Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trailer Released

Slightly longer than the AH version.  Cullens at the wedding, and Angryward is awesome...LOVE it!!


  1. I spy Jasper in this one, for a sec.
    Megan, we need you to redo this and slow it down! My heart can't take
    it this fast. I need to see Angryward in slow motion.

  2. Oh, I'm going to bed. Wake me on Nov. 17th. If one of us wins the special premiere, you can wake me early.

    Someone please pick a time for the movie and buy my ticket. I'll pay you back.

  3. Ok, so my job this evening is research. That being said, I took one for the team and watched the trailer approximately 20+ times to find the answers to some of our questions from the email thread.

    1. Bella says "Don't let me fall, Dad" before they walk down the aisle. He responds with "Never."

    2. The Angryward portion: Carlisle says "It's starving you by the hour." Edward says "I'm the one that will lose you." Bella responds "You have to accept what is." And THEN he yells our favorite line "YOU'VE GIVEN ME NO CHOICE!"

    3. The Charlie crying shot is definitely not at the wedding based on what he's wearing. It's at the end of the trailer with a bunch of other "random" time period shots so it could be say at the rehearsal if he is sad about her leaving - or it could be later when she's back from the honeymoon. I couldn't really find much more to go on other than it looked like he was at the Cullen's house based on the background.

    Overall thoughts and impressions from this member of the peanut gallery: Charlie looks awesome in his roles in this. I don't mind Alice's hair that much on 27th inspection. Angryward is freaking hot (obviously). I think I'm very, very impressed with Bill Condon. I'll post more later!

  4. Ok - I remembered the other thought that I had - from the mini portions of the dress that you can see (part of her chest walking with Charlie - the shot of the ring on his arm), the tops of the sleeves, etc. I think I actually am going to really like this super top secret dress.

    When Princess Kate's dress was such a huge surprise I wasn't nearly as impressed when I finally saw it as I hoped I would be - this looks promising.

  5. holy fuckin shit!! so emotional. bill condon ftw!!! i about cried watching them look at each other after the "for as long as we both shall live" part. GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!

  6. ps~ watch this in full screen.
    pps~ lauren, i worship you.

  7. Haha - thanks! I was sitting with my tablet just playing it over and over with my headphones in so I could pick up all the dialogue and a notepad next to me - it seriously looked like I was doing some sort of actual work...hubby walked through the room and laughed at me.

  8. I'm doing a test from iPod to see if I have same issue as Lisa.
    Move along...nothing to see here...lol


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