Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Meg!

Meg, From the first time I came across your blog Robzsinger I knew I wanted to be your friend. You were witty and cool, knew how to incorporate music into everything that is Rob. You understood the book Cosmopolis and shared with us your own cliffs notes version so we didn't have to muddle through all the DeLillo speak ;) and come to understand the movie Rob chose to make. When we finally settled our plans to meet with Fran in New York I could not have been more excited! The day came and wouldn't you know it, you were as witty and cool and sweet in person as you were online. I'm so happy we're friends and I'm glad to have shared so many Rob experiences with you. I hope you have a fantastic Rob filled birthday! Love Kassie


When I was working on your birthday pic, the first thing that popped in my head was "riding crop". LOL Our first time meeting in person was going to see Water For Elephants and Rob with the bullhook was just too much like Fifty and his riding crop for these pervy h00rs! I am so happy that I got to see that with you and would LOVE to see Cosmopolis with you too!!!! I hope we have more opportunities to get together because really, you are only like 4 hours away! Pffft....that's nothing! Thanks for being a wonderful friend! Love you!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!





My Meggie,

After chatting on Twitter for a couple of weeks to a nameless, faceless person...well, all I can say is we just hit it off. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone (and into the Twilight Zone) and took a chance. I love you SO much--and I am so glad that we have become friends. I hope that your birthday brings you smiles, laughter, and joy--because you bring that to my life. Happy Birthday, my friend.

Okay. Enough with the heavy. Here's some eye candy for you...

New Moon New York Rob. Your fave.

Sex-stare-sex-hair Rob. Everyone's fave.

WFE Rob. My fave.

The next premiere/movie viewing/event that you attend...I hope to be there--save me a spot right next to you...I'll need a hand to hold, as well. I love you, hon. Have a great birthday!!!

Your Jen.



Happy Birthday Meg from all of us at 12 Months of Rob!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Bel Ami Scenes - Italian Trailer

So....there's some more thrusting.
That's the main reason I downloaded this bad boy. A little butt cheek and thrusting.
Off to watch again...
and again....
and again...


Special Thanks to RObsessed for the video

Thursday, March 22, 2012

HOLY HELL...brace yourselves...

It's Time!!

It's time, it's time, it's time!!  (Said in my best sing-song Alice voice...)

Teaser trailer for Cosmopolis here....I've watched it like 12 times now...I can't stop...holy.fucking.hell....I'm going to be late for work because of this thing...

and a slowed down version because someone out there is a genius and wanted us to see things a little bit better...especially after our brains exploded after that first version:

Please enjoy on repeat...

...oh and don't forget...BD2 trailer will premiere tonight at (midnight) showings of The Hunger Games in theaters!!  2 Rob day?  Yes, I think so...and this is a world I can move, Cosmopolis, very smart move...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cosmopolis Teaser?

Will we be getting a Cosmopolis teaser trailer tomorrow? According to this article there is a good possibility.

If this is true that means we will be getting two Rob trailers in one day. Cosmopolis and the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 that will be showing before The Hunger Games!

Can't not throw in a Rob Cosmopolis pic

Can I help you clean up? *licks lips*
I wonder what will be in the trailer? Any guesses???

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's About Fucking Time...

They've been done filming for almost 2 years...the movie is already in theaters all over Europe...and yet, we, in the US have been waiting for some sort of release information for what seems like forever...well, it's finally here, ladies:

- May 4:  Bel Ami released to Video On Demand here in the US (look for your service provider here)
- June 8: Theatrical release

This was a direct news piece from Magnolia films which is the distributor so I am tending to trust this info more so than the random dates that appear on IMDB and Fandango.  

Now, not to throw a dark cloud over anything, but yes, it will be released to VOD first.  Apparently the distributor has their reasons - that I think I can kind of understand...and if it means I get to see it in May and THEN in June, I'm OK with it.  Also, we're not yet sure how wide of a theatrical release we're looking at - something tells me that it's going to depend on the VOD MAKE SURE you 'rent' your copy at home to ensure a bigger release on the big screen (twss...).  

I cannot freaking wait to see this movie in theaters but I can't wait to see it in general either - I've already got my couch at home reserved on the night of May 4th and some popcorn ready to go in the microwave (ok, well, I'll probably eat the popcorn and buy more before then, but you know...)

In the meantime we have this little gem to hold us over:


Oh and lest we forget...2 weeks until the trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 2 is released (playing before The Hunger yeah, go see that...)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

They say March comes in like a lion...

and goes out like a lamb...

...but so far it's only March 4 and we've had lots of Rob-sightings (NY and Paris)...and for those lucky enough to live in the UK and other parts of Europe you've had the chance to see Bel Ami as well...not that we're a tiny bit jealous over here or anything... any rate - to build on our excitement over what is shaping up to kinda be a Rob month (maybe some sort of movie announcement this month?? let's cross our fingers), kiTT gave me a little project to work on and I happily scurried away to spend my day staring at pictures of, I on this poster...enjoy!  And kiTT, keep the ideas coming - I gotta keep working on these skills...

If you haven't seen the original inspiration for this poster, it can be seen here

kiTT - enjoy!!