Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Told You So!

See.....I TOLD you Edward had blood on his shirt! *sticks tongue out*
That is all.


  1. I never doubted you UAB! And it is because of this I suggested that this scene is post Renesmee's birth therefore as Jacob tells the wolves here 'If you kill her you kill me' it could be that he is referring to Renesmee at this point and not Bella.

    But like radioactive spiders and kryptonite, it's just a theory.

  2. It was a little hard to tell in the video but it's way clear in this picture!!

    Is this from the people magazine thing or something else?

    And I agree, at this point it might be him talking about Renesme instead of Bella...

    Also, can I just say I actually really like Esme's jacket in this picture...I kind of want it...

  3. hmm, i don't know...maybe it's motor oil. edward could have been working on the guardian or something. tee hee.

    that is definitely a wee bit of blood there.

    good detective work, marie.


  4. Marie great find. This obviously is right after Edward bites through and delivers not only his daughter but the new and improved Bella!
    Same time Jake here finds his soulmate in a baby. Can't wait to see them pull that imprinting thing off at the same time Bella is going through agony.
    Blood on Edward, well just shows you how strong a vampire he is.Think he got to enjoy a swallow or two while delivering the baby and changing Bella?

  5. Alright, simmer down now UAB! In the photo we saw previously, I could not see blood. It looked like he was wearing a chinese waiter's shirt and Jake's shadow was on him.

    Now, I totally see that it's his blue button down, he's COVERED in blood AND he even has a few smears around his lips.

    You were right. When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. I was wrong.

    I agree, the Dog's words were about Renesmee not Bella...I guess we'll tell in a little over a month!!! SQUEEE!!!

  6. Simmah daaaan naaah! LMAO

    You are right UAB that is blood... and um ewwww that scene is gonna be soooo gross but amazingly awesome all at the same time!

  7. LOL! I'm just yankin' yer chain NHB! I love ya!!!!

  8. UAB: I know!

    Kassie: PMSL!! I knew you'd get it!

    Q: Yeah, that's a cool jacket. She doesn't look so stuffy in it. Makes her look 'cool mom'ish. Let's find it!!! It would go perfect with my black suede boots!

  9. I love the little cropped pea coat too!


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