Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 5

Chapters 9 and 10 here for your reading/discussing pleasure.   Thanks again to http://www.shmoop.com/breaking-dawn/summary.html for the summaries (and saving me the work...)!

Chapter 9:

  • When Jacob stops by his house on the way to the Cullens' place, Billy senses Jacob's plans. He asks his son to leave Bella and the Cullens alone. But Jacob races on his motorcycle toward the Cullen house, dead set on killing Edward and as many of the other Cullens as possible.
  • To his surprise, when Jacob reaches the Cullen house, he sees Bella is still a human. She does look very sick, though. "There were deep circles under her eyes… her face was haggard…a sheen of sweat covered her skin…" (9.86). He's confused to see that Rosalie seems to act as Bella's bodyguard, because Rosalie never liked her before. Edward, meanwhile, looks "tortured."
  • When Jacob presses Bella for answers, she reveals her pregnant body. Jacob is horrified:

    I didn't want to see this…didn't want to imagine him inside her… because whatever was inside her was taking her life to feed its own. (9.115-116)
  • Edward asks Jacob to step outside. Jacob's hate for him subsides at the sight of Edward's pain. "This was the face a man would have if he were burning at the stake" (9.138). Edward confirms that "the thing" inside of Bella is killing her, but that Bella won't abort it. Rosalie is acting as her bodyguard.
  • To convince Bella to give up the baby, Edward presses Jacob to offer to make a baby with her instead, since he's not a vampire. Jacob admits to himself that it sounds "so messed up," yet "so tempting."
  • He doesn't really think Bella will go for it. He agrees to try, though. In turn, Edward promises that Jacob can kill him if they fail to convince Bella and she ends up dying from giving birth.
Chapter 10:

  • Back inside the Cullen house, Jacob tries to talk Bella into saving herself by aborting the pregnancy. Bella believes that she'll be strong enough to keep her heart beating until she gives birth to the child as a human, followed by "emergency vampirization."
  • When Jacob hints at "his offer," she rejects him. Hurt, Jacob leaves, determined that he needs to "quit Bella cold turkey" before the pain of being near her can kill him.
  • Jacob rejoins the werewolf pack. They've been informed of the news through his thoughts. Their overall consensus is: "Unnatural. Monstrous. An abomination" (10.193).
  • Sam decides that the child poses a danger and needs to be killed, even if that means killing Bella. He plans a surprise attack.
  • Seth and Jacob are unwilling to fight against the Cullens, but Sam forces them to obey. "No member of the pack could refuse the Alpha" (10.205).
Holy promises between Edward and Jacob!  What do you think of their plan?  What do we think of Rosalie in this whole mess?  What about the Sam as Alpha making demands of Jake, the rightful Alpha? Discuss!

Chapters 11 and 12 coming at ya on Tuesday!  Enjoy!  Oh, and btw, ONE MONTH!!!!  11/18/2011 - Breaking Dawn Part 1 in theaters!!  Can you feel the excitement?!?!


  1. Oh Edward as the burning man....I'm way interested to see him play the very anguished part...even if i hate that he has to be so tortured...

  2. Normally I would just do the "I didn't actually read so I'll skim the summary and give my thoughts." but I do want to read these chapters before I comment. I just forgot :( But I'll read and comment either later tonight after I finally finish PoF or tomorrow morning.

  3. So I gotta say this read through I'm not as pissed at Jacob.. now that I know about the imprinting it's hard to hate the connection with Bella. It also doesn't hurt that's she's all "Pffft, that will never happen!" when he puts Edward's offer of puppies on the table. I do feel terribly for Edward, sure he's being an ass. He should have seen Bella would do anything to protect something she loves at the cost of her own life. Light bulb moment Edward... she did the same to be with you!

    I'm curious how/if they're going to do the pack arguing about first killing the Cullen's then about killing the baby. Will they be in wolf form with voice overs, or like we've seen bits of in the trailer they argue as humans. I gotta say I'm hoping for the latter, it will be confusing to go by what each wolf looks like.

  4. I totally thought, "Alright. I can catch up on my reading and actually comment." I read chaps. 6 & 7 and was really proud! Then I got on here and realized, SHIT! I'm so far behind!!!


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