Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I was saving this for a rainy day...

but I thought we could all use some cheering up today.

This article is kinda old but still makes me smile :)

Robert Pattinson's Underwear Preference ... Yeah, Slow Day
When I was studying to get my master's degree in political science at The University of Edinburgh (thank you very much), I never thought I would be writing about the underwear preferences of a fellow Brit. Well, here we are. I'm dealing with it, so hopefully you can too. Drumroll please... 
It's true, Robert Pattinson does indeed prefer briefs to boxers. "Marks and Spencer's [British department store] tighty whities are Robert's brand of choice," a source very close to the actor tells me. "When doing all his stunts, Robert likes to feel down below is all in place and not flopping around. It's one less thing that he has to worry about."
Apologies for the visual ... though, I have a feeling many don't mind thinking of such things. Naughty R-Pattz fans!
And all those rumors about Robert's lack of hygiene? Ignore them. Sources in the wardrobe department tell me that Robert insists on a fresh pair of underwear ever day. Well, now we know!
Jumping Rob.. how I have missed thee!


  1. Thanks, MKC - I totally needed that tonight...thank you!!!

  2. Well there you go. He's a tighty whitey kinda guy! I love that! I guess the boxer briefs are just for show....jumping Rob for example. LOL Thanks for that. Inquiring minds wanted to know! We really really did!

  3. as he has said before, "briefly in boxers." tee hee

    thanks for this! sure did cheer me up!

    it's my calendar month tomorr-ah! nmnyc rob rocks my world!

  4. The thought of him wearing tight fitting "old fashioned" undies feels right somehow. And nice to know he insists on fresh ones every day. TMI.

  5. banner loks great, n ice touch with the hat!

    funny underwear story.

  6. Cute banner, Lauren :)

    Jumping Rob just never gets old.


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