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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 2

Welcome back!!

Chapter 22:
  • On their way back from the woods, Bella asks Edward to tell her about their daughter. Edward describes their baby as unique and says that she possesses attributes from them both. Bella can't help feeling jealous that Edward knows the baby so well.
  • Edward also tells Bella that Renesmee is warm-blooded, just a bit above human temperature and that her heartbeat is a little faster. He hints at her special ways of communicating, but doesn't elaborate.
  • Bella also senses that there's some secret as to Jacob's relationship with the baby that Edward's keeping from her.
  • Jacob volunteers to be the first human to face Bella to test if she's ready to see Renesmee. Jacob seems to accept the new Bella, launching right into their usual playful banter. "I gotta say it, Bells. You're a freak show" (22.58). Turning serious, he adds that she's still the Bella he knows, even though she looks a little different.
  • Now that Bella has passed the test, she's allowed into the house. The whole family stands guard, as Bella approaches Rosalie, who's holding her baby.
  • Bella is startled by her daughter's beauty, but she also realizes that the baby is twice the size of what she remembered. Upon seeing her mother, Renesmee reaches out to Bella. When the family still hesitates, Edward tells them about Bella's composure in the woods when they crossed a human scent. Everyone is stunned, especially Jasper.
  • When Renesmee starts to cry for Bella, reaching for her, something clicks in Bella and she reacts as any mother would. She takes her daughter into her arms. Although Jacob allows Bella to hold her, he doesn't let go of the baby.
  • When the baby touches Bella's face, Bella sees images of herself after giving birth to Renesmee. When the baby drops her hand from Bella's face, the images disappear. Edward explains that Renesmee can show her thoughts to others by touching their face. He believes that Renesmee was trying to show Bella that she knows Bella is her mother.
  • Bella tells Renesmee that she remembers her too and kisses her gently on the forehead.
  • Jacob cuts the reunion short by saying they have pushed Bella enough. Annoyed, Bella demands to know what his deal is with Renesmee. As she looks at him – an image of serenity as he's with the baby – it all falls into place. She realizes that Jacob has imprinted on her daughter.
  • Bella snaps. Edward restrains her and orders Rosalie to take Renesmee from the room. Seth and Leah appear as wolves to protect Jacob. Jacob claims that there was nothing he could do and mentions, in his defense, that it was Bella who said that her family wasn't complete without him.
  • Bella doesn't care. She tells him to leave immediately and to leave Renesmee alone. Jacob responds: "C'mon, Bells! Nessie likes me, too" (22.261).
  • The fact that Jacob nicknamed her beloved daughter after the Loch Ness Monster puts Bella over the top. She lunges for Jacob's throat.
Chapter 23:
  • Seth is hurt. We learn that he jumped in front of Bella as she attacked Jacob, ending up with a broken collarbone and shoulder in the process. Edward apologizes for Bella, but won't let her apologize for acting like a newborn. Carlisle patches up Seth, assuring Bella and Edward that he'll be fine in no time.
  • Edward and Carlisle fill Bella in on what she missed during her transformation The feud with the werewolf pack has been resolved, as the number one rule in the pack states that no wolf can harm another wolf's imprint. That means that Renesmee is untouchable and will be protected by the wolves.
  • Also, since Jacob, as the "rightful Alpha," allowed Bella's transformation, the treaty remains intact. It also turned out that the alphas of each pack (Sam and Jacob) can communicate with each other in wolf form, yet they can decide which thoughts they wish to share.
  • As much as Bella is grateful to Jacob, she still has trouble accepting his relationship with Renesmee.
  • With the werewolf issue resolved, Bella ponders the next one: Charlie. Charlie has been anxiously contacting the Cullens to find out about Bella's uncertain condition. The Cullens feel that the best thing to do is to move away for a while.
  • Bella misses Charlie, though, and hopes that once she's in full control of her killer instincts, she'll be able to reunite with Charlie. She really doesn't want to leave Forks. She wonders how long could Jacob go without being near Renesmee.
  • Watching Carlisle monitor Renesmee's rapid growth, Bella fears that if her daughter's growth continues like this, her life span will be very short. Jacob maintains that her growth is beginning to slow.
  • Again, Renesmee reaches for Bella and Rosalie hands her over. Renesmee "shows" Bella her attack on Jacob. Bella realizes how possessive Renesmee feels toward Jacob.
  • When Renesmee remembers drinking blood from a cup, Edward snatches Renesmee away from Bella and Jasper holds her back. It turns out, Edward feared the image of blood would trigger Bella's killer instinct. Surprise, surprise – it didn't. Jasper starts to question his own beliefs and experiences with newborns and his own thirst and self-control.
  • Carlisle suggests that Bella's self-control might be a manifestation of her special gift. This instills hope in Bella that she might be able to see Charlie again, and soon.
  • When Alice, Esme, Emmett, and Jasper return from hunting, they surprise Bella with a birthday party to celebrate her human birthday.
Chapter 24:
  • Bella doesn't want to celebrate her birthday because she maintains that she transformed when she was still eighteen.
  • Alice hands her a key and insists that she go to see the corresponding present. Edward gives her a key of his own, which Bella knows is for her "after car." Her irritation over presents makes Bella realize that, despite her transformation, she still feels like her old human self:

