Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 Days of Rob - Week 4

Welcome back for our weekly roundup of Rob-porn...I mean Rob-pics...Nope...I mean Rob-porn.  :)  Man, collecting and posting these every week is such a hardship... ;-)


Day 21: First Pic you saw of Rob this week

 photo 21-2_zpsd56ba094.jpg  photo 21-1_zps6b86932e.jpg  photo 21-3_zps92ff1eb3.png

Day 22: Favorite Pic edit of the day

 photo 22-3_zpsff2e536b.jpg
 photo 22-1_zps471e864d.jpg
 photo 22-2_zpsc32ee6f3.jpg

Day 23: Pic of Rob's hair color

 photo 23-3_zps58f3f10a.jpg  photo 23-2_zpse6bd6fbe.jpg  photo 23-1_zps1d18b40a.jpg

Day 24: Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo 24-3_zpsbc7acbbc.jpg 
 photo 24-2_zps4844b743.jpg
Q...cold!  *Seriously the high was like 5 this week...
 photo 24-1_zpscbb7d485.gif

Day 25: Pic of Rob in Germany

 photo 25-2_zps3a34e710.jpg 
 photo 25-3_zps9126903c.jpg
 photo 25-1_zpsfd0188fa.jpg

Day 26: Best magazine cover

 photo 26-3_zps8028b6ee.jpg  photo 26-2_zpsf989f033.jpg
We liked this one so much it's here twice....

 photo 26-1_zpse7e15281.jpg

Day 27: Pic of Rob biting his lip

 photo 27-3_zps388ebedc.jpg 
 photo 27-2_zpsdae06ee8.jpg 
I had to use this WFENY one...cause I was there when it happened...

 photo 27-1_zps29bbb546.jpg

Enjoy another Rob filled week and we'll see you soon!! :) 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Happy Birthday TwiWeasel!!!!

For your first birthday as an official 12 Months of Rob h00r we had to do it up right!
You are the yin to our yang, the peanut butter to our jelly, the peas to our carrots, the apples to our bananas... wait that sounds dirty and wrong on so many levels, which is why it's perfect to describe how well you fit within this group. We love you! 
Happy Birthday! 

Dani, I'm so glad that you are part of this crazy group!  
I hope you are enjoying your first "12 Months-style" birthday!
Love, UABMarie


Growing up is SO overrated. *smirk*

Happy birthday, Dani!

Love, Lisa


Edward knows what Jasper wants to give you, and he's so jealous! It's big and hard and some say sparkles in the sunlight. Maybe you're a generous birthday girl and will share with Edward.

We all hope you have a wonderful birthday shared with family, friends, and some boy lovin'

Happy Birthday


For your birthday month, may you enjoy some time with your family, your friends,
watching old favorite movies, and reading all your various fic pairings like
Bella and Edward :-),  Jasper and Edward (*sigh*) , Jacob and Emmett ( o.O ) 
the Fonz and Richie (really?), Greg Brady and Mike Seaver (Are you kiTTing me?)
Wayne and Garth (*cries* No, no, no!), Drarry, Merthur, Larry, Klane,
and all the other ones you haven't copped to.
It's all good....uhh, right, Billy?
Happy Birthday...And speaking of growing old...
kiTT :)



(artwork  by lostimmortal2)

“Yeah, Baby?”
“Do you know what today is?”
“Mmmm...uh huh...TwiWeasel’s Birthday...”


“You know she only wants want thing...”

“I know, E...I know...”

“Should we do it?”

“Darlin’...It’s THE present.”

(manip by white wolf legend)

“We’re waiting, TwiWeasel...”
“Care to watch, Darlin?”

Happy 1st Birthday Celebration as a 12 Month H00r!  We love having you with us!
Love, Naughty and two of the Boys of “Cover Me”...
(You know Alice and Bella would only allow this for your birthday...)



. On this, the day of your performance review as part of 12months, as per the list of responsibilities and expectations emailed to you on...

...oh shit...that's the wrong occasion isn't it? Damn it. It's your birthday...right...right...somewhere here I have the birthday notes I made instead...

