Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Treats for my Tricksters

Wonder what Rob will be for Halloween?

Perhaps he's BOTHERED by Halloween...


  1. I love Robert is bothered...I hope Fallon does that again this round of promo :)

    Let's take a poll...what would you like to see Rob dress as for Halloween? Can't be anything he's done in movies (therefore no vampires - even if you're thinking Dracula, no 1920's vets, no turn of the 21st century college students, no crazy artists, CEO's, etc.)

    I would love to see him dress up as a Knight (mmmm...UC Edward) or a gypsy-type (a al Johnny Depp in Chocolat...yum...) I about you ladies?

  2. I'd like to see him dress up as mah boyfriend.

    I'd take reeeeal good care of him, IYKWIM.

  3. lol @ jen

    I want him to dress up as Rome Rob.

    Either that or a fireman or policeman. I obey my service men. js.

    I can't stop staring at that unicorn pic, love how it ties in with ff. Just so wrong though.

  4. WOW that unicorn is something! LOL

    I'd love to see Rob dress up as Batman grrrr so hot!!

  5. LOL! That unicorn manip is so funny.

    Thanks for posting the Bothered video!! I love those and it's been awhile. Perfect for Halloween.

    And of course I love the b&w picture of Rob from the VMan photo shoot. It will always have a special place in my heart.

    I'd like to see Rob dress up as Fifty...white button-down shirt, faded jeans, bare feet...smelling of vanilla...carrying a flogger. *sigh*

  6. Sorry, I met Rob for a quickie and his costume today was as my sex slave.



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