Friday, October 28, 2011

Promo-Rob is in full swing

Europe was taken by storm by the goatee-d Rob this week...let's review shall we?  And since I'm writing the post I get to pic my favorite pics, right?  Be gentle...this is my first attempt...

Ah yes, and the beautiful song that we were graced with today...lovely combination, don't you think??


  1. Auuuuu, Lauren. I don't know what's more beautiful,
    him or that song. You put the two beauties together so well. Bravo!!!

  2. Lauren!
    You did so good! That was awesome, awesome, awesome!

    I have to tell you...all those pics? Yeah, 99% were the ones I loved too. So good.

    The song is lovely and you put some beautiful images of Rob with it.

    ::claps:: BRAVO!

  3. That was an amazing first video! I love this song (the second version) even more now the second time hearing it. Those pics are very good choices... when it comes to Rob there are very little that are poor choices okay so only the VF alligator ones :) I'll take the Amish but leave the alligator.

    I can't wait to see more videos from you!

  4. Thanks guys!

    I get all sorts of nervous about new things like this (I was so freaking nervous when I sent everyone the 12monthsofRob link when we decided to do that too) because I don't really know what I'm doing! Haha - but it's ok for a first shot. I'm going to play with a few things for the future but I'll work on something else sometime soon :) It was fun!!

  5. This is superb! I really like it, Lauren.


    *sing along but mumbles the pissing on magazines part* lol

    maybe we can change it to "pictures in magazines" in our heads.

  6. Lauren!!!!! I didn't know you'd made a video. I thought when I got the email alert that you'd posted pictures. Just look at you!! I have tears all over again. The beautiful song, the b&w images, the clips...KUDOS!

  7. It was originally going to be pictures, but then the song came out, and I had it on loop, and I just figured I'd try...i'm SOOOOO glad you guys liked it!! It will be a work in progress, learning how to really make the stuff...I'm experimenting with different programs right now but this one was pretty quick and easy...we'll see :-D


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