Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey birthday girl...

here's some music to scroll by.

* * *
Happy birthday, kitt!

I also got you a little somethin' somethin' because I know how much you like tongue ;)

Love, Lisa

* * *

Darling kiTT,

There are so many memories I've made with you that I treasure, including, but not limited to...Cilantro, Harvard (waiting and no longer waiting), The Great Vagina vs Pussy Debate, silky purple panties, rain, mud, three-ways, is this too much italics?, song lyrics, M&M pancakes, Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, name guessing, holiday parties, mom wars, vague references, and Twilight quotes (that I always seem to miss). You're an important part of my life, whether you like it or not. Now, stop struggling while I hug you. (((HUG)))

Love, Dani

* * *


I hope you do have a truly wonderful birthday. You are the kiTT to our caboodle. The kiTT to our kat. The... you know where I'm headed with this. Life wouldn't be nearly as much fun without you and your kiTTastic insights and pervy sense of humor. 

Happy birthday with big squishy hugs,


* * *


I hope u have an amazing un-birthday. Everyday I am grateful for your friendship.

Love you babes,


* * *

* * *

Happy Birthday kiTT!
Love, UAB

* * *

I wish I could send you a real Ryan-a-gram. Maybe one day when I have him and Rob in angel wings and jeans... Happy Birthday!


* * *

From the 12 Months Girls, The Rob Squad, and your boss,