Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Complimenting Rob...

...why is it so hard for some. Actors and their egos, I guess.

I saw this on Robsessed (go figure) earlier and something about the way she answers the last question bugs me. Specifically the part where she says Rob got to be a part of "our" film.


Maybe I'm just overtired today.


  1. That's it! She's out of our 'Addicted to Rob' video!

    However, she is allowed to head up the 'Addicted to Cronenberg' video.

  2. I totally see what you mean, Meg. I don't think you're over-tired. And besides, she's not such a big name that that statement even makes sense. I could see if Paul G. said something like that or even Juliet Binoche. People who have been around the block a bit more, but she hasn't done that much.

    Also, for anyone who knows anything about the storyline if it's anyone's "our film" it's Rob and David - or at the very least if we're talking just actors, Rob and Kevin. She said how she's the only character that comes and goes through the whole movie, but Kevin (Torval) is there with him every step. Also, Rob is in every scene of this movie (or should be if the book is any indication). Like. Every. Single. Scene. How is it not "his"?? Aaaannnnddd....*end rant*

  3. That bitch is OUT! I agree Lauren, if it's anyone's movie it's Robs. He should be in every single scene. She probably just wants to drum up some interest in the film, but let me tell ya girlie you aren't making any fans even alluding to Rob being anything less in one of his movies!

  4. Oh, Lord. Where do they find these little snobby actresses who think they are so much better than everyone else? So, Sarah (or whoever you are) you worked with Mr. Cronenberg before. Does not make "Cosmopolis" your film!

    Actually? Wasn't our Man one of the first cast for the project? She was brought in when? Um...yeah, right before filming started.

    It's a Cronenberg film STARRING Robert Pattinson. Get it right.


  5. It's official. I hate her. *starts crafting Sarah Gadon voodoo doll*

    Don't fuck with my Rob, beyotch. I'm feeling stabby now.

  6. Yeah, what Jen said!

    *holds pin, waiting for her turn to stab Jen's voodoo doll*


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