Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Need To Remove My Gum

The jaw....the hair.....the sexual tension. Vintage Rob is in full effect. Come back to us, baby.


  1. sorry, couldn't embed it. watch on youtubey. ;)

  2. I love when he says, I need to remove my gum!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! He makes everything sound so damn sexy!

  3. No Rob there's no need to remove your gum... I'll take it... from the source holla!

    I think it's only fair that since Kristen got to kiss one of the award presenters *cough*luckybitchgettingtokissRyanReynoldsANDRob*cough* that Rob should get to kiss one too. Just for you Lisa, I hope Rob picks Ryan ;)


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