Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats for Everyone!

More Halloween goodies to share - kiTT asked me to post this for everyone :)

"Those are the Scaries" written and performed by Mini!


Guess What I'll Be Doing Tomorrow?

Robowski on demand, baby!

Robert Pattinson,Water For Elephants




It's here! Squeee!

Some Treats for my Tricksters

Wonder what Rob will be for Halloween?

Perhaps he's BOTHERED by Halloween...

Good Morning!

I just thought everyone should be waking up to this. :)
Have a great week, luvs. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New BD Clip - We'll Make Do

Here's a new tidbit. This one is kinda weird if you ask me (criticy Meg).

When I listen to the music on this vid I feel like I'm watching an old episode of Eight is Enough or something (which I'm sure Kassie and Lauren have never heard of). I felt the same way when I heard the music on the clip where Bella and Edward are seeing their honeymoon bed. Anyone else notice it?


Emmett's hair = bad
Taylor's arms = ginormous

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Libenet Video

Here goes. I'm christening the blog with the first Robsten video :)

I especially love the subtitles. I didn't realize that's what Ashley asked him (end of video) that made him laugh like that. The lines are definitely blurred.

And you gotta love the note the fan gave him while he was signing autographs.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Promo-Rob is in full swing

Europe was taken by storm by the goatee-d Rob this week...let's review shall we?  And since I'm writing the post I get to pic my favorite pics, right?  Be gentle...this is my first attempt...

Ah yes, and the beautiful song that we were graced with today...lovely combination, don't you think??

Iron & Wine Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)

I'm in tears. How beautiful is this?!!
Thank you Bill Condon.

The Boyfriend Look

Casual boyfriend sweater is back...

in black!

{picture from RPLife}

Which was better Rome Rob or Stockholm Rob?

Rome Rob was
perfection but
I admit I've got a case of
Stockholm syndrome...
Rob captured me
and held me prisnor
and in turn I
fell in love with him.

{photos from ThinkingofRob}

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Up Against the Wall

This is for Meg.

MelbieToast always dresses Rob up pretty for us!

And ...

Fun fact: This photoshoot location was also used in Lady Gaga's video for 'Paparazzi'
with Alexander Skarsgard and he's sportin' some sexspenders in it!

A Thousand Years

Much better video!  Though I could go for a little more new footage. :)  
Pretty much all stuff we have already scene.  


I think I got this from Robsessed. xo

Rob is no Sprout in Brussels

I thought it was time to watch this again. Don't you agree, ladies?

New BD Clip - I'm Late

Wouldn't have Edward said, "About 2 weeks" instead of "14 days" without skipping a beat?

Don't mind me, I get super criticy (another new word by moi) with clips.

I can't wait for this movie!

Details Outtakes...Hold on to your Panties!!!

Holy Crow! Finally some outtakes from the Details Photo Shoot...
I totally wish I was that Blonde. Rob, between my legs...
This one is very similar to the one published in the magazine...
Oh, the sex stare.
Off to change the panties!!!!

Rob: Then and Now

Before we get to our Then & Now...I had to post's an edit from a Television appearance. Just too damn hott!
On with our intended post...

This Man is like a finely aged wine...just gets better with time. TwilightRob and Brussels Rob.
Just Dayum!
(Edit is courtesy of FB group Robert Pattinson...It's always been him ~ Thanks Gals!

Inappropriate Touching

I was reading this story "Inappropriate Touching"by jenjiveg, and I remembered this video.

I thought you all should see it. It shows Rob in rare form. And hearing him say Inappropriate touching...well, give it a look, see. Just the right video pre Breaking Dawn.

Early Edward...

Well here's a sneak peek into the scene that everyone is talking about...a gif of Edward in a Movie theatre. Ladies, he's got red eyes here!!

And a little closeup :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Scene!

Thanks to Lisa here is a new extended honeymoon scene from BD1.  It's the clip that was revealed (lucky, lucky, lady) at Comic-Con...check it out :-D


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New High Quality Breaking Dawn Clip

Heeeey so there is a new clip floating around on the interwebs... I saw it on but it's also up on Robsessed. Check it ladiez!

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 6

Today's post is brought to you by the letters B and D and the numbers 11 and 12.  Please enjoy!  (Thanks to for the summaries!)

