Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year..., not Christmas or the holiday season in general...usually that's fully of busy and family (some of which you don't really want to see) and stress and eating too much.

I'm talking about Awards Season!

Last night featured the PCA's - People's Choice Awards - and they were...well...they were, weren't they?   They happened and for the most part I couldn't have really cared less...well, except that I was kinda somewhere hoping for The Dark Knight Rises to take something home...cause, you know, (or maybe you don't, but you will now...) I was an extra in that movie...and that would just be kinda cool!

While Rob and the Twilight Saga were pretty well snubbed (I mean...favorite movie franchise?!?!  How are you nominated in that category when only ONE of the movies is out already????  /Endrant) we did get to see Edward in the opening: (right around the 2:45 mark)

Then, today, the Oscar Nominees were announced.  Not entirely surprisingly (although highly disappointingly) Rob and Cosmopolis were not included in the list of hopefuls.  He will get his time.

What we do have to look forward to is the Golden Globes this Sunday at 8:00 EST on CBS.

Rob was recently added and confirmed as a presenter...and it's even showing on their site so I figure it's fairly legit.

Plus...we get to see more of this:



Who else is excited for Sunday?  Rob.  Tux.  British accent.  Yes.  Please.  


  1. Yes...I'll take picture #6 with sides of whip cream and....can I just get him naked holding the can of whip cream????

    *mumbles* another friggin pair of panties.....poof

  2. I call picture #5. That stare. Unf!

    You know I agree with you about the PCA's. Idiots. Ugh!

    Rob and some Golden Globes? Yes, please. Understatement!

  3. I love all these white shirt pictures of Tux Rob. The boy makes suits look soooo good.
    And to think we thought things might dry up after the saga ended. Here's to Golden Globes and more white shirt pics to follow.
    Thanks Lauren for only parts of the PCA's that truly matter.

  4. *holds self together at the impending squee fest*

    I call dibs on pic 2! He was looking at me hanging out on the red carpet while he was getting his photo snapped ;-)

  5. This is going to be the highlight of my weekend!!!!
    I'm glad I got to see that clip from the PCA's since I didn't watch it.
    How dare they use our beloved movie for fun, and then snub it! Hmph!


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