Sunday, March 4, 2012

They say March comes in like a lion...

and goes out like a lamb...

...but so far it's only March 4 and we've had lots of Rob-sightings (NY and Paris)...and for those lucky enough to live in the UK and other parts of Europe you've had the chance to see Bel Ami as well...not that we're a tiny bit jealous over here or anything... any rate - to build on our excitement over what is shaping up to kinda be a Rob month (maybe some sort of movie announcement this month?? let's cross our fingers), kiTT gave me a little project to work on and I happily scurried away to spend my day staring at pictures of, I on this poster...enjoy!  And kiTT, keep the ideas coming - I gotta keep working on these skills...

If you haven't seen the original inspiration for this poster, it can be seen here

kiTT - enjoy!! 


  1. Wow!!! Lauren, this is reeeally good! You r a pro

  2. Love it!
    Keep the Rob love coming, and coming.

  3. This came out FANTASTIC, Lauren! Really, Truly! As cool as I thought it would look.

    Great job!

  4. W.O.W. I'm speechless.....

    Lauren, that is fucking awesome!!!!!! You never cease to amaze me. You have a God given talent girl. I think I need to make this my phone wallpaper. So cool!

    And damn it....we better hear something soon about Bel Ami or I'm going to screaaaaam (my Veruca Salt imitation). Don't care how....I want it now!!!!

  5. Too funny! I commented about the Ced wand and sung like Veruca Salt and UAB did it here! LOL It must be a Marie thing!

    this came out so awesome. Nice job! You ARE THE FABULOUS Q!!!!

  6. This is amazing!

    Rob seriously needs to get his ass on this blog and see this pic. We should tweet the shit out of it and hopefully someone will show it to Rob. Anyone know how to get in touch with Dean? LOL

  7. You have no idea how much it means to you guys that you like it. Much like Naughty with CM (hehe) and Kassie with her stories and whatnot I'm very in need of reassurance for this stuff since much of it is still new to me. This was by far the biggest challenge I've ever tackled and I'm kind of proud of how it turned out.

    kiTT I used that filter/border/effects program you sent me all that while ago to add to this and "finish" it. I love that thing - thanks!

    Feel free to tweet the crap out of it if you want - many of you have more 'connections' on Twitter than I do, but if you feel it's good enough to share - please do :)

    <3 you all!!

  8. WOW!! This is amazing. I love the original this is based on but this is getting saved in my special Rob/Twilight folder. Incredible!!

  9. ooh...verrah nice! I love the original pic, but this one is {{{sigh}}} worthy!!

    Thanks for the heads up, kiTT!


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