Friday, September 30, 2011

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

I am so totally looking forward to Rob-vember.  I am. I really should be focusing on the greatness that we will witness in the next couple of months--however, me being the pessimist that I am, I just can't help but think about all the things that I am missing out on, and how it sucks ass.
Maybe I'll see this sign SOMEDAY in person.

1.  I am not in Forks this weekend with all the other Twilighters.
I hope that this does not mean that I am not a true Twi-hard--because I think I rank right up there with the lucky ones that ARE in Forks.  I just had a little trouble coming up with a legitimate reason why I should spend $1200 on airfare and lodging while leaving my 2 small children to go and drunkenly cavort under near constant cloud cover with complete strangers in the Pacific Northwest.  I don't sounded totally do-able when I explained it this way to Hubs.  I can't understand his reluctance.

2.  I can't go to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with my fellow bloggers.
Yep. I'm odd man out.  I am totally blaming them and their geographical inadequacies.  WHY can't they ALL relocate south of the Mason-Dixon?  I just don't get it.  I live in God's country.  Don't they understand this?  I need them closer.

3.  Adele is not on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack.
This, my friends, is a grave mistake.  Why was I not asked who should be on the soundtrack? Do the soundtrack planners not know that I am an expert-music-picker-outer? (y'all know that's a real title, here in Mississippi...) Adele is an obvious perfect choice.  Just ask Meg.  She'll agree with me.
Yes, Miss Adele.  I don't get it either.

4.  My Robporn stash is becoming seriously deficient. 
While I'm bitching, I just thought I'd throw that one in--in case anyone would like to take pity on me and send me some.  This is really all my fault, I decided to take a technology break in August, and my Rob file has taken a hit.  I NEED ROBPORN.  Please?  Anyone?

My Mama always taught me to see the glass as half full.  So, I thought instead of boring all of you with my bitching and belly-aching, I'd try to see the upside in all of this.

1.  I have THE GREATEST FRIENDS in this fandom.  (And, no, this is not to butter y'all up so you'll send me RobPorn...)
Even if I don't get to go see BD with them, I know that we will still be squealing like teenage girls over the "good parts", because y'all know we will be making mental notes throughout that whole movie.

2.  One day I WILL attend a function where Meg will be--I just know it!!!
*cue stalker music*

3. Rob makes it all better.
See there?  Don't you feel better?  I know I do!

Here's to Rob-vember!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

BD Minus the Fade to Black

I'm doing this post from the blogger app on my iPhone - not sure how it will come out. Anyway....

When you girls are reading Chapter 5 of BD - stop when you get to the fade to black part - and then hop on over to and read "Warmth"
Warmth by KatieBelleCullen <- Mobile ff link
Warmth <- Standard ff link

It flows seamlessly right into the lemons that SM left out.

Just a suggestion. ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Rob is back in Toronto...and still working his way through that pack of white v-neck tees, Meg :-D

photo source

What are we thinking he's there for? Re-shoots for Cosmopolis? Just hanging out? So close, yet so far away...just a couple hours drive and a hop across the border for me....*le sigh*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 2

Welcome back - chapters 3 and 4 on the way (again from )

Chapter 3:

  • Bella wakes up from her nightmare. She's disturbed that she had such a dream the night before her wedding, and tries to shake it off.
  • Alice takes Bella to the Cullen house to get her ready for the wedding. Bella still doesn't know where Edward is taking her on their honeymoon. Alice lets it slip that Bella will be on a plane, and she already packed her clothes for her. Knowing Alice's "risqué" taste, Bella takes the favor with a grain of salt. She refrains from looking into the mirror, because she believes she's going to look plain next to Edward.
  • During the beautification process, Renée and Charlie come to see Bella. They hand her a small, white box with her Grandma Swan's silver hair combs inside. Bella thanks them, very touched.
  • When Bella first sees Edward waiting for her at the altar, she has to control herself to not bolt into his arms:

    All I really saw was Edward's face… he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation… Suddenly, it was only the pressure of Charlie's hand on mine that kept me from sprinting headlong down the aisle. (3.115-116).
  • Edward and Bella say their vows. At their request, the priest concludes with the line "as long as they both shall live." After they say, "I do," and kiss as husband and wife, their family and friends surround them to congratulate them.
Chapter 4:

