we do with ourselves?

Also, I think my hyperlink privileges need to be revoked...but at least everything is linked from one convenient location ;-)

Yep, I Brushed My Hair

Rob makes me laugh out loud (that's lol to you, Naughty). ;)

Do a little dance to the intro music and enjoy...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The picture that got away from MsKassie...

So I saw this picture on RobertPattinsonLife and had to share...something hillarious and still pretty sexy about Rob's face...


Also - here's the ceremony from today for those of us who missed it! :)

Could Today be Any More EPIC?

Not only are we getting a new Breaking Dawn clip during an MTV interview tonight, but we also got to see Rob, Kristen and Taylor getting their hand and foot prints in cement.

I'm guessing they did individual hand (and foot?) prints inside the theater.
*pictures from Robsessed*

And now comes the most epic news of all!

BEL AMI has a North American Distributor!!! You can read all about it here. Can I get a hell yeah?

PS: There is a new BD video too, gah so much stuff in one day! *video from TwiCrack Addict*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm feeling philosophical...

So I watched the BTS Water for Elephants stuff last night...listening to the cast and crew talk about what  a special experience making that movie was for them was making me teary...probably because I feel like the WFE experience was special for me as well.  It's all great and really well done and I was in a very happy place.

Then I watched the Rob spotlight on the disc and was even happier.  The way that Francis spoke about Rob and casting him for the role of Jacob and what he brought was very endearing - and I get the feeling from all these interviews that many of the directors that Rob is working with lately see the same things that we are so enraptured with as well.  I get tired from time to time of defending liking "that Twilight guy" to people who I tell stories of WFENY or my excitement over his movies that are works in progress.  I was also participating in the boards on imdb recently and got frustrated with all the crap that some people were spewing over his casting in both WFE and Cosmopolis among other things.

I mentioned wanting to post this a while ago, but didn't get around to it, but after having watched the spotlight I'm feeling here goes...I might be completely crazy, but you are the ones who will likely understand my rambling...and I warn you it is a bit rambly...but I like it and I'm proud of what I have to say, so there :-P  My response to all the Rob-haters out there:

I have a theory that I was talking to a couple of friends about the other day and my 3 favorite current (and for the first two, long standing) actors are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more recently, Rob Pattinson. 

I think all are fantastic actors. All 3 of them began their popularity and carrers in the "teen heartthrob" category - Depp in 21 Jump Street, DiCaprio in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, and Pattinson in Twilight (and to some extent, Harry Potter as well...). 

Johnny Depp then moved on to doing movies he felt were important/good/interesting such as Blow, Benny and Joon, Ed Wood (he plays a freaking cross-dressing director in a black and white movie, come on!), etc. DiCaprio did the same with movies like Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York, and the Aviator. Not all were HUGE box office smash hits, but I have really enjoyed almost every movie I've seen either of these 2 actors in. They are both now considered "serious" actors and I think are fantastic. Although Depp has never won an Oscar (which still amazes me after seeing some of his performances) and neither has DiCaprio (although both have been nominated 3 times - weird...), I believe that they are both Oscar caliber actors. DiCaprio seems to be just a few years behind Depp on the same path (and they were even in one of my favorite movies together (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) which showcased both of them as fantastic actors. 

Rob seems to be on the beginning steps of what I'd like to think of as the same path as well. He is still, at least partially, in the midst of the "teen heartthrob" stage with Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 yet to be released. That seems to have gotten him noticed by larger budget, big production movies. I think that he's beginning to use that attention to have the ability to choose movies that he is interested in or finds important/interesting, versus making more "tween" films. Remember Me was a fantastic film (you can go back to one of first posts on the blog to see what I have to say about that movie), even if it didn't do huge things at the box office. Little Ashes was also a great test of his acting mettle and he passed with flying colors - Dali is a tough one to play and you absolutely believe that he is Dali in Little Ashes. Newer films like Water for Elephants (with the Old Hollywood feel) and soon coming Cosmopolis (with the edgy, modern feel - at least after having read the book) will be VERY different from the Twilight series and should prove to many non-believers about Pattinson's acting chops. 

