Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome, February...

So there's a lot happening this month...the countdown to the Breaking Dawn DVD release continues and we're staring at 10 days until we can get our grubby little paws on this:

...or this...

Everyone will be enjoying their Breaking Dawn release parties or skyping with those lucky enough to be near one of the parties on February 11 ;-) 

Then, on February 17, Bel Ami hits the Berlin Film Festival where it'll be premiering...I'm hoping that means we get more confirmation on dates around then or that we might get more stills/trailers...

Looks like the press is going to see it and it's being screened for the here to see Berlin Film Fest details...but for now, we got a couple new stills and a (possible?) poster...

This is a crop from the poster - see yesterday's post for the full poster :) 

*those freaking eyes...thud*

...Look out February...and make sure everyone has 911 on speed dial for March 2...when we all die from DuRob's overwhelming seduction...

February is looking a little warmer already, can you feel it?


  1. Oh I can't decide which copy of BD I want. The wedding dress one or the regular one... maybe both? Decisions decisions.

    PS: Finally saw the full banner it=amazing!

  2. Why does Summit feel the need to prove I'm insane by making it almost impossible to choose just one and needing to buy 2 copies.. really Summit.. my undying (pun intended) devotion to Edward isn't enough for you?

    Bel Ami... no words... except.. possibly... anyone got an extra plane ticket to Berlin they aren't going to be using?

  3. yay!!!

    lauren, that banner is amaze balls.

    can i skype w you girlies on february 11th?

    is there a difference between the two dvds in terms of what's on them? too lazy to check for myself. :)

  4. SPECIAL FEATURES (Same on both):

    Go behind the scenes with a captivating 6-PART MAKING-OF DOCUMENTARY; relive the memories with Edward & Bella's personal WEDDING VIDEO; get a glimpse into JACOB'S DESTINY; watch your favorite scenes over and over in EDWARD FAST FORWARD and JACOB FAST FORWARD; plus an AUDIO COMMENTARY with Director Bill Condon.

    Target Special Edition:

    Exclusive, limited-edition DVD with authentic prop flower from the film's wedding scene encased in a collectable keepsake. All collectables come with a letter of authenticity.

    Walmart Wedding Dress Edition:

    Collectible Wedding Dress Packaging
    30'x40'' Wedding Photo Fabric Poster
    Music Videos From Bruno Mars, Christina Perri and More

    I haven't decided which one yet. I have the Target versions of the others but none of the "collector's editions" just the 2 disc editions so I'm not sure which of these 2 I want to get...probably both.

    And Meg, you should definitely skype - I'm going to!!!

  5. I do feel it.

    As always, I never can decide which DVD to buy. I still
    don't with this one. Hell, I'll probably buy both. Just add it to my growing stash.


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