Thursday, October 6, 2011

Now Hubs Can Have Edward's Hair??

I just read that Pro Beauty Tools (the brand that brought us the Hollywood Styler...whatever the hell that is...) is now coming out with a Twilight themed line of styling tools.  They claim that your hair can look just like Bella's loose curls, Alice's short pixie 'do, or Rosalie's voluminous waves. Here's the 1st problem to me...THEY WORE WIGS at some point in the Saga.  Do I really want my hair to look like a wig? Or God Carlisle's!! *SHRIEK*

These instruments of torture stylers are purple, and they sparkle.  Really?

Obviously you can have Edward's hair if you use this purple sparkly ceramic "detailer".  Come on. Do we really think that Rob uses a "detailer" in his hair???  Any man you know willing to use a purple "detailer" in his hair? Yeah.  This shit is obviously marketed to 12- and 13-year-olds. Or teen boys who are so desperate to get laid that they'll try anything to get Edward hair...(give up fellas, he's one of a kind...)

Here's what I think they should have done.  Make a curling-iron-shaped device--sure, even call it a "detailer", make it purple, make it sparkle, put Edward's pic on it, and then make it vibrate.  Now that's marketing to my demographic!!

You ladies agree?


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! There is a product out there already that has 2 out of the 5 listed specs. It's purple and shaped like a curling iron. It just needs to sparkle, vibrate and have Edward's pic. It does suction cup to any available surface though, even a FSE ;)

  2. Marketingfail! LOL

    The greatest thing is that they picked what I am deeming the worst of the worst when it comes to Edward hair.

    Now that I realize the same pics from the Breaking Dawn calendar are being used for more stuff being sold at HotTopic (pillows)the more disappointed I am with those pics. I was holding out hope b/c Jack said there was a new photoshoot but not much whirled me from some of those newer photos.

  3. Kassie: It was called "Mr Dependable" and I slammed him down on a wood table last saturday night. he's still very dependable. LOL

    kiTT: I agree. The only way my hubby is gonna have hair like Edward or Rob is if we *singing in german accent* "roll, roll, roll in zee hay!" I don't want him to have this hair. I want him to have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse hair.
    word verification? updarant...sounds too much like up-da-ass.

  4. pmsl. if they work on the, um...girth a little i'm all over that. can it talk too? can it say things like, "this is the best night of my existence"?

    oh yeah, baby.


  5. also, the mention of Carlisle's hair made me scream in horror.

  6. There is one contest to win tix to the premier where you also win this full line of products....probably the only way they can give them away....

    Hubs came home the other day to inform me that they now carry these at his work (Best Buy)...

  7. Oh, I'm totally getting the hairdryer. :)

  8. LOL NHB!!! Mr. Dependable! LOLOLOL! I like Meg's add ons!

  9. Pfft. I like my "detailers" attached to tall British actors whose parents are named Claire and Richard. Just sayin'.


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