Thursday, October 20, 2011

Screencaps are win...

Saw this on tumblr last night...

Thanks to DoubleDippn for tumblr-ing this...


  1. I saw this on FB this morning and saved it to post but you beat me to it Q!!!!

    Heeeelllllooooo, Edward! Humina Humina Humina

    Hate the feet...just had to say it.

  2. Well, hello there not-so-mini Edward!!!!

    Gawd bless this pervy fandom!!!


  3. I actually don't mind the feet - I'm with Lisa on this one...totally ok with Rob's feet and something about him barefoot is really sexy....ok, so in this pic it might be something else that's making me think of Rob and sex...but you know what I mean...

    I must go home and re-watch this video over and over tonight...

  4. We are such perv h00r's.
    Glad to know we've got lot's of company.
    Double Dippin should be rewarded for catching this.

  5. Now *this* is a full sized Edward, iykwis. ;)

  6. There are no words....thank you for this! Made my day!

  7. Double Dippin' Rocks!!!

    Yes, we are the Pervy H00rs, Smitten! We are happy to do our part.

    Still, not a fan of the feet. Wonky legs, yes. Feet, no. Anyone's feet. YUCK! Even if they are attached to the worlds Sexiest man ever. Nope, not gonna go there. I'll take from the ankles up with special consideration to the area between the belly button and thighs...hehehe

    ::licks lips::

  8. I love Double Dippin'. One of the best roommates ever!

    Too funny! I can't believe we missed it before. I don't think I could get past the way he's standing and the awful outfit to be honest. It had nothing to do with me loving his bare feet. Sorry. I do. I really, really do. I just want want to some day see them be peeking out from beneath faded jeans while he's also wearing a white button-down shirt though. That's not asking too much is it?

  9. OMFG, I showed this to my RL twi-bestie, who is obviously not the h00r that I am, and she commented on how he looks like he's about to break into a ballet dance. It does appear that he's in first position, no? Granted, it's the wonky white man's version...

    Now I have to stare extra hard at the p33n to keep that thought out of my head!! LOL.


  10. @Lisa - I love the bare feet too - I think at one point he loses his shoes in Cosmopolis (at the very least his socks, but I think shoes at some point too...) so it'll be white shirt, black pants, no shoes? Maybe? That might be close to the fantasy, right?

    @Smitten - I totally was just getting on to mention that his feet look like first position - too funny! Glad I'm not the only one who saw that!

  11. I hope you're right, Lauren! I could definitely live with that visual.

    Kristen kind of killed my buzz during the Eclipse commentary though when she said she wondered if the reason for Rob's big toe being so messed up was when she was standing on it during all the takes for the Twilight gazebo scene. LOL!

  12. Being that Rob used to take ballet growing up, his feet might automatically do that.

    How awesome is it that Smitten has joined us?!?!?!? Hey C!

  13. Awww shucks, thanks kiTT!! I'm such a bloggy/follower fail these days. I love that I can get email updates from here. Plus I'm ignoring my "don't read blogs at work" rule right now!


    wv trehoti: not sure how blogger know's imma trehoti, but thanks blogger!! :)

  14. I'm good with the feet! Barefeet while in a house on a private tropical island where one step out the door is on the beach is fine with me!

    I look at this picture of Rob and I'm reminded that I love the feel of ________ between my ______.



  15. Lots of things that man could do with his feet. I'm good any bare part of his body.
    Hey fellow H00rs, notice this post got the most hits/comments of all others? Says much about the pervs that frequent it.

  16. What? The sparkle peen deserves some screen time, too--right?

    Me thinks YES...definitely, YESSSS.

  17. Just so you all know... I too was lured here by Double_Dippin's swift grab of a fantastic pic. And do you know what? I hadn't even noticed the feet, or the crappy wardrobe for that matter, until I read all of these comments.

    I mean, c'mon h00rs! Check that p33n out! :-D

    CC x

  18. Chloe: we didn't miss the p33n. I for when went straight below the belt. Who knew Edward went commando?

    Do you think anyone picked up on this? I wonder if it'll still be there when we see it??? I sure a f hope so!


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