Monday, February 13, 2012

Where in the world is....

Carmen San Diego??   Wait, that's not right....Where in the world is Rob??  Well, yes, we do miss our man being out and about (although Twitter seems to have reported that he had some sushi for dinner in LA about a week or so he's alive and well)...but no, where was Q this weekend??  Normally a resident of upstate New York...Q was in Illinois visiting with MKC, UAB, and NaughtyHB along with lots of other friends and Twilight's how it went down: all started with a little email to MKC with the subject line So I might be crazy...

...over 200 emails and 2 months later, Q was being picked up at O'Hare by none other than Mrs. Kassie Cullen herself.  No one else knew...well except for 17ForeverLisa...because the story just had to be shared with someone that could understand the appeal of a sneaky surprise Twilight-related trip... 

Q hops off a plane and she and MKC head directly to a 24-hour WalMart to pick up their copies of Breaking Dawn Part 1.  After wandering the electronics section for a good 1/2 an hour and watching some of the interviews of the cast from behind the scenes, they realized that they weren't in the right part of the store and headed over to the garden shop where the party was being held....ooops!  DVDs (and pretty fabric posters) in hand, the two headed back to MKC's house for sleepover style movie watching...which really just means that the movie was on but very little attention was being paid to it.  Come on, these two hadn't seen each other in almost a year!!  Then it was sleep time before the big surprise...

...MKC called UAB to ask if there was any need for help setting up for the release party...she said sure, come on over around noon, and then the plans were put into action...the girls pull up to the house and walk up to the front door...UAB answers the door and gives MKC a warm smile and a hug...then, she sees Q and screams...."oh my god!! What the hell are you doing here??????"  Surprise #1....complete success....

 UAB, Q, and MKC setting up for the party :)

Party Edwards with their balloons!

 Awesome pillows made by UAB and MrsFiftyShades as party favors!

Some of the prize loot that people got to take home...

...after some bewildered shakes of the head and lots and lots of "I can't believe you're here"s we dropped off UAB's youngest at a birthday party and got back so that other guests could start arriving.  Wanting to get surprise #2 set up....MKC starts sending texts to Naughty to get her ass to the party cause she wants to see her, and when she finally arrives the reaction is priceless...

...MKC answers the door and Q stands there waiting...Naughty comes in...awesome freaking cake in hand (in one of those big rubbermade storage bins) and a box of hor d'oeuvres sitting on top, sunglasses still on...she walks in the house, looks right at Q and say "hey, can you take this box?" and motions to the hor d'oeuvres.  "Sure, can" replies Q...and she just stands there and smiles at Naughty waiting for the recognition...MKC says from behind her "Naughty, do you know who that is??"  And she stares, and stares...and Q turns around in her awesome headboard breaking shirt to reveal 'The Fabulous Q' as the nickname on the back....she hears a thud (the cake box hitting the ground) and is tackle-hugged by a suddenly very excited Naughty who realizes what is going on...Best.Surprise.Ever!

 Naughty's awesome dream sequence wedding cake!!

Craziness and fun then ensued...the party was awesome...we ate, we drank, we made lewd comments, we played crazy games...good times...

 Q and MKC

 Edward garter ring toss, only better :)

 Group shot!! 

 Look how awesome our headboard shirts look!  (I'm not sure what Naughty is pointing at...)

FSE and Gangsta-FSE...ready to watch some Breaking Dawn...

Then, after food and games it was time for THE movie...Breaking Dawn, Part 1...

 Champagne toast during the wedding!!  UAB, Q, and Naughty, clinking glasses :)

  MKC and Q watching some Breaking Dawn

Sunday was time for Q to head back to the East Coast....but not before taking on downtown Chicago with her PervyTwin!!

 MKC and Q on Navy Pier with the city of Chicago in the background...the pervy twins took over the city...and by that I mean got lost driving around trying to get to Navy Pier...

 Looking out over Lake Michigan....pointing to Meg...we miss you!!! 

