Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Day for Dani...

Hey Dani,

For your birthday, we wanted to show you today's horoscope. All credit to Rick Levine because he's got you pegged, girlfriend!

Aquarius' Horoscope (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

by Rick Levine
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - Although you can see the benefit of clarifying your needs, sudden mood swings may cause whiplash to others and conflict with your normal intellectual approach. The Aquarius New Moon highlights your 1st House of Self, empowering you to set your intentions quickly and move in an entirely new Direction, but there can be only One. Your dreams about Tom Felton are so real now that you are tempted to treat them as the truth. Instead, honor the facetious symbols that arise from the depths of your dirty subconscious without taking any direct action yet. Patience is your friend; you'll know in your heart when it's time to put your ideas into motion. Until then, remember that everyday could use a little more Rob.

Go have a wonderful day and try to stay off your feet!


Are you still here? 
I know, it's overwhelming
and you're just speechless right now. 

It's okay....
don't worry you don't have to....

ah-hahahahaha "Good one!"

(They don't get that joke. #tooyoung)

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!!

It's time to celebrate a very special birthday!! Happy birthday Lisa! We want to wish you the best this year! So far you've gotten to hold your first, extremely adorable, grand baby, then got a Fifty Shades trailer! What!?! Here's to more great things to come in the next year!

From Rob to Jamie, we have all been lucky to get to know these two over the past couple of years. 

Even if Rob can't be Fifty, Jamie takes on the roll with style, class, and a seriousness we wanted from any actor taking on our favorite role since Edward Cullen. I am so happy to have gotten to share this journey with you. From this 
to this

I can't wait to continue on this Fifty journey with you. Happy Birthday Lisa!!


To our baseball jersey lovin', intelligent, beautiful, wonderful new Grandma! I wish you a very Happy Birthday! I am thankful to kiTT and the TwiPeople cover contest for bringing you into my life. You awe me with your knowledge of everything! May this year bring you much love and happiness! I'm with Rob on this one...Team 17Forever!
Love, HB


"Wish I could make this cake for you!"

"Wish I could send Rob over to celebrate with you.!"

"Wish I could give you....a copy of Frozen on DVD! LOL! What'd you think I was going to say?"

From, kiTT 

Since Lisa has already received the ultimate in gifts this year, Princess Parker, I won't
bother trying to "top" that. So instead my gift is a poem I've written reminding Lisa of 17 "gifts" I've gotten from her. Things I've gotten to experience in a newer and much more meaningful way:

                                              Used To Be I Thought:

1. "Slash" was to cut something with a knife or a violent movie genre. Now, I know better, it's about pretty pretty BOYS.

2.  "Topping" was whipped cream and a cherry. Now I know topping is much heavier than that.

3.  "Rimming" was putting a tire on some metal. Now I know it's a much
more intimate joining of pretty pretty boys….

4.  "Vanilla" was just an ice-cream flavor. Now I know it's Fifty Shades of boring sex.

5. “Priests” were pure and vanilla good. But then I met Soren…Fifty Shades of Not boring sex.

6.  “Jasper” was the dude who tried to attack Bella. Then I met Jackson and got to hug  somebody who turned into versions of Edward's better half in wonderful slash stories.

7. “A bean” was something you ate. And then I looked up into a shiny one and looked at the reflection of best friends.

8.”New York” was a big scary place with millions of strangers. But it turned out to be a place where warm heated strangers came together and shared defining moments that would bind them forever.

9. The only “Long Distance Calls” I ever got were from telemarketers. Until an Illinois area code lit up on my phone screen and made my face light up even brighter.

10.”Graphic Art” was created to show off talent or make money. And then friends made them to express their love for someone special. I keep the ones I've gotten in a treasure chest for safe keeping and translate the visuals into valued meaning whenever I need to feel understood…

11. “Computers” were just for data and boring communications. And now I know they can reach out to friends for fun and meaningful banter and stories that will never grow old.

12. “Brotherhood” the mob family. Instead I found it could also be a family of men who bond in oh such a feral and way in an empire of primal men and with loyal magical members.

13. “Reading a Book” required your eyes. And now I know your ears can bring words
to life in a most enjoyable way.

14. “Watching Reality TV” was a passive way to spend the night. And now I know watching them bring you Idols and Voices who sometimes 'slash' kiss... and valued opinions discussed among friends.

15.”Hotel Rooms” were for husbands or lovers to share a bed. And then I laid back on  comfy hotel beds, PJ’s and all and whispered night time thoughts and secrets with, not a husband or lover but better still, forever friends.

16. Birthdays” made you one year older. Now I know birthdays are for virtual parties given to you by girls who remind you, you'll never grow old.  
And….Used to be I thought...

17.Only Twilight Edward got to be 17 forever. Now I know, like our Lisa, we can all stay young by surrounding ourselves with whatever ignites our passion to do so.
Fran 5.gif

So there you have it. I can't do much with graphic art but I can create with my humble words.
Celebrate your special day my friend, and enjoy the precious gift you got this year, Time...to now spend with those that really matter.  
Love is love…
Sempre, Fran


Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Fabulous UAB!!!

Today is a very special day at 12 Months of Rob! It's time to

with a very special Rob h00r, Utterly Absurd Bella, on this.. the day of her birth!!


They say any friendship that lasts 7 years are bound to last a lifetime. Well I’ve had the pleasure of being your friend for 4 years 3 months and 7 days, but who’s counting? (also can you believe it’s been that long since your kick ass New Moon party???) We are over half way to a lifetime of friendship and I don’t see any signs of it stopping. As long as there are Rob movies to be seen, we’ll have a reason to go to the theater! But I know for sure, that is not the only time we will get together! Thank you for your years of friendship! I hope you have a fantastic Robalicious birthday!



Ouu…It's UAB's birthday! Look who's

here to help celebrate. Yes, it's the sultry
and beer holding Rob. Doesn't get better than that, right?

Wrong. It gets better with Marie added to that Rob-world.
When I think back at all the good things that make up who our birthday girl
is…A world class teacher, cupcake making mother, supportive wife and sister, and my
favorite, a fun and helpful friend…she's made my world better.
I owe this Twi-Rob journey all on you my friend,
so thank you for that and much more.
Have a great day and know that if I could, I'd send sultry
Rob through your open window, beer in hand to wish you a Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday! Enjoy a can of Squee!

It's been fun going through so many of the same things as you.
From being a mom

To watching this handsome lad go from this
to this
It's been quite the ride, and I'm so glad to call you my friend!
Have a wonderfully happy birthday!
Love, Dani


Wishing you A Happy Birthday!
Love, Lisa


Hey UAB, betcha can't guess who is coming to your
birthday party!

Did the eyebrow give it away?

Love, kiTT


UAB, Bubba and his cousin Rey reminded me it was your Birthday.  
I couldn't ask for a better "Twi-Twin"!  You are an amazing friend and an inspiration to me.  I wish you a very Happy Birthday!  May all your wishes and dreams come true!
Love, Naughty HB



Happy, happy birthday, my friend!!  Thank you for being my inspiration on our "getting healthy" journey and thank you for talking me through all of my insecurities about teaching,  I know this all started with Rob but it's become so much more.  I love you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Love ya,