Friday, February 17, 2012

Boob man?

Yeah, our boy is definitely a boob man!
Except....ummmmm......Christina Ricci has no boobs! LOL

just added......

Okay, where the hell is Kristen?


  1. Ms. Ricci certainly looks like she has some there...

    Shit, if he's into little boobies...I got a pair for him! LOL

    Holiday doesn't have any either...js.

    *Naughty opens shirt* Here, Robbie, Robbie...
    *Rob slinks over* Good Boy.

  2. You are SOOOO Naughty, Naughty! That's why I love you!!!!

  3. he's def a boob man. that's why kstew gets all bothered when kendrick is around. haha!

    i'd be surprised if doesn't end up with a girl who has tatas. js. as much as i love robsten.


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