Monday, September 19, 2011

Rob at Jimmey Kimmel Emmy After Party???

Was this the outfit of the night???

According to EOnline and Celebuzz,

Rob was(Reportedly) spotted at Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy after party in street clothes and Baseball cap, standing at the bar. He was being very low key and no one bothered him.

"No one even noticed he was standing there." As Kate at Robsessed said "Obviously someone did.

Thought I'd post this since we were talking about Jimmy Appearances!!


  1. I heard the Jimmy Fallon after party and that no one bothered him and he just hung out with his two friends.... somehow I think if Rob was going so low key to this thing he woulda just stayed home. I mean I know he is never a social butterfly at these things but he usually schmoozes with a least a few people. That's my two cents :)

  2. Rob does seem to like Jimmy Kimmel...but I think you're right, Kassie, it seems silly that he would go and not talk to anyone at all...

  3. Kassie: Was it Kimmel or Fallon?
    I agree, that's why I said reportedly. If he was there, I don't think he'd just stand there. I wasn't there...I'm just the Julie Chen of this fair blog today.

  4. Looks like this might actually have happened...thanks to Lisa for the link (might have to copy and paste - not sure how it works in a comment). Also saw this tweeted from Robsessed today!



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