Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another 12months of Rob...

Welcome to 2013!!!    I know that we've been a little MIA here at the 12months blog, but my #1 resolution this year is to be better at getting my butt on this blog and sharing with you all. 

That being said, thanks for sticking it out and still being here as we all epic-ly fail at keeping on top of things around here.  We really love you all!

Besides Rob's busy year (hello, at least 3 movies worth of filming/possibly promoting, Dior contracts (?), and  maybe new photoshoots to boot) we here at 12months have decided to participate - as a group - in Robsessed's 365 Days of Rob (click here for more information!).  Because really...what is more appropriate for 12months of Rob than an activity celebrating a whole year of Rob?  But we're definitely not on the ball enough to coordinate this on a daily we've compromised...we're going to do a weekly roundup...and here's week 1:

Jan 1 - Future Rob film that excites you:

This was a toss up among the group so, we give you both choices that we came up with:

The Rover.  In the words of Ms. SassyKassie: "In the Australian outback... running... sweating...taking his shirt off!?! I also would like to see him taking on the action of this movie."

Mission Blacklist:  With a lovely manip found by UAB:

Jan 2 - Rarely shared pic of Rob:

Jan 3 - Rob pic/gif that displays your mood:


(UAB:  She says Rob is thinking about how he doesn't want her break from teaching to be over...)

According to TwiWeasel: I'm not sure which category I'd put this under. It's not necessarily a rarely used pic, and it's not B&W (although it wouldn't be hard to make it so). Does it reflect my mood? Hmmm...when I look at his face in this pic it makes me feel things. INTENSE things...

Jan 4 - Black and White Pic:

(This one is for Lisa....)

Jan 5 - Pic of Rob in jeans (so I screwed up when I sent the 'call' to my fellow ladies here and skipped this I'm just picking for us!!):

Jan 6 - Shirtless pic of Rob:

I'd say that was a pretty successful first week of 2013, don't you?  Check back in with us next weekend for our next roundup!!

*All pictures in this post came from random google searches, etc.  We do NOT own any of them!  :) 


  1. Ummm, I have absolutely NO problem with the jeans pics you chose Q! Each and every one is hawt!!!!!Thanks for putting this together for us! So many Rob-days to look forward to :) I'm excited about our weekly Rob scavenger hunts. Gives me a chance to browse through all my Robp0rn! Mwahahahahaha!

  2. Q, lovely job with this post. My fave jeans pic is actually in there!! Black vneck tshirt Rob....yummy! I can't pick a most anticipated film...I can't wait for all of them!


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