Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 Days of Rob - Week 4

Welcome back for our weekly roundup of Rob-porn...I mean Rob-pics...Nope...I mean Rob-porn.  :)  Man, collecting and posting these every week is such a hardship... ;-)


Day 21: First Pic you saw of Rob this week

 photo 21-2_zpsd56ba094.jpg  photo 21-1_zps6b86932e.jpg  photo 21-3_zps92ff1eb3.png

Day 22: Favorite Pic edit of the day

 photo 22-3_zpsff2e536b.jpg
 photo 22-1_zps471e864d.jpg
 photo 22-2_zpsc32ee6f3.jpg

Day 23: Pic of Rob's hair color

 photo 23-3_zps58f3f10a.jpg  photo 23-2_zpse6bd6fbe.jpg  photo 23-1_zps1d18b40a.jpg

Day 24: Rob pic/gif that reflects your mood

 photo 24-3_zpsbc7acbbc.jpg 
 photo 24-2_zps4844b743.jpg
Q...cold!  *Seriously the high was like 5 this week...
 photo 24-1_zpscbb7d485.gif

Day 25: Pic of Rob in Germany

 photo 25-2_zps3a34e710.jpg 
 photo 25-3_zps9126903c.jpg
 photo 25-1_zpsfd0188fa.jpg

Day 26: Best magazine cover

 photo 26-3_zps8028b6ee.jpg  photo 26-2_zpsf989f033.jpg
We liked this one so much it's here twice....

 photo 26-1_zpse7e15281.jpg

Day 27: Pic of Rob biting his lip

 photo 27-3_zps388ebedc.jpg 
 photo 27-2_zpsdae06ee8.jpg 
I had to use this WFENY one...cause I was there when it happened...

 photo 27-1_zps29bbb546.jpg

Enjoy another Rob filled week and we'll see you soon!! :) 

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  1. I was worried about my boys...They're home now and had a fantastic time.
    Oh VF're right up there with RomeRob for me. It was hard to pick a lip biting pic. I'm possessive of my RomeRob. I love you snuck in a NYC pic. I wish I knew you gals better than and flew out with you. One day! One day! Great post, Q!!!


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