Thursday, October 13, 2011

And so it begins...

R-oct-obert is shaping up to be an exciting month with whats sure to be tons of promo-Rob as the countdown continues....35 days....

ET starts us off a bit tonight...check it out:

(video from


  1. Tay Tay is looking kinda good again. *ducks*
    I really didn't mind watching him run in those khorts.

    I like how seriously they take this, you can tell they put so much into it...I really appreciate it.

    IT"S FINALLY HERE, LADIES!!! Time to be spoiled.

  2. I can still remember the day they said Breaking Dawn will premiere November 18, 2011 and I was like UGH THAT'S SOOOOO FAR AWAY! And now it's right around the freaking corner. Can I get a major SQUEE from the peanut gallery :)

  3. Yeah, Baby! I can't wait. I'll probably be doing a truck day that day so I'm going to come home and sleep for a bit.

    I can't believe it's almost here!!!!

  4. I hate truck day!!

    I just requested that night off from tutoring (even though I'm done at 7 at tutoring) so that I can go home and rest a bit since I have to be at work at 7am Friday morning!!

    Seriously...34 days....

  5. We have 2 truck days now. Mon and Thurs. 11/7 the Vice President of the co is coming to observe us on a truck day. Shit! That means we can't be our usual smartass selves.

    Not looking forward to it. Although it does mean we get a bit more organized instead of 6 of us running back and forth and into each other.

  6. Is it bad that this movie isn't even out yet, but watching this and the BTS stuff that makes me really want to see the DVD with extras?? I mean I want to watch the, like, "making of" really badly...already...

  7. Also - from Robsessed: a bit more BTS stuff from this:


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