...just give me one second...

 photo 4454485023_75fc5d3788_o_zps77205470.jpg
watch these two while they figure out what to get you...

...hmmm...serious discussion...
 photo EdwardJasper_zpsd7e44028.jpeg

...I'm sure they'll come up with something great.  

Here's to hoping your birthday before they do is also awesome!!!  
Love ya girl, welcome to the crazy!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

365 Days of Rob - Week 3

So...I'm a little early...but it's all good.  You all don't mind a bit of early Rob, do you?

Without further adieu: 365 Days of Rob, Week 3 (Thanks again to Robsessed for the game to play along with)

Day 14:  First picture of Rob you saw this week:

 photo RobertPattinsonGGs22-1_zps933123ac.jpg
 photo robert-pattinson-moving-to-south-australia-january-2013-to-film-the-rover-character-rey-gang-in-outback-flinders-ranges-mayo_zps48a97e56.jpg  photo NEWHQRobertPattinsonGoldenGlobes20134_zpsf0362e5e.jpg

Day 15:  2008 Picture of Rob from PressCon or Photoshoot:

 photo 262405115760209325_szt8jtq5_c_zps31006805.jpg  photo robinstyle_zps8c8a035b.jpg  photo New-Robert-Pattinson-LA-Press-Conference-Pics-robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-9405508-384-480_zps0dbb5624.jpg photo UAB2008PhotoShoot_zps9ab425d0.jpg

Day 16:  Rob Pic with a Fan

 photo robampfan_zpscad71c15.jpg  photo UABRobPicWithFans_zps7cff774c.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonat100Monkeys3_zps7a56c83c.jpg
 photo HolyGrail_zps447665c2.jpg
*By the way - totally jealous of this pic of our very own 17ForeverLisa at the BD1 Premiere in LA last year.

Day 17:  Rob Pic/Gif that reflects your mood:

 photo get-off-my-dick_zpsd5ce25f1.png

 photo art-in-pub-with-nikki-fierce-1_zpsa4427ac5.gif

 photo wfe-0980_zpsde883b9a.gif

 photo UABGiftThatReflectsMyMood_zps87ba311f.gif

Day 18:  Pic of Rob in a Grey suit:

 photo robert-pattinson-in-burberry-bdpart2-berlin-premiere_zpsbe6674bb.png  photo Premiere-Detagged_zpseb23b73e.jpg  photo lenomq009_zps24a34397.jpg  photo UABRobGreySuit_zpsa0e415b3.jpg  photo tumblr_lu3m79bxnt1qdt31oo1_500.jpg

Day 19:  Rob characters you would FMK:


 photo tumblr_lwkikyFHoZ1qf53upo1_500.jpg
SassyKassie and Laureate04: Eric Packer

 photo UABFMK-Fuck_zps9894b064.jpg
17ForeverLisa and UAB:  Tyler Hawkins

 photo 302346_250083868371490_100001096371150_693221_789469721_n_zps0ec662e0.jpg
Naughty: Edward Cullen (New Moon)


 photo UABFMK-Marry_zpsf6791a8b.jpg
17ForeverLisa and UAB and SassyKassie: Edward Cullen

 photo bhhowtobe1_zpsf17e448c.jpg
Naughty: Art


 photo robert-pattinson_26507_1_zpsc1e36e77.jpg
SassyKassie: Toby Jugg

 photo Cedric-cedric-diggory-2695247-1500-2062_zpsff12023e.jpg
17ForeverLisa: Cedric Diggory

 photo UABFMK-Kill_zps6cd8e434.jpg
UAB and Naughty:  Georges Duroy

Day 20: Pic of Rob's Back

 photo RobertPattinsonRememberMe34_zpsfffae9d8.jpg  photo UABBackPicRememberMe_zps05728804.jpg  photo tumblr_lskn5eDGk51qe9lgxo1_1280_zpsb714e1be.jpg was a good week...ladies I'm sorry if I missed/sipped any of your submissions.  I am still working on the organizing submissions piece of this to get it done 'easier.' 

See you next week!!