Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It Will Rain - Full Song

So, which part of the movie do you think this will be in? Before the wedding?

I can't really picture it when Edward is waiting for Bella to wake up as a vamp.

I quite like the song. Thoughts?


  1. I love, love, love the song. I'm thinking it will be played in a scene that has to do with Jake though. He's running in the rain when he gets the wedding invitation, for example.

  2. I'm gonna go with this is the song playing as the credits roll.

    I can already picture myself under my Edward blankie sitting in AWE and unable to move from my seat as I mumble just staying there until it starts again as this song is on in the background.

    Despite the lyrics it has a very 'mood-pleasing' melody.

  3. I really like the song too!! I'm going to buy it when I get home so I can at least get a little fix for the next month...I really do like Bruno - so glad he was tapped for this!

    I could see either of those possibilities, ladies - I think I need a few dozen more listens before I make my final decisions on where it will go.

  4. I really like this song. Just don't know where they're gonna put it. I wonder which song will get the "Atlas" treatment? Ya know they play it for about .3 seconds when Edward drops Bella off on the side of the road *cough*and runs to me*cough* err and leaves her with Jacob lol.

  5. This is a "Jacob" song. I think it's either going to be when he's running after getting the invite or it's when he shows up at the wedding. That's my two cents.

  6. This song is a winner. I need to keep listening to it, hear the words better, to gage where it might go, but it does seem reasonable that it's a Jacob song for sure.
    I really like Bruno Mars voice, a lot. He sings with such emotion.

  7. okay, i really think this is an edward song. that's my story and i'm stickin to it.

    there's no religion that could save me.

    your daddy can't look me in the eyes.

    maybe on the plane ride home from isle esme. idk.

  8. oh, TT. you may be right about having it in the credits.

    that's why it got pimped out first.
    i'm just making stuff up now. ;)

  9. Meg, I think you're right about this being an "Edward" song and not a Jacob song. Maybe the credits, although I do like the idea of the plane ride back from the island or when he's in the house worrying about Bella as she's slowly dying.

  10. Oh Meg Now that you bring up "angry/bad Edward" I can see that song fitting around the trip back home.( Must get the lyrics to the song.)
    I hope so, I'd like to see it all about Edward anyway.
    I hope the song is not stuck at the credits, it's much too beautiful.

  11. http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4o0pyi3k1&reload=3#/watch?desktop_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DaPcwQfXjPVs%26feature%3Drelated&feature=related&v=aPcwQfXjPVs&gl=US

    Song with lyrics overlay :-)

  12. Wow! I'm impressed. All I have to do is ask.
    Going to listen and read the words now.

  13. Use this link instead - my tablet likes mobile sites so I found it on the real site this time:


  14. Hey Meg, in the spirit of meadow kisses with Edward and marriage proposals how 'bout we compromise?

    Maybe it will roll in the credits but an instrumental part of it will be used on the flight home--they way movies like to do that. :)

  15. Well I just listened, read the words. They don't seem to fit any one person or situation, But the mood and tone, just tear your heart out. So, could go either way, when Edward thinks he's losing Bella..the "you gave me no choice!" or for sure Jacob's heartache.
    I absolutely love this song, Bruno Mars voice, so good.
    The words were not written for the story, it just doesn't fit exactly. But then again, most of the soundtrack songs don't. They go for the feel, the background mood to the scene. This one is a killer.

  16. @TT - i can compromise. i'll even let you buy me a really expensive car and pay off my college loans. k? ;)


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