Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be Still My Heart

There will be a clip of Rob playing Bella's Renesmee's Lullaby at Comic TwiCon on Robvember 1st.

Perfect way to kick off our new favorite month.

*Edits by Laureate04...hehe*


  1. *jumpy claps* I can't wait!!!

    Is that pic from the time he got to play with the jazz band? I love it!

  2. Will WE get to see it? Or just those at Comic Con?
    I'm doing the happy dance thinking of Rob at the piano!

  3. Whaaaaaattttt!!!! Oh my God! I am so freakin' excited! Is this going to be a clip from BD2?

  4. They have said that its in BD2 I believe....I think Jack M. Tweeted it recently...that he really plays it and its in the second movie :-)

  5. Thanks, Lauren and Lisa. I didn't have time to fix it this morning, was at my daughter's field trip.

    The picture still holds though.


  6. Also, I can not find the crossy outty line for posts. Where is it?

  7. I replied through email I'm just not sure where it went. But it's between then underline button and the text color button.

  8. @Meg: I thought I was the only one who could make up words..."crossy outty line"...That shit is funny right there. *giggle, snort*

  9. I think we should start our own dictionary. Jen with abso-freakin-lutely.
    Meg with her crossy outty line, and what was it the other day? I was crabby and what?

    I know Kassie makes up her own words along with our Resident Fabulous Q (lauren, if you don't know). I'm just waitin' for kiTT, Fran and Marie to start...

    I don't care what he's playin' as long as I can see him finally!

    Oh, I forgot to mention! The Breaking Dawn posters are available at my work now. They placed them strategically next to my Morning Edward fix. Can you say "HAAAAPPPPYYYYY"?

  10. Abso-freaking-lutely is from RM :-) I can totally add a tab for random made up words though....I feel like our Rob makes up words sometimes too....we could add those :-)


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