Thursday, November 3, 2011

The picture that got away from MsKassie...

So I saw this picture on RobertPattinsonLife and had to share...something hillarious and still pretty sexy about Rob's face...


Also - here's the ceremony from today for those of us who missed it! :)


  1. You know what's sexy about that face? Besides the obvious... everything. It's the mouth open while he's on his knees... and ya know *trails off hoping you're following where I'm going and I know you do because you're all a bunch of pervs like me*

  2. You think that's his "OH, Yeah!" Face? sorry...::slaps hand:: bad naughty ;)

  3. Why in the hell do you think I posted it, Kassie? LOL...of course that's where my mind was, and I knew you all would be right there with me :)

  4. I was more interested in the pic when Kristen is down putting the date on in the cement and Rob is staring at her like he's imagining *cough* other things. I seriously need to stop we are all soooo bad!

  5.'s the "What I could do with that ass" look.

    We're so bad, we're good Kassie. Only way to look at it.


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