One other parallel that I've found with these 3 fantastic actors is their disinterest in the spotlight. Johnny Depp is not one to be found gracing the fronts of supermarket tabloids from week to week and is often embarrassed when listed on lists like People's Sexiest Man Alive, etc. He is in a committed relationship, which he doesn't flaunt for the cameras, and has maintained relative privacy for his family. DiCaprio also is not tabloid fodder (he's been seen lately in a few People/US Weekly type hype sections but even that died quickly). He has dated several models/actresses over the years but the attention has not been the same as many other actors relationships. He doesn't seem to strive for attention to his relationships like so many.  He been able to maintain dignity throughout the relationships he has had. Rob, although linked in semi-confirmed accounts, with Kristen Stewart has been able to maintain a low-key relationship, even with the high profile of both Stewart and himself (especially in light of the Twilight phenomenon). They have never wanted to be overtly public about their relationship, wanting to maintain some privacy for themselves. As things seem to ease for them and they are more comfortable with the relationship that they've never fully officially confirmed being public knowledge, they still maintain their privacy and don't flaunt their "together-ness."  None of the 3 seem to fit into that 'Hollywood Heartthrob' mold in the having to look perfect all the time and be very public figures. Johnny and Rob are fairly famous for messy hair and their distinctive look, both seem to favor function over form, which in itself is pretty darn sexy, if you ask me. 

I have a feeling that's why I like all 3 of them so much, many of the features in one that I find attractive and interesting they all have and I think that if Rob keeps his head on his shoulders (which he seems to be doing quite well at this point - if I do say so myself) he is headed down a very prosperous and respectable path, following in the footsteps of DiCaprio and Depp - 2 of the most sought after actors in Hollywood today.  

Ok, end rant. That is all for now - go watch the WFE Rob's spectacular...and apparently makes me all sort of rambly and wordy...what did we say about giving ourselves word limits on this thing?  I think I just thew that out the window...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pistol Whipped

Eric: Okay, Fran. Slowly take off your clothes--SLOWLY. That's nice, La Mia Bella Ragazza. Now... turn around and tell me you want me....say it, out loud.

What's that? I don't need the gun? *drops pistol and heads toward Fran*


New(ish) Today Show Video

Hello ladies,

I am hearing all of your talk about getting your hands on your very own copies of Water For Elephants today. I thought I would throw in a little something extra for the occasion.

Have you all seen this video yet? I sent it out a while ago but in case you missed it, here is a little more of Rob from the WFE premiere weekend. Enjoy.

PS: I miss this...
and this
and this
especially this

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 7

HAPPY OFFICIAL ROBVEMBER EVERYONE!!!  Go get your WFE DVD/Blu-Ray today, your soundtrack next week, and make sure you have your ticket safely stashed for the midnight showing of BD - it's going to be an epic month! 

Chapters 13 and 14 coming at ya!  Enjoy and thanks again to !!

Chapter 13:  