Chapter 11:

  • As Sam assigns each member of the pack someone to fight against in the Cullen family, Jacob realizes he has a choice after all: "I had not been born to kneel to him."
  • Jacob takes his natural position of the Alpha – a position he had conceded to Sam, because he didn't want to be a leader at that time. Sam feels betrayed and accuses him of choosing his enemies over his family. But Jacob ditches the tribe and takes off to warn the Cullens.
  • Jacob is now an Alpha without a pack. But not for long. Seth joins Jacob to protect the Cullens, despite Jacob's desperate attempts to make him go back to the pack. They realize that now that there are two alphas, they can't hear the thoughts of Sam's pack.
  • After Jacob and Seth warn the Cullens of Sam's decision to attack, Seth patrols the perimeter. Jacob sees Bella lying in a hospital bed, connected to an IV. Her condition has obviously worsened.
Chapter 12:

  • Much to their frustration, Leah joins Jacob and Seth. Although she's not fan of vampires, she claims she needs to look after Seth, her younger brother. Plus, she's excited to be away from Sam's pack, because she still suffers from being his "pathetic ex-girlfriend."
  • Leah reveals that Sam plans to first talk to the Quileute tribe elders before launching an attack.
  • At the Cullen house, Carlisle thanks Jacob for protecting their family. He explains to Jacob that Bella is like a daughter to him. He believes that the right thing to do is to respect her decision to have the baby.
  • Carlisle explains that he discovered that the genetic make-up of vampires and humans is more similar than he thought, which made it possible for Bella and Edward to produce a baby.
  • He also reveals to Jacob that the baby is destroying her because her body rejects any form of nutrition to feed the fetus. Jacob muses that the baby probably wants blood instead of food.
  • Hearing Jacob's thoughts, Edward suggests that they try feeding Bella human blood. Since he's a doctor, Carlisle has a large supply of donated blood in the house. Bella takes her first vampire-ish act with humor: "Practice for the future, right?" (12.221).
Can I just say as a first comment I love that the summary says "since Carlisle is a doctor he has a large supply of donated blood in the house."  My aunt is a doctor.  She doesn't keep a large supply in her house.  Haha - I just thought it was funny that was given as the reason, like "well of course he needs blood at home, he's a doctor..."

At any rate, see you in the comments!  

Chapters 13-14 posting on Tuesday.  Have a great rest of the week!!   

A Warning From Rob!

This was posted on FB yesterday by Debbie Duroy - love it!  Had to repost it!

Also, today is TJA's 2nd Blogiversary!  Holy Crow!  2 years!
Kassie and I put together a little Blogiversary post - so stop by later today!

The Pretty People

I enjoy how good Rob looks standing next to a beautiful woman. Looking forward to seeing him with more and more co-stars in many movies to come.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let the Rob rain fall down...

and wake my dreams...

I love this vid. Rob is so adorable here...and he reminds me a lot of NY NM Rob *claps*.
Also, I think he is comprehending the French. I know he can speak a little. THUD.

I love Paris in the springtime...or the fall...

Rob is out and about on the Red Carpet in Paris for the first BD event!  The results are in...the goatee has stayed...and I think I like it...


Photo Source

And another update: Dean and Rob, back together again...


Source: Robsessed

It's time! It's time!

Let promo season begin!  We're all very excited for Rob-vember, but these last couple of weeks of R-oct-obert are going to be a bit of a downpour after the recent Rob-draughts that we've been dying to get out of...

...Rob left LAX to head to Paris this weekend and for the first time in a while he wasn't wearing a hat...the half hair is gone :-D Not that it wasn't cute for a few days, but I feel like, for me, it got old, quick...and this WFE-esque length looks really good on does the sex does...well, you get the point...


Then, he arrived in Paris and some fans were lucky enough to get some autographs signed...the beard is disappearing!


And perhaps the biggest news of all?  Dean is back!!  Bodyguard extraordinaire is back in action making sure no one hurts the pretty!


Cannot wait to see what comes out of the Paris event today - starts in about 45 minutes so we should (hopefully) have some clear-er pictures of the goatee...if it survives...what do you guys think?  Will he keep it?

...let the games begin's time, it's time!! *Said in my best Alice voice while bouncing up and down*

Picture Sources: Both Rob pics are from {Robsessed}  Dean pic courtesy of {@LoveTheStew}

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Uh...This is just wrong!

Here it is ladies...the Jacob Jankowksi/Rob waxed figure.
Just my's not good. Not good at all.
The Hair is allll kinds of wrong! He's not even clean shaven!
Who wants to storm the castle and correct this? They totally need a Rob H00r to do this right!!!!
I'm disappointed...

How To Market Your Own Personal Brand of Rob...

It would be great if Rob became the spokesperson for a cologne, preferably one that I liked and could make the hubby wear. I think we can skip the Twilight cologne. Let's not insult our dear hubbies, but maybe we could offer something that says rich and powerful men wear this cologne, along the lines of the Eric Packer look.

