Who We Are


I'm 27, a lover of movies, books, and music...but doesn't every 27 year old say that? I am attached to my cell phone, my iPod, and my tablet and rarely (if ever) leave home without them.  I feel eerily disconnected when I happen to forget one. I'm a teacher of 7th grade social studies, which fits my personality just fine since I'm still really like 13 anyway...I love what I do and I love my friends and family. I am exceptionally loyal to those important to me - a circle which now includes some pretty awesome online friends as well. I love a good adventure and I'm game to try just about anything once. I love to travel and wish my paychecks would afford me the opportunity to do so more often. My (once) little Robsession has grown over the past year and I've loved every minute of it - besides, if not for him, I wouldn't have met this great group of friends! Somehow at least part of the idea for this blog was my fault, but I'm enjoying this new blogging venture in my life!  'Webmaster' and glutton for punishment with all things technical, I dabble in making fanvids, banners, a few manips here and there, and general blog prettiness.  Some even call me Q (like from James Bond...) Welcome to the madness.


I am 26. I love sports like crazy *Go Bears* but I'm clearly a very girly girl that loves the color pink, wearing makeup all the time just bc it's fun and sappy romantic comedies. I love to watch unhealthy amounts of TV. I swear like a sailor but manage to keep it down in situations where it doesn't call for foul language. Rob brought me to this wonderful crazy world of Blogging and even Twitter. I've flown half way across the country for Rob and met some of the most amazing people because of it. I've seen his pretty face in person twice and feel so unbelievably lucky to have had that chance. I've met Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys and Peter Facinelli! Just need to get my hands on the scrumptious Kellan Lutz! I read way too much fanfiction and I am the resident dealer around these parts (if you can't find something, come to me and I'll find it for ya!). And I can't forget to mention that I LOVE ROB! But that's why I'm here. I also love my fellow Rob h00rs!


I am a wife, mom of 3, teacher and Twilight h00r! I fell unconditionally and irrevocably with Twilight and Rob Pattinson in January, 2009 and have not looked back. I started following Twitarded back in 2009 and got the crazy notion in my head to start my own blog - and Twilight Junkies Anonymous was born on October 25, 2009. I was extremely lucky to meet fellow Twi-h00r, MrsKassie Cullen in March, 2010 when she came to my New Moon party with our mutual friend Kristen. After sharing the experience of the Trinity at the Eclipse Oprah show, we knew our friendship was meant to be. Kassie joined me as co-blogger at TJA shortly after that. One of the best things about this fandom is the wonderful women who are a part of it - and I love each and every one of the women on this blog as well as the many others who love Twilight just as much - but blogging is just not their thing. I have found wonderful, lifelong friendships because of Twilight. In addition to my love for all things Twilight and Rob Pattinson - I would have to say Fan Fiction has also taken over my life.


I'm over 40, there I said it. I'm a Mom, COO of Domestic Operations and a worker bee. Writer of the as yet released to fanfic fans, Cover Me. (I'm a chicken shit.)  I love anything Vampire related..Twilight/Vampire Diaries/Black Dagger Brotherhood. My sister in law lent me Twilight and I'm sure the whole family dreads it now! I'm a Robfanatic. I can't get enough. Yeah, I could totally be his Mom, or atleast his hot step-mother. I read way, way too much fanfiction and depend on our 'dealer' to keep me in my addiction. Rob and The Saga got me through some tough times and brought me a whole group of women I call my Friends and changed me for the better. They understand me and WE support each other through thick and thin. Wanna throw me for a loop? Show me a RomeRob Pic...yep, done for! Everytime. Experience the madness as 11 crazy ass women share their love for Rob!