    It was a relief and revelation to discover how much of my essential core traits had come with me into this new body. (24.30)
  • Alice leads Bella and Edward to a tiny stone cottage in the woods, surrounded a small rose garden. It's an image out of a fairytale:

    It was a place where anyone could believe magic existed. A place where you just expected Snow White to walk right in with her apple in hand, or a unicorn to stop and nibble at the rosebushes.(24.91)
  • Alice explains that Esme renovated the place for them to have their own family home and privacy.
  • Alice leaves Edward and Bella to enjoy their alone time. They both get to indulge in their togetherness without restrictions. When Bella asks Edward if he misses her humanness, he replies that she still feels the same way to him, only he doesn't have to deal with the torture of her human scent.
  • As night turns to day, Bella still hasn't had enough of Edward. He tells her that none of her desires (for sex as well as the thirst for blood) ever fade; it's a matter of learning how to prioritize them.
So?  What are we thinking?  Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting is one of my favorite things - mostly because we always kind of figured it'd be Edward who freaked the hell out, but it seems to be that he's dealt with it a bit better...or come to terms faster...or something. 

Poor Seth getting hurt.  I almost always feel bad for Seth, but he's adorable and that's probably why.

Poor Jasper, still questioning things.  I really do feel badly for him to.  Do you guys?

Is the after car going to make an appearance?  Since the before car didn't?

Soooo....who's ready to see the cabin??  First off I want to see it cause I always picture this adorable little cabin in the woods.  Second....vampire sex?!?!?!  Yes. Please. Let's hope they do it justice.

For next week we're reading: Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 25-27.  

Summaries still found here.

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Breaking Dawn Read Along: Week 1

Welcome to our first BD2 Discussion!

First off, the summaries:


  • Bella finds herself in a nightmare-turned-reality: she's facing the Volturi on the field of battle, completely outnumbered.
  • Her hopeless desperation suddenly changes into a fierce bloodlust. She crouches and prepares to attack.
Chapter 19:
  • Bella's narration picks up the moment after she bends over to retrieve her cup of blood and is suddenly overcome with extreme pain:

    I felt like I was being sawed in half, hit by a bus, punched by a prize fighter, trampled by bulls, and submerged in acid. (19.6)
  • She hears that her placenta is detached and yells at Edward to deliver the baby. As they're working on her, she slips in and out of consciousness. She remembers her promise to both Edward and Jacob to keep her heart beating, but she just feels numb.
  • When Edward whispers, "Renesmee," Bella feels a flood of warmth for her daughter and asks to hold her. "She was even more beautiful than her father. Impossible" (19.41).
  • Suddenly, the new mom feels pain again, and that the baby is taken away from her before Bella descends into blackness. She fights the blackness, realizing that if she was only fighting for herself, she would let go, but for all the people she loves, especially her baby, she has to fight and survive.
  • Even though Bella can't see, she feels her body beginning to warm. The heat around her heart slowly increases until her whole body seems to burn in a raging fire. She wants to scream, but can't move her lips or any other part of her body.
  • She realizes that the morphine doesn't numb the pain of her transformation, but instead makes her a prisoner of it. She's glad that Edward can't read her mind so he won't know how much she's suffering.
  • Caught in the painful transitioning of her body, Bella hears a discussion between Carlisle and Edward. Edward worries that Bella isn't coming back to consciousness. Although Bella is actually fully conscious, she refrains from speaking, afraid to lose control and show Edward just how much pain she's in.
  • Alice comes into the room, marveling over Bella's beauty. They all agree to keep the baby away from Bella, which really upsets her.
  • After a final rush of pain sends Bella's heart into a frenzied helicopter-like beat, the fire stops, along with her heart. Bella opens her eyes to her new world.
Chapter 20:  
  • Bella takes in her surroundings through her new, superior vampire eyes. For the first time she sees the complex beauty of things, even simple dust particles. All her senses are sharpened.
  • When Edward touches her for the first time, she's shocked because his touch feels warm. She realizes they're the same temperature now.
  • The Cullens form a protective stance around Bella, and it takes her a moment to understand that she's the danger. "I was a newborn vampire…Human emotions and longings would come back to me later in some form" (20.43).
  • Still struggling with her new "self," her eyes come upon Edward. She's swept away by his true beauty. Bella goes to hug him, and he steps back, because her strength is hurting him.
  • She realizes, though, that she still has her human longings. She tells Edward she loves him. Her voice shimmers like a bell. They kiss:

