Thursday, October 20, 2011

Robward in HD

Last night there was new BD footage shown on ABC. Robward on my large screen TV was divine. I highly recommend it.

I really loved this clip.

Robward is sooo hot in the beginning (his hair kinda standing up, his skin, eyes, and let's not forget the jaw) telling Bella he has waited a century to marry her. I must have watched that part 15 times. Then when they say I love you at the the romantic.

Plus, Esme has ta-tas! and Jasper is apparently still anally challenged. Bwahaha!

Charlie + A Midsummer Night's Dream set = WIN

What did you notice?


  1. aw I have to watch it on hb's hd! Shit..."I love you"
    I lurve Edward!

    Charlie is so sweet! You can see he's struggling with his emotions. Billy Burke is Charlie!!!!

  2. Ahh, my heart flutters when he says "I love you", so sweet.

  3. Yeah, the 46in HD tv was pretty fab for this - can you ladies imagine movie size screens?? I mean really?!?! I'm serious - with every bit that we're given I get more and more giddy...good thing the countdown in under a month now...

  4. Bella says, "I know I can do this."

    Anyone up for having a little fun with that line?

    What does Edward say just before Bella responds this way.

  5. He says "I've waited a century to marry you Ms Swan."

  6. I think that is a cut and paste there and not a fluid statement.

    I think he is asking her if she is sure about something...addressing the fears Kristen talked about.

  7. kiTT, I think you're right about the cut and paste dialogue...cause that whole conversation just sounds strange the way it is - like it's missing something...I still can't get over the look that Robward has going on when he's about to leave through the window and says that he'll meet her at the altar (I think that was in this one...or was it one of the AH vids?). He looks so strange...not like Edward, not like Rob...just weird...just that one shot though...

    also, did anyone see on tumblr the screencap of him standing in the bathroom when Bella's in the shorts and white shirt with her hand on her stomach and he's staring? They very noticeable peen shot? Anyone? I'll find it again tonight and share it when I get home :D

  8. 1st thing, 1st: I spotted the pic of edward and the schlong on Fb this morning! Verrah verrah noticeable p33n. Someone's not wearing any underpants!!!!

    Back to kiTT:
    "Are you sure about this choice you're making? Taking this huge vampire p33n for a ride?"

    That's what I think he said to her.

  9. Oh my Naughty! I think you're right... and the girl better say "I know I can do this. OH GOD YES I CAN!"

  10. lol, naughty!

    yee-haw, bella! yee. haw.

  11. You know my motto ladies!

    "Save a Volvo, ride a Cullen."

    Giddy Up, Edward! Momma's wearin' boots this morning!


  12. Love you NHB! You know exactly the right thing to say to make me PMSL!

  13. Bwahahahaha! It's my plan to make you all piss yourselves!!!

    ::grins evilly, ringing hands::


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