Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Rob Ever Catch a Break?

Poor Rob. His wax figure is #14 on the "Worst celebrity wax sculptures of all time." list.


Here is our very own Bella Tesoro with Wax Rob!

I noticed if you squint really hard he doesn't look too shabby! :)


  1. It is pretty bad. If I knew how to upload, I would send my pictures I took
    with wax Rob.

  2. yeah, it is pretty damn bad. the giraffe neck gots to go.

  3. Listen, it's bad but there's a reason. The "Good Ones" are ones where the
    person poses in in the flesh with the artists who work on these things. Rob didn't. They just used pictures, measurements etc. Truly it was ok in person because it was what the "wax Rob" stood for. A brilliant star:) It made me happy to pose with him as you can see. And yeah, if I was with you h00r's I would have done more than just cop a feel...

  4. I can't squint enough! I get what it represents to us Robsessed but it was bad. They followed Jessica "buffalo wings" Simpson to get hers done or whoever it was but they couldn't fly to Baton Rouge, New York, or Vancouver? They couldn't use the scans from New Moon or Eclipse? Which one did they scan him for? I remember they scanned him.

    Well, it could be worse. He could have sat for them and they still could have fucked it up.


    BellaT: We ALL would have copped a feel with you!!!

  5. Naughty you would have done more than cop a feel. You would have been
    on your knees and let your mouth do the copping...
    All kidding aside, I wish you had been there. The laughs we would have had!!

  6. They don't call me "Naughty" for nuthin'!!! LOL

    First, I would have bitched about it not looking totally like him, then I would have fallen to my knees, hands behind my back and then blew him! Just sayin'...


  7. I know how to name them....and Of course you would!

  8. Watch the hands, Tesoro. Watch the hands. lol


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