Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Market Your Own Personal Brand of Rob...

It would be great if Rob became the spokesperson for a cologne, preferably one that I liked and could make the hubby wear. I think we can skip the Twilight cologne. Let's not insult our dear hubbies, but maybe we could offer something that says rich and powerful men wear this cologne, along the lines of the Eric Packer look.

I'd love to see him do some endorsement work and get paid for it, but more importantly, cologne ads are SEXY!!!

Henry C can tutor me!

And, an old favorite because this guy was just SOOOO good looking!

Rob could show off his working out routine like that.

Or maybe endorse something that men will go for as being advertised as a little more

Yes, this please!!!


  1. kiTT, you're a genius! We need to get meg on this!!!!

    What to name it, what to name it???

  2. How about naming the cologne "Jawporn" by Rob Pattinson or "Scruff" by Rob Pattinson? IDK - those are the first two things that popped in my head. LOL

  3. I'd buy that cologne spray it on random guys and just say "You're welcome!"

    They should name it "Robsession" LOL

  4. Haha! I like Jawporn by Robert Pattinson.

    That Preferred Stock commercial is totally 80s, hilarious.

    @Kassie - I would pay to see that.
    That should be the commercial. Rob, in his WFE attire, slaps some cologne on his face and then says, "You're welcome."


    @kiTT another post that i thought was jen's until i saw your name. pervy,er, great minds think alike i guess. :)

  5. Wow does Henry Cavill's hair look good in that commercial!!

    I don't know how do it, kiTT, but great idea.

  6. I personally like Sex on Legs. Just my opinion.


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