  • As the wedding festivities proceed in full swing, Bella and Edward dance together in the garden of the Cullen residence. Edward notices a figure standing off in the dark of the surrounding forest. It's Jacob.
  • Bella and Jacob reunite. They dance together. Jacob tries his best to keep the conversation cheerful. He teases her about her honeymoon, because he believes that she can't have a "real" honeymoon since Edward is a vampire. When Bella responds that she fully intends to have a "real" honeymoon, Jacob loses his temper and grabs her roughly.
  • Edward steps in, supported by Sam, Quil (in wolf form), and Seth (in human form).
  • Edward and Bella return to the party. Jacob's reaction causes Edward to second-guess his agreement to try to make love to Bella, but Bella tells him to stop worrying: "You and me. That's the only thing that matters" (4.228).
  • When it's time to go, Alice, Esme, and Renée help Bella change out of her wedding dress. Bella uses this moment to say good-bye to her mother. On the way out, she also bids farewell to Charlie:

    My father and mother could not be allowed to see me again; I would be too different, and much, much too dangerous. (4.280)
  • As Edward and Bella drive to the airport to embark on their honeymoon, Bella hears the heartbreaking howl of a wolf growing fainter and fainter in the distance.
Yay, the wedding!!  Discuss below:  I don't think we need any questions for this one...

Chapter 5-6 up on Tuesday again! 

Sister Rosetta by Noisettes

This is the song that way playing while Bella was "preparing" for her first night with Edward.

This is the scene that was showed at Comic Con, right Lisa? ;)

Very fun, I dig it.

It Will Rain - Full Song

So, which part of the movie do you think this will be in? Before the wedding?

I can't really picture it when Edward is waiting for Bella to wake up as a vamp.

I quite like the song. Thoughts?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Team Bella

I was watching the new BD trailer for the millionth time,  and I got to the part where Jacob is saying "If you kill her, you kill me" and I noticed Edward standing behind Jacob.  I had to screencap it.

Look at them, working together. 
It is what Bella wanted, right?
Now they are both totally Team Bella.
I also noticed that Edward is covered in blood.
Must be happening while Bella is out of it during the transformation.....I'm guessing.
I just thought it was cool to see them together like that.
Yeah, I'm a dork. LOL

Don't Forget...

In the midst of our soundtrack excitement....chapters 3 and 4 of the BD read along will post tomorrow at noon EST. Post your thoughts and comments anytime after that....1:00, Thursday, Sunday night at midnight...whatever works for you!! Enjoy :-)

Shall We?

Soundtrack Official Update

Here is the front and back image and a tracklist - I got this from @Twilight which is where the official listing was supposed to originate according to our information from last week :)

Tracklist (typed for easier viewing):
1. The Joy Formidable - Endtapes
2. Angus and Julia Stone - Love Will Take You
3. Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
4. Sleeping At Last - Turning Page
5. The Features - From Now On
6. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
7. Theophilus London - Neighbors
8. Belle Brigade - I Didn't Mean It
9. Noisettes - Sister Rosetta
10. Cider Sky - Northern Lights
11. Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)
12. Imperial Mammoth - Requium on Water
13. Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz - Cold
14. Mia Maestro - Llovera
15. Carter Burwell - Love Death Birth

Soundtrack Cover Design

Found this today from @irishtwisisters on Twitter.

Still no official song list...waiting and reloading Twilight on facebook all day today to try to prod the list along. ;-) For now, enjoy the cover art :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Will You Buy the Soundtrack?

It's kiTT Loquacious here, and you guys should tell me if my little antics are better suited for my own blog.

I'm really undecided about whether or not I will run out and buy the BD soundtrack before the movie comes out now that we have talked so much about the music.

It's always been my thing to buy the soundtrack after seeing the movie and allowing myself to daydream happily of different scenes as I recognize the music from each piece of the movie.

That was really easy to do with Twilight

Ohhh Mutemath, this is the music used to muffle how unlithely Edward lands on the truck!

 and New Moon

I'm crying listening to 'Possibility' it must mean Charlie is raking leaves all by himself. My dad would have told me to stop crying and get my ass outside and help.

but maybe a little less so for Eclipse, other than the proposal scene. So it is kind of a game for me to play and there's even an announcer..