    It as like he'd never kissed me – like this was our first kiss. And, in truth, he'd never kissed me this way before. (20.66).
  • When Carlisle asks her how her transformation went using the morphine, she lies to him about the pain she felt.
  • Carlisle encourages her to go hunting, since she must be starving with thirst. His words bring the dry ache in her throat to the forefront of her mind. Edward urges her to go hunting, but Bella wants to see Renesmee first. Edward explains that Renesmee is half-human and that Bella's instincts pose a danger for the baby. When she hears that Jacob is still here, she's surprised.
  • Before they go hunting, Alice wants Bella to admire her new looks in a mirror. Bella's first reaction is fascination with the beautiful creature now looking back at her in the mirror, followed by the horrified question:

    Who was she? At first glance, I couldn't find my face anywhere in the smooth, perfect planes of her features. And her eyes! Though I'd know to expect them, her eyes still sent a thrill of terror through me. (20.153).
  • Jasper is amazed at the control Bella has over her emotions, but still doesn't trust her. He wants her to go hunting, because he's afraid she'll snap at any minute.
Chapter 21:  
  • After Edward assures Bella that Renesmee is safe with Jacob downstairs, he asks Bella to jump out the second floor window instead of exiting through the front door. She stalls at first, because everyone's watching her. When she finally does it, even Edward is amazed by her gracefulness – even in the tight dress and silly stilettos Alice gave her to wear.
  • Bella and Edward bound and leap through the forest hand in hand. Bella worries about harming the trees. She rips her dress on both sides to allow for more movement. She flies across, farther than Edward, having a grand time discovering her new abilities.
  • Edward reminds her to focus: they're on a hunting trip, after all. He takes off and tells Bella to follow. She finds it hard to listen to him, because she's so distracted by her physical attraction to him – something she thought she'd lose as a newborn.
  • Edward suggests that they go after elk for her first hunt. Bella doesn't care. Once her mind shifts to her thirst, that desire consumes her mind.
  • Edward teaches Bella to find the elk by using her hearing and her sense of smell. Once she perceives the elk's smell, she finds it unappealing. Edward admits that it will take some getting used to.
  • Bella is about to launch at a male elk when the wind shifts and a human scent catches her nostrils. She hurtles after the scent, compelled by single-minded killer instinct. She realizes she's being followed and turns to confront the pursuer. The snarling sound emerging from her throat brings her up short.
  • The wind shifts, taking with it the temptation of the sweet human scent, and she realizes with sudden clarity that she's not only been hunting a human, but that she almost attacked Edward. She tells him she needs to get away. She holds her breath and runs north, away from the human temptation.
  • Edward catches up with Bella. He's amazed that she was able to stop herself just then:

    You shouldn't be able to do any of this. Bella, you're behaving like you're decades rather than days old. (21.122)
  • Bella admits to Edward that she still feels as attracted to him as she did before. When Edward mentions that she must be thirsty, her thirst comes to the forefront again and she focuses on hunting.
  • She attacks a mountain lion – an easy, but messy, kill. She compliments Edward on his ability to kill so gracefully.
  • Now that Bella's thirst is quenched, and she feels more in control, she demands to see Renesmee.