Then, lunch:

 Mac and cheese and bacon hot dog and a REAL Chicago hot dog :)

 Q trying MKC's Chicago hot dog 
 And MKC trying Q's mac and cheese hot dog :)

We checked, but kiTT wasn't working today...slacker took the day off...

Saw this coffee mug and thought of Fran and her Mafia-ward...had to share a picture :)

It was certainly a whirlwind adventure that started with snow delaying things in Chicago and a change to a direct flight 2 hours later than my planned departure but arriving at the same time I would have, crazy fun with my ladies while I was there, and ended with me having to check my bag in Chicago (because I ended up on the smallest planes for all parts of my trip) and bringing U a cheesesteak from Philly on the way home (he misses them so much sometiems)...but it was an amazing weekend and I'd do it again in a heartbeat to be able to have enjoyed it all with you guys!!  Love you ladies!! 

Special thanks to Kassie for putting me up and driving me around (even if we did get lost at least 3 times this weekend) and helping me coordinate this whole crazy ya, Twin!! 
Photo credits: UAB, MKC, and Q


  1. hooray! looks like a good time was had by all.

    glad your surprise was a success, lauren. i was good at keeping my lips zipped. :)

    love the cake, naughty!! and the mafia mug!

    wish i could have seen you again lauren. glad you girlies had fun.


  2. Best friggin' surprise surprise *best gomer pyle imitation*!!!!

    It was such a blast partying with you ladies! I always have so many crazy stories. I think The Matriarch was a bit surprised at some of my naughtiness. You ladies bring it out in me! Where's the garter pic? Mrs. FiftyShades has it!!!

    kiTT was off reeking havoc with Bella!!! LOL

    Next year? 17 and Tesoro and Q! Maybe finally get kiTT??????

  3. What a great account!! So much fun and I laughed reading the reactions! Greatest surprise!!!

    Yeah I was off! *cough, cough* Called in sick but luckily Noah Ryan was coming over to tend to me.

  4. Oh, Lauren. You know I was do friggin' excited for you and couldn't quit smiling every time I thought about it. I am so glad you and Kassie were able to pull it off.

    LMAO over Naughty's entrance/reaction. Priceless.

    Very cool that Kassie got you out to Navy Pier. That had to have been cold, but so worth it.


  5. So much "wonderful" to comment on!
    Frist that you went immediately to buy BD dvd! Good girls, hoarder in me bows down:)
    Then the surprised UAB Marie "....What are YOU doing here!" :) :)!
    And finally I wish I had seen My Naughty godchild, all cool with her dark shades on just passing on work detail to undetected Q to help her with her food items. Priceless.
    Ummm, UAB Marie, those pillows? My hands are so itchy
    for one to add to my twi hoarding collection. j/s
    Seriously, they are beautiful!
    All of it, from the surprises, games, awesome cake, Lauren surprise....and on and on. I'm so happy you all got to share that. And thanks for sharing the recap here.

  6. Lauren, I am so impressed that you were able to get your post together so quickly! I'm so glad you were able to come and join us!!!! I loved being able to meet you in person. Those girls knew what they were doing when they hooked up with you in NY cuz you are def one of us! LOL

    Meg, we missed you! Hopefully we can get together sometime in 2012! Maybe we can make a trek up to Michigan this summer....Kassie???? You game?

    Naughty, I have the garter pic! :)

    kiTT - that was an amazing surprise. I was so sad when Kassie and Lauren had to leave that night.

    Lisa, them girlz iz sneaky!!!

    Fran, be patient. *wink wink*

    I'm working on a post on make sure you check it out sometime tomorrow! :)

  7. I could have sworn I commented earlier.

    It was soooo much fun planning that surprise with you Lauren! I loved the girls reactions! I don't think we could pull any other surprises on them anymore, they'll actually pick up on what we're talking about LOL!

    UAB you wanna road trip it to Meg? I'm in!

  8. kassie - summer - I drop the kids off in south bend along the way....could work....maybe. :)

    Looks like my TJA post won't get finished tonight. Kids are being foul and stressing me out. I hate when they are bickering nonstop. UGH


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