Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go Jackson!

What does Jackson Rathbone think of Bella in her wedding dress and his thoughts on the honeymoon ;)


  1. Thank you Kassie for doing my work for me.
    Lisa, BOOTS..kicking!

  2. So cute!

    I have yet to watch Aim High. Maybe tonight.

    I would like to be an actress, if not for just one 'blisteringly real' scene with Jackson or Rob of boot knocking! :)

  3. I plan on catching up (hehe...starting) Aim High today too...I feel like I have a ton to catch up on!!

    I love the way he says "boot knockin"

  4. I'll knock some boots with you JBone!

    Nom Nom Nom...

  5. Is Robzie around? I need a combination audio clip of Jackson saying "boot knockin'" followed by Rob saying "It's the best type of sex" STAT!


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