Monday, October 17, 2011

Reality or Fiction

Check out around the 1 minute mark, ladies....seems like KStew is watching her words.

Does she know she wants to spend the rest of her life with Rob just as Bella does with Edward? Hmmm....


  1. Could be - she does seem a little hesitant there...I suppose we'll see eventually...

    ...I seriously, while watching these ET clips as they keep giving us more and more footage...want the DVD making of/behind the scenes stuff already...I haven't even seen the movie yet (obviously) but I want extras...really badly!!

    I guess I'll just have to amuse myself with WFE BTS stuff when the blu-ray comes out... :-D

  2. I think she's just choosing her words wisely. I don't think she would hint at anything for 1)they are on set and 2) they were still in privacy mode. Ya know what I mean. She's always like this in these type of interviews/making of/behind the scenes stuff.

  3. So...remember at ComicCon Kristen got real fiesty and corrected the moderator that it was 'Edward and Bella' ...?

    There was a diff interview subsequent I saw where she flubbed and mixed the R/K with the E/B.

    I will always say I liked KStew on Oprah but otherwise, I get annoyed listening to her talk about Bella sometimes. The way she hypes it up never lands well on me.

  4. It reminds me of the time she was talking about "Edward" during the NM Italy behind the scenes interview. It's so obvious the lines are getting blurred. ;)
    love it!


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