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Breaking Dawn Re-Read Along: The Summaries: Week 3

Chapters 5 and 6, hot off the presses...thanks again to http://www.shmoop.com/breaking-dawn/summary.html for the summaries!

Chapter 5:

  • After several stops aboard a plane, Edward and Bella end up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, Edward and Bella take a taxi to a harbor, where they board a fancy yacht. The yacht brings them to an uninhabited island called Isle Esme – a gift from Carlisle to Esme. They settle into the beautiful vacation villa on the island.
  • Bella struggles to hide her nervousness about what's to come: Edward making love to her. Edward invites her to swim with him at midnight. After much procrastinating, Bella arrives at the beach. She sees Edward's clothes hanging on a tree, and follows his example. She walks into the water and they embrace.
  • The next morning, Bella wakes up happy and fulfilled until she meets Edward's tortured gaze. He makes her aware of the bruises now covering her body. Bella insists that she expected complications and feels perfectly fine. In fact, she's convinced that human life doesn't get any better than this. But Edward keeps blaming himself, despite his admission that this night was also the "best night of his existence" (5.170).
  • He also tells her that he asked Carlisle and his brothers about what to expect when making love as a vampire. (Edward, the 100-year-old virgin…)
  • Taking stock of the room, Bella notices that Edward has torn apart the pillows and covered her in feathers. She suddenly feels hungry, so Edward makes her breakfast, and she eats for two. When she kisses Edward later, he retreats and tells her, "I will not make love with you until you've been changed. I will never hurt you again" (5.220).
Chapter 6: 

  • To distract Bella from wanting to have sex, Edward fills the day with plenty of physical activity, which causes Bella to eat a lot and sleep a lot. And during the time in between those things, she schemes on how to get Edward to make love to her again. Knowing how much he values her human life, she promises him to stay human for at least another year if he'll make love to her again. No luck.
  • Bella has recurring nightmares about the immortal boy, threatened by the Volturi. In her dreams, she has no option but to save him. She keeps her nightmare a secret from Edward to keep from upsetting him.
  • One night, Bella awakes from a vivid dream of her and Edward making love. She begs him, her desire bordering on sheer pain, until he can no longer resist her. They make love. This time Edward manages to not harm or bruise Bella. He explains that now that he knows what to expect, he finds it easier to control himself.
  • While Edward and Bella watch a movie, the cleaning staff, Kaure and Gustavo, arrives. Kaure seems to know Edward's "nature." She believes he's a "blood-drinking demon who preys exclusively on beautiful women" (6.184). Obviously, she thinks that Edward's no good for Bella.
Holy honeymoon, Batman! (I've been reading too many SophieJax fanfic stories lately...sorry about the Batman line...lol).  This selection of chapters doesn't require any questions...thoughts, feelings, wishes ( ;-) ) below:

Chapters 7, Book 2 Preface, and 8 up on Tuesday!  Happy reading! 


  1. gah! i can't wait to see this part come to life! wonder how much rob loved having kstew basically beg him for sex. ;)

    that's all for now.

  2. Haha - Meg you crack me up..besides, she's been begging him at least since last movie ;-) I'm sure he gets some fun out of it.

    I can't wait to see it come to life either - the stills and the trailer have given me great hope that they did good things with it...looking for a lot from Bill on this one!

  3. I know we poke fun of the 'fade to black' but I think Stephenie had a pretty clear idea of her audience being YA and even younger at that point and it impacted her honeymoon scene. I think she was clever when she came up with the feathers, headboard, and bruises. Though I'd like to know what took the brunt of it in the ocean. Was there some uprooted coral or some rocks that got pummeled...

    As for the book, did anyone else really have a hard time believing that Bella's period was so regular? An introverted bookworm who didn't hang around with girls too much? SQUIRREL!

    I honestly never liked Edward's reaction to the pregnancy. I didn't like how he went catatonic or how his first reaction was to 'get rid of it.' He should have been running around the beach yelling, 'I've got super sperm!!!' Instead it's that bizzaroworld Edward, the same one who would leave her in the dangerous forest in New Moon all vulnerable.

    Anyway, that was all bogus to me. Edward is a much more rational creature than that.

    And Bella is on her honeymoon and has a fleeting thought of Jacob being the only one who isn't happy. Boohooo he's 17 Bella, give him time.

    Okay on to the movie. Will savor all the wedding and honeymoon goodness before all the wolf stuff happens but I have a few thoughts.

    Not saying I *want* this to happen but have a few predictions about the movie.

    1. They might leave the bruises out. So far it doesn't look to me like they are playing into that part of the storyline. Edward is going on about it being the best night of his life. BEST ADD IN LINE YET Melissa!

    2. Gustavo and Kaure (the housekeepers) confronting Edward? they are not listed on imdb but I know Edward speaks Portuguese. Not sure if it will be to them though. Does Edward need to feel shamed by a housekeeper? No, but we need a little tie-in to the 'legends' of vampires seducing human girls.

    If it is not to them, then my thought was the cover of EW where Edward is looking at something worried is that he will get a glimpse or whiff of one of the Amazon Coven and his first instinct will be to worry about Bella's safety (ala the baseball game in Twilight), but maybe he will read their thoughts and gain the knowledge of a half-human, half-vampire being.