That's right kiTT, it's time to play

'Name That Tune And Twilight Scene'

Proposal scene---Sia, My Love
End of the movie where I'm all happy All Yours---Metric

Show kiTT what she's won!!!

Best. Prize. Ever.

I'm really curious about what musicians will make it onto the soundtrack, but I think I fall in love with songs more when they have the context of the movie added to them. But I guess with the names/lyrics of the songs on the CD we will be able to figure out the context/scenes for most of the songs. We're like supersleuths that way.

So will you buy the soundtrack before or after the movie comes out?

Sexy Sunday "Dear Robert You're Perfect"

I love DUKKESA31's videos.
This one is perfect for slow sexy Sunday. Sit back and roll with it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Miss Edward's "Just F@#*ed Hair"!!!!

 I was perusing Tumblr last night and came across these two gifs 
comparing Twilight Edward to BD Edward.

The difference is glaringly obvious.  
It is the just fucked hair that our dear Edward is sexily sporting in Twilight.
Does BD Edward have "just about to be fucked" hair????
I really want to take BD Edward, have my way with him, and give him some genuine 
just fucked hair.  Just sayin......
Not that he doesn't look amazing in BD, 
but Edward's tousled hair is kinda his thing, 
so I would have liked it a little tousled.....thank you very much.

So, who would like to take turns...ahem.....tousling Edward's hair?
Get in line behind me!  No cuts, no butts, no coconuts!
(learned that from my 7 year old! LOL)

Happy Saturday!

Another Fran Treasure

This gave me chills, Tesoro.

Picture Jacob saying goodbye to Bella at the wedding. *tear*

I Wanna Have it Allll...

I'm putting it out 3 wishes involving ADELE:

1) Robert Pattinson stars in her next video. Sexy love interest, anyone?
2) Rob and Adele do a song together. *faints*
3) Adele is on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. Woot!

Who says you can't have it all?

Vintage Rob gets his flirt on...

Hey, baby...wanna see my dashboard?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blue October on BD Soundtrack?

We're rooting for it!

Thanks for sharing, Fran. Such beautiful songs.

Did you get your Sexy Stars of Twilight yet?

I did!!

Best part of the whole book is Rob's quote about upcoming roles:
"I want to play a big, fat person."

He cracks me up, and you know we'll be gushing over his beer belly.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't ignore this pic any longer...

Has he changed out of this outfit since last week? and do I care?

It must hurt to look this good all the dang time...*and* he's buying furniture.

For the love of all things that sparkle!

Soundtrack Update

Ok so, we were chatting in email about how Bruno Mars has a great voice (after I saw him a couple weeks ago at our state fair).

Then, we were chatting about Rob's album/no album US Weekly article and how I'm still holding out hope for the soundtrack and wondering when we'd get info on said soundtrack contents.

Today let's hear it for putting those 2 things together! Awesomeness...

Bruno's new song (which isn't officially out yet) was the first song announced as being on the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 soundtrack today. The song will be available on his website (and iTunes) on the 27th. I'm currently at school so I can't look up a preview online (yay, blocked media!), but I'll look when I get home and update this post. Announcement curtesy of Bruno's website.

Here's to hoping we'll have more soundtrack updates soon as well - can't wait to see what else they've picked!!

Vintage Rob

The accent is heavy...and so is the mousse.

I think Rob has a crush on Shaun Robinson.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Rob mentions (and praise) from his co-stars...

Yes, Breaking Dawn is out, 58 days according to the countdown on my phone.  Yes, Bel Ami is finished and just looking for some good old distribution in the US.  Am I super pumped for both of these movies?  Why of course I am...

...but, over the late spring and early summer the glimpses that we were able to get from those in and around Toronto of the Cosmopolis filming has gotten me even more excited for this particular movie.  I've read the book (is the only reason I read it because Rob was going to be in the movie?  Simple.  Yes).  By read the book I mean I trudged through it because there's just something I don't often get about these "modern American genius" authors.  Maybe I'm not quite pretentious enough or maybe my IQ isn't off the charts, or maybe I just like things I can identify with, but whatever the case I usually just don't get it.  After I read the book, I can now say that I liked it.  I get the story now, I get the character, I get what he was going for, but lord if the journey there wasn't at times downright painful.

