Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Will You Buy the Soundtrack?

It's kiTT Loquacious here, and you guys should tell me if my little antics are better suited for my own blog.

I'm really undecided about whether or not I will run out and buy the BD soundtrack before the movie comes out now that we have talked so much about the music.

It's always been my thing to buy the soundtrack after seeing the movie and allowing myself to daydream happily of different scenes as I recognize the music from each piece of the movie.

That was really easy to do with Twilight

Ohhh Mutemath, this is the music used to muffle how unlithely Edward lands on the truck!

 and New Moon

I'm crying listening to 'Possibility' it must mean Charlie is raking leaves all by himself. My dad would have told me to stop crying and get my ass outside and help.

but maybe a little less so for Eclipse, other than the proposal scene. So it is kind of a game for me to play and there's even an announcer..

That's right kiTT, it's time to play

'Name That Tune And Twilight Scene'

Proposal scene---Sia, My Love
End of the movie where I'm all happy All Yours---Metric

Show kiTT what she's won!!!

Best. Prize. Ever.

I'm really curious about what musicians will make it onto the soundtrack, but I think I fall in love with songs more when they have the context of the movie added to them. But I guess with the names/lyrics of the songs on the CD we will be able to figure out the context/scenes for most of the songs. We're like supersleuths that way.

So will you buy the soundtrack before or after the movie comes out?


  1. Have all the soundtracks. Like them all, some songs better than others. I will buy the new one the first time it comes out because I just will have to have it to listen and get a heads up to the mood and tone of the upcoming movie. And I'm a twi-hoarder, remember.
    Doesn't matter where you post kiTT, it's always an entertaining and insightful read.

  2. The Twilight Soundtrack is hands down the best. Love it from beginning to end. It captured the mood of the movie and is very signature Twilight. I remember my daughter and I going to Borders to buy it, getting into the car, ripping off the plastic and throwing it in. The moment Supermassive Black Hole came on, we just both looked at each other and were like "yeahhhhhhhhhh".

    I have bought the other soundtracks before seeing the movie and have had certain expectations. For instance - I totally thought in New Moon that the song "Satellite Heart" which is practically ripped right out of the New Moon text verbatim would be after the break up -not in the truck scene.

    Then in Eclipse - if you recall, Kassie, Kristen and I saw the movie a month early and none of the songs were in there. There was literally some generic porn type music playing during the leg hitch scene. When I heard the soundtrack, I was convinced that "Let's Get Lost" would be the leg hitch scene - "Just for tonight darling, let's get lost" - seems to fit perfectly. So I was surprised that it was at the part when Bella was planning to go see Jake.

    So to answer your question (finally! LOL) I will definitely buy the soundtrack before the movie. I actually saw this list on FAcebook this morning of songs supposedly that will be on the BD soundtrack. As always - take it with a grain of salt.

    1. Too late - Muse
    2. Love me like the world is ending - Ben Lee
    3. Someone like you - Adele
    4. Sister Rosetta - Noisettes
    5. Line of danger - Linkin Park
    6. Disease - Paramore
    7. Cup half empty - Claire Leah
    8. It will rain - Bruno Mars
    9. Corner of the room - The Fray
    10. Falling - Coldplay
    11. Tumble weed - Foo Fighters
    12. Up all night - Blink-182
    13. I’m sorry - Anya Marina
    15. In the dark - 100 Monkeys
    16. Heartbeat - Eminem
    17. Savve her - Carter Burwell
    18. I go to sleep - Sia

  3. Shit, sorry. OMG, if that list is right, just having the Adele song alone makes me weak at the knees. Let it be!

  4. THAT list of songs is brilliant.
    Only thing missing is Rob. Maybe they are saving him
    for BD2.
    I would love all these artists to be part of the soundtrack. Too good to be true.

  5. @Twi-hoarder, I see, you are going to be building the anticipation with the music.

    @UAB, Sundays are for UAB power comments!! I just laughed (with you) that I would have done the exact same thing with tryin to figure out the songs. I thought for sure the 'Meet me on the equinox' would be when Bella jumps Edward...err you know under the clocktower.

    There was porn music when you saw the special screening? *raises eyebrow*

    "Love me like the world is ending" sounds like headboard smashing music to me!!!

  6. Was that on the Twilight page on FB? I know they said it would be up Monday...or is this a wish list floating around? I like the sounds of it if it is real....and I'll get it when it comes out...this is my first ahead of the curve Saga movie experience so I'm taking it all in :-)

  7. PLEASEEEEEEEEE, don't let this be a wish list. Let it be a dream come true.
    Lisa...100 Monkeys, can we be so lucky!

  8. If that song I had Meg put up yesterday "Someone Like You" ends up on there, like I wished during Jacob's scene, then I am an Alice.
    Would a number 1 song like hers be put on a soundtrack after it goes big?
    Doubt it. Oh I can't wait until tomorrow!

  9. It was orginally posted by
    and then I saw it when
    posted it. Like I said, take it with a grain of salt, and we will see tomorrow.
    I think Rob will be on part 2 - because that's when he'll probably be singing to Nessie.

  10. Based on the list I saw yesterday I am buying it the minute it comes out! The only other soundtrack I am deeply in love with is Twilight!

  11. Hey all so I snuck on quickly. I have to leave for a wedding in about 30 minutes and I'm still not dressed gah! Anyway, no I will not buy the soundtrack when it comes out. But I can't wait till we get the full list to play "Place that Song".

    PS: I would DIE (in a good way) if Eminem made it onto a Twilight soundtrack.

  12. I only have the Twilight Soundtrack because...don't yell...I'm a bad h00r and I didn't like the other ones. At All.

    If UAB is right and those are the songs and artists...I'm so there. I will buy this one.

    Hey kiTT, can I get that prize too? YUMMMY!!!

  13. Was just catching up on Twitter and saw several warnings about the fake lists going around and not believing them. Who knows what that means....tomorrow will tell! Whoever sees it first better blog post it :)

  14. Eminem? Coldplay? Blink182? and Adele???
    There's no there?

    I'll buy it when it comes out, cause itunes suits my instant gratification needs like that, and i'll analyze the heck out of it.

    fun post, kiTT :)

  15. Meg, I hear ya on the iTunes instant gratification feeling. I'll be doing the same.


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