Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love Paris in the springtime...or the fall...

Rob is out and about on the Red Carpet in Paris for the first BD event!  The results are in...the goatee has stayed...and I think I like it...


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And another update: Dean and Rob, back together again...


Source: Robsessed


  1. This is going to sound so effing stupid, but I teared up looking at our boy. He looks so beautiful that I don't even have the words to express how I feel.

    As kiTT pointed out, his hair color looks SO good. The goatee is to die for. Those lips. *le sigh*

  2. You are not alone my friend. He looks wonderful.
    Not taking off the whole beard tells me he's still in relaxed mode and I'm happy for him.
    The beard, even trimmed, around those cherry lips, just make them even more kissable. You know those kind of kisses where you bite a little...

  3. I've been looking more and more at the stuff coming from the Paris promo and I really like the goatee - I wasn't 100% sold at first but the more I see of it the more I love. He looks really relaxed and happy which makes me happy - I'm glad he's had a little downtime since Cosmopolis got done filming and all that. This look does remind me of NY NewMoon Rob...I like the casual no tie/suit freaking gorgeous :-D

  4. Can I just get a piece of this? I mean really? I'd snack on this man for DAYS!

    This goatee is REALLY doin'it for me!
    Oh, jesus. I think I just...yeah, TMI!

    Watch out Crafty Hubster!!!! Hehehe

  5. I'm digging the goatee... as long as he's not in full blown beard mode I'd take a shot at him ;)

  6. Oh hey, Rob's upper body.

    He reminds me a little of that doc from Grey's Anatomy here...McSteamy? I mean, there's no comparison but the facial hair takes me there.

    He looks really happy. *smiles big*

    Oh my squee! I so needed promo Rob, you have no idea-r.

    kisses to everyone xxxooo

  7. Oh for the love of all that is do you do it Rob? How? You make me a puddle of mush!
    I am loving the goatee! LOVING IT! Am I the only one whose eyes keep being drawn to the p33n in the 2nd pic? It's not a great p33n shot as those things go - but I can't take my eyes off his crotch! Maybe is the shimmery fabric of his suit. Hot damn!

  8. Good call on pic 2, Marie! Hadn't noticed before....

  9. He just handles it so well.
    He looks good. He walks the walk behind Dean and I look at that pic and it reminds me of so many others we've seen in the past.

    I just love him for being that for his fans.

  10. Thanks for keeping us updated yesterday Lauren.

    I will just add that I love those paintings that have been popular for some time of scenes from a French street--cafes and shops so the top pic to have a bit of architecture, signs, and Rob in is a Win for me.

    Might have to add him into one like I did for rpfangirl's bday. :)

  11. p33n,p33n,p33n,rob in a suit & p33n...(sung to the tune of "spam")

    i just love a good p33n pic!


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