Friday, November 4, 2011

Yep, I Brushed My Hair

Rob makes me laugh out loud (that's lol to you, Naughty). ;)

Do a little dance to the intro music and enjoy...


  1. I love him... so freaking funny. And hey Ben Lyons get to the back of the line buddy!

  2. Can I just say - I haven't had time to keep up with all these while at work so I cue one up when I'm leaving - plug my phone into my car and listen to the interviews on the way home...awesome way to occupy my driving time - too freaking cute!!

  3. You know, Rob is right. He really hasn't changed, this amazing thing has created an incredible life for him and dam, he hasn't changed. He's as "innocent" and honest as ever.
    And yes, he's got a great life.

  4. jason kennedy loves to say, "Hell-oh!" hahaha

    can any of these interviewers come up with original questions?

    do you want to get married now?
    was it emotional to shoot?
    tell us about the sex scene...

    although, i did like when shaun robinson asked rob if he has ever broken a headboard in real life. lol


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