Soooo....chapter 19 actually happens during BD1 as far as the movie goes, but it seemed fitting to start this read-along with the entirety of book 3.  We all know what those red eyes look like when she opens them the first time.  And I do enjoy the way that they delivered the "conversion" on film through showing the changes to her veins, heart, etc. 

We've seen a bit of a glimpse of hunting-Bella in the trailer that was released at the VMA's.  

What do we think of Jasper's reactions of shock at her control and  mistrust of her?  They were finally getting somewhere in Eclipse with his story coming out to Bella and now he's back to a bit untrusting/uncomfortable?  Do you guys think that'll be a big part of the movie? 

How do you think they're going to take care of showing Bella's sharpened eyesight?  Are we going to see all kinds of bright-ness and dust specks or is it just going to be normal "hi-def" movie going?  (I have to add...thank God they didn't go "well, we need 3D to make this look defined for her..."). 

Other thoughts, comments?  We've kind of set the stage for the action this week we'll discuss Breaking Dawn: Book 3 - Chapters 22-24

Summaries found here

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So...about that last post notification...

I use Blogger as my school website for my students as well...but as a different user all together.  I forgot to log out and log back in on that particular computer today so I accidentally posted my class's homework for all of you... I'm's your homework assignment:

(Bellringer, pg. 12 of my in class assignments for today)
First - open your RobPorn know you have one...and find the twelfth row of pictures...your favorite here (for those of us who can create new posts...) or tell us what it is...or link it for us...

(Curriculum night schedules completed in class today)
I want to know what Rob event are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months...filming something?  Breaking Dawn promo?  Out and about around the world?  What can't you wait to see from Rob's schedule...?

I haven't figured out the exact reason (there are too many) but I'm oh, so excited for this one...

(Schedules will go home in social studies class tomorrow)
Your favorite picture of Rob with one of his know, studying his social habits...

This has always been one of my faves...

(Homework for tomorrow:  Complete pages 13-14)
Favorite picture of Rob from his most recent promo trip...CosmopolisNY...which was August 13, 14, 15 in NYC...

ummmm....yeah.... it's your turn!!  Have fun! :) homework ever...

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Breaking Dawn Read Along (I like to pretend that rhymes when I type it...)

Welcome back to our Breaking Dawn Read Along!  Yes, it's that time of year already...we have about 8 1/2 weeks until the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters (I know...already!).  We are going to pick up this time around where we, and the movie, left off last November.  We'll be reading Book 3 of Breaking Dawn during this re-read.  Here's how it's gonna work:

1.  We'll be reading between 2 and 3 chapters a week.
2.  Summaries of the week's chapters will post on Saturday morning so that we can comment on those chapters beginning on Saturday, and over the weekend.
3.  Start reading the next week's chapters (listed at the bottom of the post) to be ready for the following Saturday.
4.  Ask questions, leave thoughts, describe what you think things will look like, etc. in the comments.
5.  There will be no chapters left to read the week that Breaking Dawn hits theaters...I figured we'd all be hyped up for the movie and maybe can just discuss the things we're most excited to see, etc. that week.

Each week the will be summaries posted as the post to comment on.  I'll also try to include some discussion questions along with them.  If you don't have time to read - DON'T WORRY!   This is supposed to be fun.  The summaries are there to let you know what happened in the chapters for the week.  We've all read the books before so if you can't read the chapters or don't finish, PLEASE feel free to still comment and add your thoughts!  This is all fun and supposed to be relaxing and exciting - no stressing out over it, please!

For Saturday, the first reading will be:  Breaking Dawn, Book 3 - Prologue and Chapters 19-21.  Happy Reading!  We'll see you Saturday :)

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Happy Blog-O-Versary!!!

So, today is the one year...or...*ahem* 12 Month anniversary of 12Months of Rob.  I can't believe it's been a year already...12 crazy months of movie promos, Twilight read-alongs, photoshoots, awards shows, filming news, and fanfic reading.  It's been a great year and with the last of the Twilight Saga (*tear*) on the horizon, and more new movies coming up, it's going to be another amazing year.  I know I can't wait to share it all with you.  That being said, I think we need a little bit of what brought us all together.....happy Blog-o-versary everyone!

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Is that banner???