Now, the one light spot in my Cosmopolis reading adventure was watching my own little movie in my head while reading - featuring a whole hell of a lot of Rob.  Rob in a suit no less. *swoon* I loved making my own movie in my head but the shots we got from folks who visited the set in Toronto made it all that much better.  Rob working with a well known, well respected, long standing member of the "I make good movies" club such as David Cronenberg and with some "big name" actors like Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti just made this even better.  Finally a movie that might get a little respect. Now I know our boy will do a fantastic job, but it's a lot of pressure when you ARE the movie.  This movie is about one man's journey across NY City for one day.  The whole thing is him and he has to play such a specific part.  This interview with Paul Giamatti (thank you, thank you, thank you Josh Horowitz) has gotten me even more excited for this movie when it's released.

Also, Josh Horowitz is pretty much the only worthwhile part of MTV these days...I love every interview I've seen him do.  And I love that we got him to wave to us at WFENY.

Check out Paul's interview from the Toronto International Film Festival where of course Josh turns talk of Ides of March with George Clooney to Cosmopolis with Rob.  I'm pretty sure Josh has a bit of a man-crush. I'm ok with that - gets us the good stuff!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Tuesday...apparently

Ok, so I know we're in a bit of a drought so of course the rumor mills have started filling with all kinds of craziness...but here are a couple of the toppers for today from Twitter:

First, there was rumor (and apparently the source article for this one came from US Weekly so we know how accurate that is...) that Rob was recording an album.  Now, this rumor has been theoretically disproven by Gossip Cop, but I really want to be excited about this possibility even if it is in the distant future.  How much would I love more music from Rob?  Probably enough to crawl over some broken glass while someone is tickling me (I freaking hate being tickled...) and being forced to eat olives (I freaking hate olives more than I hate being tickled...).

My take on this news?  Perhaps he is in the studio?  But, not for his own album?  Breaking Dawn Soundtrack?  Totally still keeping my fingers crossed even though I know, somewhere in my heart, that it's just keeping hope to be disappointed later - but we'll see.

Second discussion on the Twitter-verse today that I happened to notice is that, along with some of the other recent new project talk (ahem - ArthuRob and the Unbound Captives talk that's still going on, etc.) there was mention - among other names - that Warner Brothers suggested Rob as a possibility for Steven Soderburgh's A Man from U.N.C.L.E. based on the old 60's tv show.  Special agent for the government - which likely means Rob wearing suits again? - yes, please!

(all these Tweets are courtesy of @RobsessedBlog on Twitter :-D)
Source article for info on the 'possible' album
Source article for info on A Man from UNCLE

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 1

Alright ladies - so we all started reading (maybe?) again.  Here are the summaries for the preface (because I forgot to count that when I did chapter counts), and chapters 1 and 2 (all from book 1 of course).  Summaries courtesy of:


  • Once again, the story opens with our heroine and narrator, Bella Swan, at the brink of death.
  • This time, though, the person about to kill her is someone she loves. Bella decides that she has no other option but to sacrifice her life for that person.

Chapter 1:

  • The wedding bells are ringing for Bella and Edward. With the big day just a few days away, Bella drives through Forks in her "engagement gift" from Edward – a fancy Mercedes. She's embarrassed when people admire the car.
  • Passing through town, Bella sees "Missing" posters of Jacob that Charlie put up all around town. She calls Seth to see if he has heard from Jacob, but all he knows is that Jacob's off running around the Canadian wild.
  • Bella flashes back to the day when she and Edward told Charlie about their engagement. At first, he assumed that Bella was pregnant. She assured him she's not and Edward explained that, since they're going off to college at Dartmouth together, he didn't want to live "in sin" with Bella, but be a gentleman and marry her first. Charlie gives his blessing, but insists that Bella be the one to tell Renée. He obviously expects Renée to throw a tantrum over her daughter getting married at eighteen.
  • To both Bella and Charlie's surprise, Renée was not surprised. On the contrary, her motherly instincts told her it was coming. She even alleviated Bella's fears of acting irresponsible and immature: "You've never been a teenager, sweetie. You know what's best for you" (1.166). Soon after, Renée flew to Forks to help Esme plan the wedding.
  • Bella's mind returns to the present. She reflects on her sacrifices in marrying Edward and starting a life with him. Except for her human family she doesn't miss anything – well, except for her physical cravings for Edward. She longs for him to fulfill his promise of a making love to her during their honeymoon: "I wanted the complete experience before I traded in my warm, breakable, pheromone-riddled body…" (1.204).

