Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good God Have You Seen These BD Stills?

Most of these we have already seen. A few are new to me and maybe to you too! Some are better quality... I 'borrowed' them all from The Improper. All credit goes to them and wherever they got them from, those lucky bastards.

Can I say Emmett carrying a huge log (in his pants.. I had to do it) oh hell yeah! So hot!!

These are now all in once place with minimal clicking, and that's what I like... I like 'em real easy ;) <-I seriously can't stop.. it's a sickness

You carry that bride!

Wait... what's he doing here. No dogs allowed!

Look at the firm grip he has on that log of his!

Yes Bells hold on for dear life.. no need to die before you're ready.
Don't go out a virgin!

Awww Esme looks beautiful. The rest of them.. meh.

We've seen this one. Bloodyward

I'd like to grip his shirt, throw him down and do the dirty on the streets of Rio.

B: Edward wait. Someone's watching.
E: Shhh, I know it's just Jasper. Want to invite him to join us?
^^that is for Lisa ;)

Ruuuuun Forest ruuuuun. Oops wrong movie!

Wow they look really washed out.
I guess I never noticed before since I was too busy squeeing over the scraps we were getting.

So sweet. That is all.

Who are you again?

Where is my Alice? I'd take someone playing Barbie with my clothes, hair and makeup!

♪ ♫Mission impossible mission impossible dun nu nu dun nu nu dun dun dun dun dun dun dun nu dun dun dun dun nu♪ ♫

Ohh a white tank... let's enjoy this one again!

OOOOHHHH EDWARD!! Thank god you don't need air, that feels soooo good!

Why so serious? Bella time to relieve some of his tension IYKWIM

Not a behbeh! It will eat you from the inside nom nom nom
End scene *takes a bow*


  1. Nice way to showcase the stills.
    Your captions made them even better.
    The one with Bella and Edward being able to breath underwater, LMAO.
    Emmett carrying his "woody" was great too. Do I spy
    Rosalie carrying a bit of wood herself? Hers appears to
    have some fur attached to it, just sayin.

  2. I didn't even notice Rosalie with her furry hollowed out log (PMSL!!!!!) I was too busy staring at Emmetts woody ;)

  3. Omg.....soooo funny Kassie! great finds!! And great captions :-)

    You do know Taytay has said his idol is Tom Cruise so the Mission Impossible thing totes makes sense... ;-)

  4. Kassie,

    You are hilarious! No wonder you have so many boys running after you. ;)

    Thanks for the giggles.

  5. Kassie, u iz a wiz wit the funny captions!!! I was cracking up!

    2nd pic from bottom. Oh that Rob jawp0rn!

    I just walked away from this People magazine in the store without buying it. I'm stronger than I thought. (<--ha ha)

    And I know, yeah you guys all wish you could say the same...but not really.

  6. Q- I just think he looks a lot like Mr. Crazypantscouchjumper in that pic... but good to know Taylor wants to be just like him lol. I wonder if he'll jump on the couch at the View or wait don't they not have a couch anymore? Boooooo. I crack myself up!

    Meg- They run after me for my boobs... my humor is just a bonus LOL!

  7. kiTT- that is my only claim to fame. I bought a copy of People today but I was just picking it up for Naughty. She got it without my drool, dog eared pages and hearts that say "I love Rob!" and "Mrs. Kathleen Pattinson" hey that has a nice ring to it don't ya think?

  8. @SassyK, I'll go as far as to say 'Mrs. k Pattinson' has a nice ring to it.

  9. @kiTT- I'll get you to crack one day and admit Rob and I belong together and any other version of him as a couple with anyone else with a K name shall not happen! LOL

    Forget Robsten... Robleen FTW! Ooooh no wait Robsie ahahahahaha so Robzie errr Meg would you hold me to my kicking the persons ass that steals you name if I'm kicking my own ass?

  10. I see what you did there, kiTT...

    You're tricksy!!

  11. I wouldn't have to change my last name much at all....I think I should share with him ;-)

    My students already jokingly call me Mrs. Patton-son....

  12. Oh, I'm so thankful your drool won't be all over it.

    Now I can defile it!

    Now, c'mon. You know it's actually going to be Naughty Pattinson! Atleast give me that, cuz the boyz never ran after me for my boobs. :0(

  13. @Lauren, good! I started typing 'DYSWIDT' based on your line the other night (do you see what I did there) but wasn't sure if anyone would do it.

    I'll use it now if you don't mind.

    Or I'll use DBCD = Don't Blame Cameron Diaz. bwahahahahaha #SomethingBorrowed

  14. @Sass, wasn't even thinking of the KStew. I'm gonna have to go with a different initial for myself. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. @kiTT- ooooh god I just got that now! hahaha Mrs. kiTT Pattinson! Wow sometime things just go right over my head *cough*a lot of the time*cough*

  16. @kiTT....your initial could be T for TongueTwied ...also... DBCD....Dex buys celabratory dinner....

  17. LOL...I wondered about that Kassie. I think Mrs. Julia Roberts Pattinson would really confuse people, huh?

    Also? Deliver By Christmas Day

  18. Everyone sit right down cause Robgan has entered the building. ;)

    Robsie is sooo last spring. haha!

    Rock those bewbies, girl. Remember Boobies Wednesday? Crazy h00rs.

    @TT-you are cracking me up.

  19. Damn it... foiled by Robgan!

    I do remember Boobies Wednesday... we are a couple of crazy h00rs


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