Saturday, October 22, 2011

Uh...This is just wrong!

Here it is ladies...the Jacob Jankowksi/Rob waxed figure.
Just my's not good. Not good at all.
The Hair is allll kinds of wrong! He's not even clean shaven!
Who wants to storm the castle and correct this? They totally need a Rob H00r to do this right!!!!
I'm disappointed...


  1. #FAIL

    I mean it was an attempt but if only someone on the staff had seen the movie and thought to dirty up the shirt, or I dunno ask for the one Rob actually wore while filming.

    And the hair? Did they even bother to look at any pics of him in this film? Out of all of Rob's haircuts the WFE had to have been the easiest to recreate.

    Refer to Cosmopolis pic of Rob from last post. Slap on sunglasses and slick back those few bangs, put him in a suit, leave the hands in the pockets, (shaving optional) and I'd say their best bet might be to try to recreate Eric Packer. :) That would be the only correction I can imagine at this point NHB!

  2. Woooooow that's just terrible! Such a shame they can't get someone to make a wax Rob look as good as the rest of the wax figures... my theory they're thinking if they ugly him up he will be touched less... hate to break it to them but I'd still grope him.. ya know just to make sure they at least got the peen right!

  3. ewwww. just ewwwww. What is up with the hair? It's like swooped up, but then they gave him like bangs.

  4. From what I read when I heard about this it is the actual shirt from the movie...

    this link has the info from MT's that I read earlier when I heard this announced:

  5. I'm sorry, but does anyone else think this doesn't even look like Rob?

    I mean, purleez!

    CC x

  6. @CC - you're right. I even showed my hubby the picture and even he was offended at how little it looked like Robkowski.

    I feel like the figure looks a little like that creepy neighbor that you keep your kids away from...

  7. You have got to be kidding me?! That's Robowski? So bad. So sad.

  8. Chloe: You are absolutely correct. It looks NOTHING like him.

    I said it before...a Rob h00r needs to fix this and fix it now!

  9. I've never been to MT. But they should have a simple voting box where you write on a slip of paper yes or no to this looking like the original. Maybe if they get enough No's then they will fix this crap.

  10. I've been to the one in Vegas. Most are really good. This one...not so much.

    I think collectively, we need to write MT and tell them the f'd up royally.

    He looks like they put his hair in a chignon! My hair looked like this at a damn wedding (and I was not happy!) Do you think he's seen this? I can't imagine him okaying this...

  11. are we sure they even used a picture of Rob when they made that...that...THING???

    Looks more like that slimy kid from Weird Science who played Wyatt. Remember him? Ick.


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