Monday, September 3, 2012

Is that banner???

Hey all,

So it's September 3 and FINALLY June-Rob has been retired as the 12Months banner.  I know.  I know.  It's been not-June for quite a while now...but I swear to God there's good reason for having been MIA from banner making and blog here goes.  Let's hope by the time you get to the bottom of this post, you'll all forgive me and my slacker ways this summer:

Rob's June: we had a lovely Cannes themed banner to celebrate Rob's trip to Cannes in May, as Cosmopolis was an official entrant in the Palm d'Or competition.  Although it didn't win, the praise gained at Cannes was amazing.  We are so proud of Rob for this movie!  THEN, in June...he was out promoting Cosmopolis in Toronto...and making us all swoon...inspiring what would have been our July banner (see below) and sparking a new fanfic story coming from yours truly and NaughtyHisBella that is currently in the works...once we get going on it, the teaser will post here :) 

Q's June:  I was finishing up the end of school - teaching 8th graders all day long - and tutoring in the evenings.  Then it was our 8th grade trip, 8th grade 'graduation,' and a celebration day at school at the end of the year.  June is always kind of a crazy month for us teachers it seems, and this year was no different. 


Rob's July:  Rob headed to ComicCon in July to begin the craziness that is Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo.  As we move into the fall, promo is sure to heat up and come fast and furious as it has each year in the past with regard to the Saga films.  Our very own 17ForeverLisa again made the trek to San Fransisco for this huge event.  Sooner or later I'm sure she'll get around to posting about her experience again this year.  (I know, it takes me forever too, worries!)  Again, Rob's July activities prompted what would have been August's banner...

Q's July:  I spent the entire month of July working on the new house I was moving into.  My grandmother, sadly, moved to a nursing home when she couldn't stay at home any longer.  She asked my hubby and I, before getting sick, if, when something happened to her, we would live in her house.  My grandparents built the house in 1947 after my grandfather returned from WW2 and she wanted to keep it in the family.  After living here for 65 years, she'd accumulated a few things, so we had to clean out before we could move in.  That also meant projects like re-doing the bathroom and putting in new living room floors.  If you care to check out some of the work we've done you can see my house blog here.  Most of the work is now done...the blog, is not...but I'll be updating that soon as well. 


Rob's August:  July and August were an interesting month here in the Rob-world Fandom.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  On the career side of things, August meant more promo for our dear boy.  Rob headed out to NYC to promote Cosmopolis.  An appearance on The Daily Show, a premiere at the Museum of Modern Art, ringing the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange, getting up ass-early for Good Morning America, New York Times Talk Q and A with David, and an MTV First interview with 'fangirl' Josh Horowitz.  He also did another wonderfully funny appearance the following week on Jimmy Kimmel

Q's August:  Aside from moving and painting and all around work on the house as we're still trying to get settled in, my August looked...well, suspiciously like Rob's.  I put on my big girl panties and headed down to NYC all by my lonesome to do the whole premiere thing.  I met up with some awesome Twitter friends who had offered me a place to crash and keep my stuff and we camped out on the street.  I was lucky enough to be in attendance for the premiere, GMA, and the Times Talk.  It was an AMAZING week, but more on that needs it's own post - just know that I went, I saw, I conquered.  I also went back to the city to see the Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America's summer concert series and got the chance to FINALLY see Cosmopolis on the big screen while I was there - since it's not playing anywhere near me.  That deserves its own post as well.  Both of which I'm working on.  


Rob's September:  Speculation that Rob will be at the VMA's on Thursday.  It's supposed to happen...we shall see.  Other than that, I assume that he's gearing up for promo season for BD2.  Word is he was seen at Heathrow today heading back to the US from London.  True or False?  Who knows...but we're sure to be seeing a lot more of him before the year is out, then filming time!!  Check out the Rob's Upcoming Projects page for more info on all of that! 

Q's September:  My students come back tomorrow and so I'll finally be on a "schedule" again.  There's something comforting about the cooler air and things like warm apple cider, and the routine of being back at work that means I'll be getting lots more done in the coming months.  My plans?  Keep up with this blog a bit better - especially through BD2 Promo and filming for Rob's new roles, work on re-doing all my photos and scrapbooks and FINALLY getting all of that stuff organized including photobooks from all of my fun and exciting Rob trips and getting LOTS of writing done.  I have at least 2 individual stories planned out to work on as well as the above mentioned collaboration with Naughty and MsKassie and I have been talking about writing something else as the infamous PervyTwins.  Lots of fun to come!  

Thanks everyone for sticking around and I swear I'm gonna try to stay on top of things a bit more so keep checking back!! 


  1. Q,
    Great summer summary. And look, you gave us banners too! Sept. banner is awesome, thanks for making things look so Rob pretty.

  2. All in all, Q, I think you were quite busy and some of us shirked our responsibilities. *slaps own hand* Bad Naughty! I love that you actually gave us the banners! LMAO They are all awesome. Lovely work as usual! I can't wait to work on our little story. *slaps forehead* I gots some writing to do, don't I? Mwah! You ARE The Fabulous Q!


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