Friday, October 28, 2011

Iron & Wine Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)

I'm in tears. How beautiful is this?!!
Thank you Bill Condon.


  1. CHILLS! freakin chills!

    Things like this make me incredibly sad not to be watching BD with you ladies. Kassie, who's gonna hold my hand while I cry, huh? Who's gonna hold the napkin under my chin while I drool over Rob's back muscles, heh?

    Please let this be their first dance.


    If I could have buttsecks with Bill I would. Too much?

  2. TT, please notice my new picture ->

  3. Aannd I feel the need to comment again.

    This is so beautiful. Thanks, Lisa.

    Anyone else feel like a group hug?

  4. I had to step away from this...this version is insanely beautiful.

    Meg: Yeah, Group Hug! (( ))

    Thank you Lisa for bringing this to the blog. I think this is my fav song and I will definitely buy the soundtrack just for it.

  5. I downloaded the song from youtube and added it to Bruno and Christina on my iPod - I'm collecting the songs as we go...

  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Oh, Megan. I love you. Definitely not too much ;)

    The song just immediately takes you back to that place in time doesn't it? That's what good songs do. Obviously, I love the b&w used on the video. It works with the quietness of this version of the song.

    Did anyone else think they'd live the "pissin' on magazines" out this time around though? Would imagine the sound will be turned down for character talking at that point.

    Don't tell kiTT we're having a group hug.

    (((((GROUP HUG)))))

  7. The orchestra, instrumentals make this so much more intense. Tears, just listening. imagine when we see Bella and Edward dancing to it?
    I was hoping they would have changed the lyrics or not have any at all.
    It has such an elegant sound to it. It will fit right in with Alice's Edwardian themed wedding.
    I want in on the hug.

  8. Wow that is so beautiful sung that way. I'm glad I took a minute right now to stop and listen. I've had a hectic day, non stop running around (and I'm still not done, I'm walking out the door right now) but this was the perfect thing to get me to slow down and actually take a first real breath of the day.


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