I'd love to see him do some endorsement work and get paid for it, but more importantly, cologne ads are SEXY!!!

Henry C can tutor me!

And, an old favorite because this guy was just SOOOO good looking!

Rob could show off his working out routine like that.

Or maybe endorse something that men will go for as being advertised as a little more

Yes, this please!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

He's Baaaaaack

Black gym shoes, check!
Blue jeans, check!
Button down shirt, check!
New bag, check!
Chest hair, check!
Leather jacket, double check!
Raybans, check!
Beard, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Beardy Rob is back ladies! For me this is a major no no! But for some of you... well... have at him! ;)

*All pics from Robsessed!*

Where is Dean? I need Dean!
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *shouted like Stella!*

Let us have a moment of silence for the now missing half hawk. I shall miss thee!

Phil 1 vs. Phil 2

Breaking Dawn Phil (Ty Olsson)

Twilight Phil (Matt Bushell)

First Victoria, now this?!

Don't try to fool us with look-alike Phils, Summit. We're on to you.

Can the new Phil deliver the line, "We gotta plane to catch," with more conviction?

We shall see....we. shall. see.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Le Sigh

People would live a thousand years to look at someone like this...just once.


Go Jackson!

What does Jackson Rathbone think of Bella in her wedding dress and his thoughts on the honeymoon ;)

Screencaps are win...

Saw this on tumblr last night...

Thanks to DoubleDippn for tumblr-ing this...

Robward in HD

Last night there was new BD footage shown on ABC. Robward on my large screen TV was divine. I highly recommend it.

I really loved this clip.

Robward is sooo hot in the beginning (his hair kinda standing up, his skin, eyes, and let's not forget the jaw) telling Bella he has waited a century to marry her. I must have watched that part 15 times. Then when they say I love you at the the romantic.

Plus, Esme has ta-tas! and Jasper is apparently still anally challenged. Bwahaha!

Charlie + A Midsummer Night's Dream set = WIN

What did you notice?

Searching for a pot of gold...

...the end of the rainbow seems to be situated on November 18 where a whole big pot of golden eyed, sexy vampire is waiting to take our breath...and heart...

...the more clips and BTS stuff I see from BD1, the more excited I get...I really think Bill gets it, the story, the look, the fans, and I'm liking what I'm seeing...which gives me a whole lot of hope for falling head over heels into the pot of gold at the end of the Promo-Rainbow :)

Here's the Access Hollywood stuff from last night...and to accompany the making of the music video clip,   our very own BellaTesoro found a couple of fanvids with the song and some Robsten goodness...

Source:  Access Hollywood

Fanvids with Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" {Source}

Enjoy all the video goodness :-D

<3 Q

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good Morning, Edward

Saw this on Robsessed this morning and had to share. Access Hollywood tonight!

Time for a little R&R today...

You've been RickRolled, and I'm making that a good thing today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good God Have You Seen These BD Stills?

Most of these we have already seen. A few are new to me and maybe to you too! Some are better quality... I 'borrowed' them all from The Improper. All credit goes to them and wherever they got them from, those lucky bastards.

Can I say Emmett carrying a huge log (in his pants.. I had to do it) oh hell yeah! So hot!!

These are now all in once place with minimal clicking, and that's what I like... I like 'em real easy ;) <-I seriously can't stop.. it's a sickness

You carry that bride!

Wait... what's he doing here. No dogs allowed!

Look at the firm grip he has on that log of his!

Yes Bells hold on for dear life.. no need to die before you're ready.
Don't go out a virgin!

Awww Esme looks beautiful. The rest of them.. meh.

We've seen this one. Bloodyward

I'd like to grip his shirt, throw him down and do the dirty on the streets of Rio.

B: Edward wait. Someone's watching.
E: Shhh, I know it's just Jasper. Want to invite him to join us?
^^that is for Lisa ;)

Ruuuuun Forest ruuuuun. Oops wrong movie!

Wow they look really washed out.
I guess I never noticed before since I was too busy squeeing over the scraps we were getting.

So sweet. That is all.

Who are you again?

Where is my Alice? I'd take someone playing Barbie with my clothes, hair and makeup!

♪ ♫Mission impossible mission impossible dun nu nu dun nu nu dun dun dun dun dun dun dun nu dun dun dun dun nu♪ ♫

Ohh a white tank... let's enjoy this one again!

OOOOHHHH EDWARD!! Thank god you don't need air, that feels soooo good!

Why so serious? Bella time to relieve some of his tension IYKWIM

Not a behbeh! It will eat you from the inside nom nom nom
End scene *takes a bow*