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Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 7

HAPPY OFFICIAL ROBVEMBER EVERYONE!!!  Go get your WFE DVD/Blu-Ray today, your soundtrack next week, and make sure you have your ticket safely stashed for the midnight showing of BD - it's going to be an epic month! 

Chapters 13 and 14 coming at ya!  Enjoy and thanks again to http://www.shmoop.com/breaking-dawn/summary.html !!

Chapter 13:  

  • Carlisle and Rosalie bring Bella a cup of blood to drink. To everyone's surprise – including Bella's – the blood smells and tastes good to her.
  • Although Jacob watches with disgust, he acknowledges that the blood manages to make her feel better. After two cups, Bella finds the strength to sit up. Color returns to her cheeks, and she craves food again.
  • Edward invites Jacob to stay at the house and rest, but Jacob declines his offer.
  • Alarmed by howls from Leah and Seth, he morphs into his wolf form and runs to meet them. They inform him that members of Sam's pack are approaching.
  • Jared, in human form, accompanied by Quil, Paul, and Collin in wolf form, emerges from the forest. Jared tries to convince Jacob, Seth, and Leah to return to Sam's pack. He explains that the tribal elders see no immediate danger in the baby, yet.
  • Jared also tries to manipulate Seth by telling him that his mother is broken-hearted about his decision, but Seth isn't buying it.
  • Jared then tries to convince Leah to come back by suggesting that Sam misses her. Leah doesn't go for the bait either.
  • Jacob reminds Jared that Leah's able to make her own choices on where she belongs and that both Seth and Leah are with him by their own free will.
  • When Jared asks Jacob if he's planning on hanging out with the parasites forever, Jacob explains that he's not just protecting Bella, but is also there to protect "those who should be protected" (13.223), which includes the Cullens.
  • Jacob also reveals that, now that he's an Alpha, he won't be able to come back to the pack, because two Alphas in one pack are just a recipe for disaster. He still considers the rest of the pack "family," but advises Jared that they keep to their land to avoid a fight. When Jared asks if "their land" means that Jacob now claims vampire land for his pack, he says he's homeless for now.
  • Jacob also learns that his close friends, Quil and Embry, suffer from the separation and want to jump ship, although Jared doesn't want to admit it.
Chapter 14:
  • Back at the Cullen home, Jacob finds a stack of nice clothes left for him.
  • Inside the Cullens' home, he finds Bella still in bed, but looking much better now. She's overjoyed to see him. Her display of affection pains Jacob, because it only makes it harder for him to wean himself off of her.
  • Jacob tells Edward that the other pack has no immediate intentions to attack.
  • While Rosalie seizes any opportunity to insult Jacob (which goes both ways), Edward takes Jacob aside to tell him that Esme and Carlisle are concerned about the hardships Jacob has to endure for their sake. Esme, in particular, has pressed Edward to open their home up to Jacob and his pack, and to offer them accommodation, food, and clothes. Jacob is taken aback by the generosity, but politely declines the offer.
  • When they return to the house, they learn the baby's rapid growth and strength has caused one of Bella's ribs to break.
  • While the other Cullens take Bella upstairs to get an X-ray, Jacob meets Alice downstairs. When he asks her why she has stayed away from Bella, she confides to him that the fetus gives her a headache because she can't "see" it, and Bella's attachment to it makes her picture blurry. That's why she seeks Jacob's presence – he at least makes her completely blind. When she points to the similarities between Jacob and the fetus, he gets mad at her.
  • After an exhausted sleep, Jacob wakes up to find Bella recovered again. Seth is eating breakfast and has his arm around her, which makes Jacob jealous. He chides Seth for eating without inviting Leah, although they both know that Leah wouldn't touch vampire food.
  • Jacob decides to go hunting with Leah. Before he leaves, Carlisle asks him if it's safe for his family to go hunting as well. Jacob tells him that the Cullens should all go hunt together, to be on the safe side, in case Sam launches a surprise attack.
  • Carlisle explains to Jacob that he can't leave him behind with Bella, because he doesn't want Jacob fighting against his brothers. So Carlisle decides that his family will split up in groups.
  • Esme offers Jacob a big dish of food. Her kindness touches him and he admits to himself that Esme reminds him of his mom:

    This was the problem with hanging out with vampires – you got used to them. They started messing up the way you saw the world. They started feeling like friends. (14.185)
  • Esme also gives him a plate of food and clothes for Leah. At first, Jacob thinks about getting rid of it, but then he decides to try his luck with Leah for Esme's sake.
Lengthy ones here....is Jake turning to Team Cullen?  Is that even possible?  What do we all think of this turn of events?  Let us know your thoughts below:

As always, the next chapters (15 and 16) will be up on Tuesday! 

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