Hey all,

So it's September 3 and FINALLY June-Rob has been retired as the 12Months banner.  I know.  I know.  It's been not-June for quite a while now...but I swear to God there's good reason for having been MIA from banner making and blog here goes.  Let's hope by the time you get to the bottom of this post, you'll all forgive me and my slacker ways this summer:

Rob's June: we had a lovely Cannes themed banner to celebrate Rob's trip to Cannes in May, as Cosmopolis was an official entrant in the Palm d'Or competition.  Although it didn't win, the praise gained at Cannes was amazing.  We are so proud of Rob for this movie!  THEN, in June...he was out promoting Cosmopolis in Toronto...and making us all swoon...inspiring what would have been our July banner (see below) and sparking a new fanfic story coming from yours truly and NaughtyHisBella that is currently in the works...once we get going on it, the teaser will post here :) 

Q's June:  I was finishing up the end of school - teaching 8th graders all day long - and tutoring in the evenings.  Then it was our 8th grade trip, 8th grade 'graduation,' and a celebration day at school at the end of the year.  June is always kind of a crazy month for us teachers it seems, and this year was no different. 


Rob's July:  Rob headed to ComicCon in July to begin the craziness that is Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo.  As we move into the fall, promo is sure to heat up and come fast and furious as it has each year in the past with regard to the Saga films.  Our very own 17ForeverLisa again made the trek to San Fransisco for this huge event.  Sooner or later I'm sure she'll get around to posting about her experience again this year.  (I know, it takes me forever too, worries!)  Again, Rob's July activities prompted what would have been August's banner...

Q's July:  I spent the entire month of July working on the new house I was moving into.  My grandmother, sadly, moved to a nursing home when she couldn't stay at home any longer.  She asked my hubby and I, before getting sick, if, when something happened to her, we would live in her house.  My grandparents built the house in 1947 after my grandfather returned from WW2 and she wanted to keep it in the family.  After living here for 65 years, she'd accumulated a few things, so we had to clean out before we could move in.  That also meant projects like re-doing the bathroom and putting in new living room floors.  If you care to check out some of the work we've done you can see my house blog here.  Most of the work is now done...the blog, is not...but I'll be updating that soon as well. 


Rob's August:  July and August were an interesting month here in the Rob-world Fandom.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  On the career side of things, August meant more promo for our dear boy.  Rob headed out to NYC to promote Cosmopolis.  An appearance on The Daily Show, a premiere at the Museum of Modern Art, ringing the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange, getting up ass-early for Good Morning America, New York Times Talk Q and A with David, and an MTV First interview with 'fangirl' Josh Horowitz.  He also did another wonderfully funny appearance the following week on Jimmy Kimmel

Q's August:  Aside from moving and painting and all around work on the house as we're still trying to get settled in, my August looked...well, suspiciously like Rob's.  I put on my big girl panties and headed down to NYC all by my lonesome to do the whole premiere thing.  I met up with some awesome Twitter friends who had offered me a place to crash and keep my stuff and we camped out on the street.  I was lucky enough to be in attendance for the premiere, GMA, and the Times Talk.  It was an AMAZING week, but more on that needs it's own post - just know that I went, I saw, I conquered.  I also went back to the city to see the Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America's summer concert series and got the chance to FINALLY see Cosmopolis on the big screen while I was there - since it's not playing anywhere near me.  That deserves its own post as well.  Both of which I'm working on.  


Rob's September:  Speculation that Rob will be at the VMA's on Thursday.  It's supposed to happen...we shall see.  Other than that, I assume that he's gearing up for promo season for BD2.  Word is he was seen at Heathrow today heading back to the US from London.  True or False?  Who knows...but we're sure to be seeing a lot more of him before the year is out, then filming time!!  Check out the Rob's Upcoming Projects page for more info on all of that! 

Q's September:  My students come back tomorrow and so I'll finally be on a "schedule" again.  There's something comforting about the cooler air and things like warm apple cider, and the routine of being back at work that means I'll be getting lots more done in the coming months.  My plans?  Keep up with this blog a bit better - especially through BD2 Promo and filming for Rob's new roles, work on re-doing all my photos and scrapbooks and FINALLY getting all of that stuff organized including photobooks from all of my fun and exciting Rob trips and getting LOTS of writing done.  I have at least 2 individual stories planned out to work on as well as the above mentioned collaboration with Naughty and MsKassie and I have been talking about writing something else as the infamous PervyTwins.  Lots of fun to come!  

Thanks everyone for sticking around and I swear I'm gonna try to stay on top of things a bit more so keep checking back!!