Chapter 2

  • Edward and Bella cuddle and kiss in her bed the night before their wedding. When Bella brings up Edward's promise to make love to her, he worries again that he'll hurt Bella and would rather make love to her after she has become a vampire. On the other hand, he confesses that he hates taking away her ability to have children and her human life. "I want to give you things, not take them away from you" (2.57). Bella tells him to stop being such a downer.
  • Emmett and Jasper interrupt their conversation to take Edward on a bachelor party/hunting trip.
  • Drifting off to sleep, Bella reflects on the volatile mix of wedding guests: humans, werewolves, and vampires. The Denali vampire sisters, Tanya and Kate, are expected to attend, but not Irina, who never got over the Cullens siding with the werewolves on killing Laurent.
  • Thinking about the Denali sisters, Bella remembers a story that Carlisle told her about their mother and the plague of immortal children.
  • A long time ago, vampires created immortal children out of human infants. Although they were beautiful and endearing, they lacked self-control and decimated entire villages in their thirst for blood. Their killing sprees endangered the secrecy of the vampire world, so the Volturi stepped in. A blood bath ensued in which entire vampire covens were destroyed as they tried to protect their immortal children.
  • The mother of the Denali clan created such an immortal child. The Volturi came for her and the child, but spared her daughters, because they didn't know of their existence.
  • Bella dreams of a beautiful immortal boy, surrounded by a horde of advancing Volturi. The child trembles with fear. She wants to save him, but she realizes the child is sitting on "a pile of human bodies, drained and lifeless" (2.128). She recognizes the faces of her school friends and parents. The child looks back at her with "bright, bloodred eyes."

What will be in the movie?  What will they leave out?  Do you think Bill C. did the dream sequences justice (Bella's dreams about the baby boy...)?  Are we excited to see Bella drive something other than the old truck?  Or are we going to miss that big orange beast?  How is Charlie going to react to the engagement news (I'm pumped to see this one on screen, that's for sure)?  Discuss below ;-)

Also, Chapters 3 and 4 will be posted Tuesday!  Happy chatting and reading!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rob at Jimmey Kimmel Emmy After Party???

Was this the outfit of the night???

According to EOnline and Celebuzz,

Rob was(Reportedly) spotted at Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy after party in street clothes and Baseball cap, standing at the bar. He was being very low key and no one bothered him.

"No one even noticed he was standing there." As Kate at Robsessed said "Obviously someone did.

Thought I'd post this since we were talking about Jimmy Appearances!!

Funny Faces's kiTT.
The weather has turned cooler.
The pool is closed.
I've been wearing jeans.
In general, I dislike the change of
season from summer to fall.
I'm a little resistant to change,
except when it comes to Rob's
everchanging facial expressions.
I even like the less-than sexy ones.

Rob's face is awesome in screenshots!

I highly recommend watching the trailer and
pausing it on when they are leaving.
Rob breaks character and scrunches up his face.

You can just see it on his face below.

See the girl's sillouette right above the YAHOO on the bottom right?
She's not looking at Rob's face, is she?
Follow her line of vision.

             Looks like he's contemplating leaving Bella for was only a matter of time.


This is my favorite.
I'm off to dye my hair dark brown
and braid it.
I always do that in the fall. 
Change can be good. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exclusive Trailer

It's the 17th, so what better time to do my first post, right?

I knew you girls wouldn't want to miss out on the real story of Twilight, right?

What? You knew when you invited me this might happen, right?

Right ;)

Happy Saturday!

Well, GOOD morning!!!!

I wake up this morning to find some more lovely outtakes of Rob from the TV Week Photoshoot!
What a way to start the day.....enjoy!

My oh my - so hard to pick a favorite!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

When Don't I Think of Rob?

So I'm getting dressed to head out to my second babysitting gig of the day err well it's technically night time now, but you get the idea. Anyway I'm getting dressed for a comfy night in. The kids will be asleep so I'm basically sitting around doing whatever just making sure no one needs a cup of water or needs some monsters scared away.

