Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rob Out and About

yay!  new pics of Rob!
 We still don't get to see his hair!  He's wearing a hat again!
Still look hawt tho! hehehehe

Don't freak - I read that he is with his London agent - and Kristen too, 
but I can't find the pics of Kristen right now.


  1. he looks so good in all these pap pics. glad he's getting some rest.

  2. Uh oh. Is that a cigarette? I was really hoping he quit... bummer. He does look good though!

  3. lordy, lordy...this man is just too delicious. Is it me or does it look like he might be getting the sex hair back??? I was wondering who the blonde was. Got a little possessive there...lol

    Yes, Kassie. That's a cig. He might be stressed. Don't give him a real hard time, quitting sucks.

  4. You know - smoking is a tough habit and it's so not good for you, and I always will encourage people to quit, but god, if he doesn't look sexy with a cig...just sayin'

    Part of me is glad for the hat - the half haircut was cute for a bit but I got over it quick...let's hope it's growing back out before press starts...I do love Rob in a ballcap though...

  5. I hope he keeps just the scruff and doesn't do the whole grizzly adams thing...I'm gonna say it...you gals aren't going to be happy....

    The full beard turns me off.

    I know, I know...just don't revoke my robcard!!!

  6. I know smoking is a hard habit to kick but I think people should try. I want Rob healthy and around for years to come. NHB the full beard turns me off too! Growing up my dad had a full beard and I didn't like it, and when Rob has a beard he reminds me of my dad ewwww lol

  7. Kassie, that's just all kinds of wrong! My dad had a beard too for a bit when I was a child.
    Rob NEVER reminds me of my dad. Rob's just too pretty!!! LOL

    I would love to quit. Yes, for those of you who don't know, I am a smoker. I went in to the Doctor for a check up the day after my mom's services and the doctor told me she'd like to see me quit, but did not want to add anymore stress to my life. I'm afraid if I try, I'll pick up some other habit. I need to do it when I'm a good frame of mind.


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