Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh to be Paul Giamatti....

He has now gotten to work with Ryan Gosling and Rob! (And Tom Cruise, if that still means something to you) This whole interview is just hysterical!

With every shooting star,
with every eyelash I find,
with every candle of my next birthday cake I blow out,
with every penny I toss into a fountain,

I will wish for these two to do a movie together.

{Video Source RP Life}


  1. Q to the rescue :-) Video is now embedded! Enjoy...

    This tech support brought to you by Comfort Inn, Towson, MD Wi-Fi :-)

  2. haha. you are awesomeness.

    they could totally play the mafia...and wear white button down shirts...

    @Q - you da bomb.

  3. you forgot George Clooney, girl!

    jimmy fallon is my boyfriend. he cracks me up.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. That pic with Ryan and the time magazine cover they showed was crazy!!

    Love George Clooney!

  5. This was hysterical last night!

    I had it on pause for a little bit and when I unpaused it, it was right when he started talking about him!

    LOVE this guy and I totally love Fallon! Always have!

  6. Great find! I hadn't seen this yet. So effing funny about him thinking Rob was faking the British accent. Love, love, love!!!!

    Love Jimmy Fallon. He's still such a fan which is so endearing.

    Oh, Meg, I love your idea of them playing brothers in the mafia wearing white button down shirts. UNF!!!

    Happy Saturday all :)

  7. Ok, so now I have to check out Ryan Gosling too. Are there enough hours in the day to swoon over all these young hotties?! You've all given more than I can handle.
    And then you have to get me over the top by mentioning Mafia wearing white shirts too?! You girls are going to be the death of me yet.

  8. Fran, Have you not seen the Notebook with Ryan in it?

    *holds breath*

  9. Breathe, kiTT.
    Yes I have seen it, but you know me...didn't put his name/face together until you just said it. Of course I loved that movie but oddly he didn't knock me on my ass at the time.
    Don't hit me now. It wasn't until Rob that my obsession with young hotties started. Before that it was Clooney, Depp, and Bitt...Once Rob hit "my O spot" I left the rest in the dust.
    That's why I love you for bringing some variety into my life.
    That's all, thanks.

  10. "Come on man. What the (beep) are you doing? Seriously? He's not dropping it, he's been doing it all night." LMFAO I heart Paul Giamatti so hard!

    PS: Love the Gosling! He's definitely one crazy dude though. You need to see his interview for Drive with Conan, too funny!


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