I pull on my Adidas pants. I pull on my Adidas t-shirt. I pull on my Adidas socks... I'm thinking I can forgo the Adidas hat and Adidas sandals. The former so it doesn't look like I'm on the prowl robbing houses as a walking advertisement for Adidas and the latter because it's like fickin 40 degrees out.

And here is why I thought of Rob
Pic from Trixie and Tess

I hope you all have a wonderful, Rob filled evening.

PS: Lauren... you suck. Or should I say "I've got two words for ya..." ;) Love you!

I Was Broken

TGIF, Lovelies.

I hadn't seen this Marcus Foster video, thought I might not be the only one. It features a little KStew.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rob as Arthur Pendragon...Rawr!

There are rumors flying about that Rob is considering the role of King Arthur in the projected 2012 movie release of "Pendragon".  I have heard that this chatter is all false, but it doesn't prevent my mind from wandering.  GROUP ACTIVITY:  Let's all take our minds there...Rob...swords...armor...on horseback....nom nom nom...Oh!  Sorry,  back to what I was saying. 

Supposedly it's going to be directed by Sylvain White.  He directed "Stomp the Yard" and "The Losers".  I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've seen neither of these films--so I can't make any judgment calls about this dude.  All I can say is, if he wants Rob, then I like him.

I think that this movie would be a great addition to Rob's filmography--a serious role, a period piece, and well...I'm not gonna lie...It would be fabulous to see Rob like this:

Nice SWORD, Rob...this is the stuff dreams are made from!

Too bad codpieces weren't invented until the 15th century...DAMN. Um, Mr. White? I'd like to tryout for the role of Rob's codpiece, please?

What do y'all think about "Pendragon" for Rob?  Yes? No? Think there should be a little historical license and codpieces should be allowed?  At least maybe we can get a shot of the Presh in tights...mmm...makes me all warm and tingly!!

Lemme know what you think!


Did you here the "Come On" audio clip? Edward says it at the very end of the trailer.

Also, I watched the Emmett blocking Jake gif way too many times.

Go here:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Planning Stages - BD Re-Read Along

Alright ladies - with the excitement of the release of the trailer, the consensus is that we want a re-read of Breaking Dawn before the movie comes out. Couple of questions to consider before we decide how to work this:

1. Do we want to read all of Breaking Dawn or just up to the "birth" which is what will be covered in the first movie?

2. The movie comes out at the end of the 9th week from now (if we start counting say, Sunday). Should we plan on starting this week coming up?

3. Do we want to just pull summaries from online somewhere (to save having to take the time to write them) and we can just comment? Or would we rather all (those of us participating) just take a chapter set or 2 and write up quick summaries since we've all read the books before?

Facts to note: Approximately 9 weeks. There are 39 chapters. If we are reading the whole book, that will leave approximately 5 chapters a week (with a short list left for the last week since it's a short week) if we read the whole book. If we do up through the birth, we're looking at 18 chapters (to get through the first 2 books - Bella and Jacob) which would leave us about 2 chapters a week. The chapters are pretty easy/short and we've all read this once before so we wouldn't need to be a "thorough" as perhaps with a new story read through. Please put thoughts below and we'll try to decide by say, Friday/Saturday what people want to do and then we can start on say Sunday with reading.

<3 you all,

Bill Condon Has Given Us No Choice!

But to absolutely lurv this trailer!!

The bullet points:
  • Edward has emotion!
  • Bella and Jake saying goodbye *tear*
  • Charlie.
  • The vows = swoon
  • Sentiment - "Don't let me fall, dad."
  • The dog looks kinda good *shrugs*
  • I wish Robwardowski's hair was longer.
  • We NEED to brush up on our Breaking Dawn facts. Did someone say group re-read?
  • Mr. Kassie Cullen will say things like, "Last night was the best night of my existence."
  • We think either KStew holds back in her scenes with Rob (due to their off-screen relationship), or perhaps Bella and Edward's relationship has caused them to act more cautious/stoic around one amongst yourselves.
  • Goosebump worthy *pats Bill on the back*
  • "Fetus" is fun to say.
Off to watch it again...

Hey, Marie! Can I borrow that 6 foot 2 ice pack when you're done with it?