  • Carlisle and Rosalie bring Bella a cup of blood to drink. To everyone's surprise – including Bella's – the blood smells and tastes good to her.
  • Although Jacob watches with disgust, he acknowledges that the blood manages to make her feel better. After two cups, Bella finds the strength to sit up. Color returns to her cheeks, and she craves food again.
  • Edward invites Jacob to stay at the house and rest, but Jacob declines his offer.
  • Alarmed by howls from Leah and Seth, he morphs into his wolf form and runs to meet them. They inform him that members of Sam's pack are approaching.
  • Jared, in human form, accompanied by Quil, Paul, and Collin in wolf form, emerges from the forest. Jared tries to convince Jacob, Seth, and Leah to return to Sam's pack. He explains that the tribal elders see no immediate danger in the baby, yet.
  • Jared also tries to manipulate Seth by telling him that his mother is broken-hearted about his decision, but Seth isn't buying it.
  • Jared then tries to convince Leah to come back by suggesting that Sam misses her. Leah doesn't go for the bait either.
  • Jacob reminds Jared that Leah's able to make her own choices on where she belongs and that both Seth and Leah are with him by their own free will.
  • When Jared asks Jacob if he's planning on hanging out with the parasites forever, Jacob explains that he's not just protecting Bella, but is also there to protect "those who should be protected" (13.223), which includes the Cullens.
  • Jacob also reveals that, now that he's an Alpha, he won't be able to come back to the pack, because two Alphas in one pack are just a recipe for disaster. He still considers the rest of the pack "family," but advises Jared that they keep to their land to avoid a fight. When Jared asks if "their land" means that Jacob now claims vampire land for his pack, he says he's homeless for now.
  • Jacob also learns that his close friends, Quil and Embry, suffer from the separation and want to jump ship, although Jared doesn't want to admit it.
Chapter 14:
  • Back at the Cullen home, Jacob finds a stack of nice clothes left for him.
  • Inside the Cullens' home, he finds Bella still in bed, but looking much better now. She's overjoyed to see him. Her display of affection pains Jacob, because it only makes it harder for him to wean himself off of her.
  • Jacob tells Edward that the other pack has no immediate intentions to attack.
  • While Rosalie seizes any opportunity to insult Jacob (which goes both ways), Edward takes Jacob aside to tell him that Esme and Carlisle are concerned about the hardships Jacob has to endure for their sake. Esme, in particular, has pressed Edward to open their home up to Jacob and his pack, and to offer them accommodation, food, and clothes. Jacob is taken aback by the generosity, but politely declines the offer.
  • When they return to the house, they learn the baby's rapid growth and strength has caused one of Bella's ribs to break.
  • While the other Cullens take Bella upstairs to get an X-ray, Jacob meets Alice downstairs. When he asks her why she has stayed away from Bella, she confides to him that the fetus gives her a headache because she can't "see" it, and Bella's attachment to it makes her picture blurry. That's why she seeks Jacob's presence – he at least makes her completely blind. When she points to the similarities between Jacob and the fetus, he gets mad at her.
  • After an exhausted sleep, Jacob wakes up to find Bella recovered again. Seth is eating breakfast and has his arm around her, which makes Jacob jealous. He chides Seth for eating without inviting Leah, although they both know that Leah wouldn't touch vampire food.
  • Jacob decides to go hunting with Leah. Before he leaves, Carlisle asks him if it's safe for his family to go hunting as well. Jacob tells him that the Cullens should all go hunt together, to be on the safe side, in case Sam launches a surprise attack.
  • Carlisle explains to Jacob that he can't leave him behind with Bella, because he doesn't want Jacob fighting against his brothers. So Carlisle decides that his family will split up in groups.
  • Esme offers Jacob a big dish of food. Her kindness touches him and he admits to himself that Esme reminds him of his mom:

    This was the problem with hanging out with vampires – you got used to them. They started messing up the way you saw the world. They started feeling like friends. (14.185)
  • Esme also gives him a plate of food and clothes for Leah. At first, Jacob thinks about getting rid of it, but then he decides to try his luck with Leah for Esme's sake.
Lengthy ones Jake turning to Team Cullen?  Is that even possible?  What do we all think of this turn of events?  Let us know your thoughts below:

As always, the next chapters (15 and 16) will be up on Tuesday! 

Team Jacob

So I totally get that Robvember is all about Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  I get it, I really do.  But somewhere in my heart of hears, although it was the gorgeous and brooding Edward Cullen that brought me to the Rob-side, I will always and forever have a soft spot for Robkowski.  

I'm not sure if it's the period piece (I am a history teacher after all...and the Depression is my favorite period to teach...), or the fact that I absolutely LOVE the book, or the experience I had in NYC for the premiere where I was lucky enough to meet MrsKassieCullen, BellaTesoro, 17ForeverLisa, and Robzie/Meg, among others.  Maybe it's the culmination of all them all that puts me in my happy place. 

Today, we celebrate (FINALLY) the release of Water for Elephants on DVD/Blu-Ray in the US.  Don't forget, among the hype of the Breaking Dawn press that is and will continue to happen this week to make a quick stop on the way home and pick up your copy - mine is on reserve at my local Barnes and Noble waiting patiently for me to get out of work...
I was a little inspired knowing that this day was coming so I made you all a little something.  Enjoy! 

<3 ~Q