Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, UAB!!!

Happy Birthday to our very own, Utterly Absurd Bella...

...I think the name says it all...

Thanks for being one of my teaching commiserators (I swear to God we really do love what we do!!), my fanfic friend, my fellow Rob h00r, the hostest with the mostest (even if I didn't tell you I was coming...), and all around great friend.  Thank you for listening when I complain and for making me laugh with the randomness that we all tend to have now and again.  I'm so glad I've gotten to know you over the last year and am proud to call you my friend.  Now, I didn't have a lot of time to work on something "fancy" like I normally would and for that I feel terrible...but I figure a little Rob can make anything feel here it is, my gift to you:

...because everyone should get a little candy for their birthday!!  Happy birthday UAB!!! Love ya! 


Dear UAB,
My Twi-Sister
This one time, I was commenting
on a were there.
We were talking about familiar places,
and you decided to friend me.
Little did we know just how much
we’d have in common...
Everyday, I am thankful to have you
in my life, to make me smile
to make me laugh and make
me do things I normally
wouldn’t do!
I’m not talented enough to make
you one of those “Happy Birthday, UAB!”
Rob pics...but I do have something you
just might like...
Happy Birthday, my friend!
HB Marie



You were my bloggy bestie before I even knew what a bloggy bestie was. Meeting you was one of the best things that could have happened to me. You shared with me your love of Twilight and a super hot guy named Rob. The two of us have gotten to do some pretty amazing things together; from the silly to the serious, from the non-celebrity related things to seeing the Precious in person. Without you, these things wouldn't have been possible. Faux Forks was probably the funnest thing I've ever done with a cardboard Edward and that's saying something coming from the girl who.... well you were at that party, you remember. I can't wait to celebrate today with you. Happy Birthday Marie. I love ya! Thanks for introducing me to this crazy world. I can't wait to share DuRob on the big screen with you.

Love, Kassie



Happy Birthday Marie,
 I hope you don’t mind but, I unwrapped your gift for you! I knew you wouldn’t mind sharing.

Marie, I can never thank you enough for how you single handedly introduced me to a whole new world. This on line world where Twilight was the frame, Rob was the center and where you led me to the incredible women who fill in the rest of our beautiful friendship quilt.
 Happy, happy birthday!!!



From all of us here at 12months of Rob we hope that you have a wonderful and special day...and that you get to enjoy at least a little of "our boy"...because everyday, especially birthdays, could use a little more Rob!!!  Love ya, girl!  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Edward's Birthday and New Trailer

I basically copied and pasted the TJA post! LOL

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Edward's 111th birthday, than with an awesome new BD2 trailer!
Here we go......


Just added this screen cap -
I love Edward and Bella in the foreground, but also in the mirror in the background.
So cool!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teaser of the Teaser Trailer

Here it is girls!

The first thing that jumped out at me......
Yes, yes.....Daddyward is very very adorable.
However, this is why a younger child for Renesmee would have probably worked better.
Geez, she's almost as tall as Rob! LOL