    Wow, someone should give me a word count maximum.

  4. kiTT, I love you! You really are professor Twilight!! Anyway - I did read somewhere that Rob speaks Portugese in the movie so there must be some sort of tie in to that somewhere - unless it's just when he's picking up the boat or something. Polish in WFE, Portugese in BD...we'll get him to speak Italian for our very own BellaTesoro one of these days...love when he speaks a foreign language.

    I'm still not sure what he was so scared of in the waterfall scene, but your theory is very plausable, kiTT. Somehow Alice has to find out about the half-beings to make that part work. We shall see how they do it.

  5. Yeah, if only Edward had had to speak to Aro in Italian when he was over in Italy!

  6. imagine the waves in the ocean, baby.

    kiTT, you are hilarious. i love all your theories.

    what was the add in line? "the best night of my existence"? i thought that was in the book, no? *hangs head in shame*

    i've said it before and i'll say it again. edward was a giant pansy in BD, but things look more promising in the movie version. cue "YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE!!"

  7. @Meg, You're right! That line is in the book!

    *hands in resignation to University*

  8. I think we discussed "the frightened/worried look" in the EW picture. They were rehearsing for something that will have Edward in protective mode. I think it should be the housekeepers and the "foreshadowing" of the "evil half breed legend" or whatever. But your coven idea sounds perfect. More time for those vampires is a must!
    Edward speaking any language, hot. Italian, you'd have to tie me down! Yup.
    There were several dreams where Bella foresees a child, but a little boy. Wouldn't it have been great to see a "little Edward" in her dreams?
    You guys are way too hard on poor Edward. I never liked Edward's reaction to the pregnancy either but that's the whole point of that conflict. We need to see his and Carlisle's point of view. They've never seen such a thing and the little they've heard wasn't very good. Here Edward finally has Bella and he's worried he's going to lose her and it's his "fault" the monster he's been trying to keep at bay from her and now a little monster is produced. All his fears coming true because he wasn't strong enough to protect her from himself. Remember he loathes that part of him.
    She's his whole existence at this point, he's focused on her. What does he know of babies? Nothing. He barely knew anything of love before Bella. But, once he knows the baby loves Bella and loves him, well...we know how hard Edward can fall when he loves.
    To see Edward playful with Bella as he tries to keep her busy will be cute I'm sure. We are going to see so many sides of Edward. From the happy groom, to the dancing in the streets, and confident driving a boat, and of course living the best days of his existence, and lastly angry Edward. CAN NOT WAIT FOR ANRGY, POWERFUL EDWARD. I want Rob to eat his trashing Edward for being a "pussy."
    I can't wait for these chapters to come to life on screen. I think we'll be happy.
    kiTT, did I beat your word count?

  9. I hope they leave out the bruises. I mean come on some of those HAD to be from Jacob being so rough with her at the wedding, no? I really hope they play up the feathers and the seducing of Edward. I wonder how hard it was for Rob to say no when she was begging for it lol.

    What I didn't get is.. Bella is SUPER nervous about everything so where does the sudden confidence come from where she walks naked into the ocean and then again walks naked IN FRONT of Edward in the bedroom while she's covered in feathers. Must be nice to be so self confident even though you haven't been for ooooh say your whole freaking life. I just don't get it.

    I love the whole pregnancy symptoms part of these chapters. She's eating more than normal, having very VIVID COLORFUL dreams (powerful vampire vision, anyone?), voracious sexual appetite. Those two are so dumb lol. I can't wait for Rosalie to become Bella's savior... even though I'd love nothing more than to choke out Edward for wanting to "get rid of it."

    PS: In the US pic of Rosalie and Jacob it says she gives him a bowl with Fido scratched into it... OOOOH I hope and wish and pray that it actually makes it into the movie. I'll probably say it again when the time comes in the book lol.

  10. Oh and how could I forget... could Bella's dreams about a baby boy (even with the green eyes) be foreshadowing of the half vamp boy that Alice and Jasper find?

  11. @tesoro - i think i just like it when rob says pussy. ;)

  12. I know right?! It rolls off his tongue so nicely.
    Seems he likes to refer to it often.

  13. @Kassie - that's a VERY interesting theory about the dreams. I always thought it was weird that she had these intensely vivid dreams about a boy and then had a girl...I never got that. I think the idea that it could be about the boy brought back by Alice. But the other thing is why does she see the boy killing all the Forks human friends?

  14. @Lauren- Because that would prove the Volturi's theory that the babies will kill no matter what. Even after they hear and see all about Renesmee for themselves they try to fight to kill her/them but Bella's shield protects them all. It would be her worst fears coming to life, the baby being killed by the Volturi. Does that make sense?

  15. That totally makes sense....I wasn't thinking that way, but it makes sense :-)

  16. @BT, of course you make a lot of good sense in explaining Edward's reaction. But why's he gotta brood still? You would have thought the sex could have turned his frown upside down.

    @kassie, yes some of those bruises HAD to be from Jacob. lmao! love that! I loved the pregnancy symptoms too.

    Also, that still that was released from the kitchen with Bella reaching for Edward's shirt, I hope is the line in the kitchen when he says, 'Sex was the key all along' after she agrees to go to college.



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